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Inspiring people II



Hello everyone from Lorraine, France,

For the second in our “Inspirational People” series, we are interviewing Dear Pascal Molari. We’re going to introduce you to a very inspiring person. He is a painter, sculptor and an architect. Pascal Molari is not only a very successful artist but also a chef! Or should we say vice versa? We go to Metz, Lorraine, France and listen to Pascal Molari’s inspirations himself.

—— ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Dear Pascal, can you tell us about yourself?
—— PASCAL MOLARI: I’m from Metz in Lorraine where I grew up. I discovered art very young and used it as a means of escape. I’m naturally oriented towards art studies. After an artistic training at the School of Beaux-Arts in Metz and having obtained my diploma, Mr. Jacques QUINET, renowned decorator architect in Paris, invited me to join his team. He advised me to alternately take interior design courses at the Camondo school.

My professional career has been in the field of interior design. Throughout these years, paintings, watercolors, and sculptures have been part of my creative universe.

—— ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Where do you live?
—— PASCAL MOLARI: Now free from professional constraints, I live in Ardèche.
—— ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: You are an artist and a cook; How can you successfully sustain both together?
—— PASCAL MOLARI: It’s in the artistic field that I express myself fully… The kitchen is part of it, it requires creation, the balance of the colors of the volumes without forgetting the flavors. There is a parallel with art.

—— ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Did you get art and gastronomy education together?
—— PASCAL MOLARI: As I said before, I had an art education, gastronomy came with the time, and I’m feeling fulfilled today by mixing art and gastronomy.
—— ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Can you tell us about your exhibitions? 

—— PASCAL MOLARI: I’ve never done an exhibition, but it’s planned for the near future. Now I finally have time to work, produce and create an exhibition.
—— ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Do you have a story that touched you deeply?
—— PASCAL MOLARI: In the 70’s, Jacques Quinet gave me the study and the realization of the Falcon 10 interior. The first Jet bi-reactor commercialized by Dassault Aviation. I saw this opportunity to explore my creation and inspiration to give them the best design. 

—— ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: You have great recipes and presentations; can you share one with us? 
—— PASCAL MOLARI: I share with you one of my recipe that I realized for the challenge on the occasion of “The Butterfly Project In support of Project Rescue Children” Organized by @Chefs.inspirings.chef

Goat cheese Salad with strawberries 
For 4 people:
300 g of strawberries
100g of fresh goat cheese
4 tbsp grapeseed oil
2 tbsp white balsamic condiment
1 Bunch of coriander
2 Tbsp mixed seeds (poppy, mustard, sesame)
1 tbsp olive oil, salt & pepper 

Roast the seeds for 3 minutes. Leave to cool down. Whisk cheese with olive oil, salt, pepper, and seeds. Keep it 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Boil half of the peeled chervil for 5 seconds, cool it in ice water.

Press the leaves in a cloth. Mix them with the grapeseed oil. Cut the strawberries into quarters. Spread on a plate with the crumbled fresh goat cheese. Emulsify the balsamic condiment with salt, pepper
and coriander oil. At the last moment spread the vinaigrette over the salad, sprinkle with chopped coriander.

—— ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Do you have any projects you are considering combining your kitchen and art?
—— PASCAL MOLARI: For me, art and cooking are linked. I don’t have a particular project but for me each plate represents a canvas, or each ingredient is a brush stroke.
—— ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: You use social media actively. What kind of benefits does this have for you? Are there people who want to know and try your kitchen through social media?

—— PASCAL MOLARI: I follow only a few people. Above all for me Instagram is to share a recipe, a dish but it is also, to meet people, and share passion for art. Instagram has allowed me to meet people I never could have met before…

—— ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Our newspaper reaches many parts of the world.  Is there a message you want to say to the universe?
—— PASCAL MOLARI: Art remains and never dies; it crosses the centuries and evolves over time… Art can bring peace to this world that has become so fragile and unstable. Exchange impressions…

Instagram: pmolari

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