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Invitation To Integration



Ozlem TUNA

There are beautiful olive trees all around me. Each one’s body has different curves, a different wonder of divine design. These are illustrious in Bodrum, olive groves overflow from the streets. The nature fuels me a lot when I am writing my articles. The olive grove that I am currently in is an extraordinary source of inspiration for me. In all holy scripts, the olive tree is a symbol of holiness, abundance, justice, health, pride, victory, prosperity, wisdom, reason, purification, and rebirth, in short of the most important virtues and values for humanity. I am experiencing the miracle of the olive trees, and in order to nourish myself from their wisdom, my whole body and mind are now like a part of this grove. I live exactly in the moment, and I meet you again in my lines, by feeling the energy of the olive trees in every rooted, strong breath I take.

Each of us has various traumas and their negative feelings that we have carried on our backs until today. However, we also have some kind of concerns about the future. When we think about the socioeconomic conditions of today’s world, it is not possible not to worry about the future. What I have written is actually a brief explanation of two terms that most of us know. Our past traumas are the cause of our depression, and our anxiety about the future is the cause of our anxiety. So, we’re all trapped in these two feelings of time, and the present moment flies away like a balloon that’s escaping from us. However, many studies have shown that being able to stay in the moment is like a prescription that improves our depression and anxiety. Focusing on the present prevents us from thinking about our memories and worries about the future. The mind and the body are in the same place, and wherever we are, we can experience it with fullness of our hearts. Sometimes we invite our mind, and sometimes we can make our body feel as if it has experienced the pleasure it receives from an affirmation that our mind is in. Meditation is exactly like that.

You can also use it at a time when you want to relax yourself and get away from stress. For example, you are in the dental chair, maybe you are nervous and afraid. At that time, if you imagine yourself at the seaside feeling the warm sun on your skin and focused on the peace given by the sound of the waves… When you open your eyes, your body may have calmed down almost as if you had experienced this and even felt the warmth of the sun on your skin. Your body has accompanied your mind at that moment. I’m telling you the opposite process here. It is an action you can take to get rid of all the parasites that circulate in your mind and to live the moment you live in to the fullest, to enjoy and relish it at the point where you exist. Each step that you experienced to the fullest by absorbing it, will bring you to the best version of yourself that you can have. You can start by taking control of the sound in your inner world and reprogramming it. When you achieve this, you will change to a higher awareness. Because life is the sum of moments, and you will feel that you are alive when you are whole. Stress management, easier communication, healthy bilateral relationships, and even breathing will make it easier for you. There may be beautiful details in the roads you drive on every day, maybe pleasant places, flowers in some places, a small cat or the smell of the hot bread from an oven. A picture on your desk in the office where you work, a nice music playing in the elevator, the smell of dirt after the rain, a strong breath you take… Try to feel, see, and focus on happiness. No past, no future, just now! Your mind and body together, I invite you to integration.

Don’t let the days go by in a meaningless way, now spend and use your time happily, because positive thoughts will create positive developments in your life. I’m sending you an olive branch from a pigeon’s beak and a pinch of Bodrum air from its wing. You are in my love…

Sociologist/Life Coach
Training and Student coach/ NLP Specialist

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