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Why Can’t I Lose Weight?



If you are having difficulty losing weight, there may be some physiological, psychological, and environmental factors that you overlook. In this article, I will share these reasons with you.

Various imbalances in hormones such as irregularities in hormones, insufficiency of thyroid hormone, insulin resistance, polycystic ovary syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome, high prolactin, and menopause reduce your weight loss rate.

Some medications used for treatment, some antidepressants, cortisone-containing medications, birth control pills, and allergy medications, can slow down your metabolism and sometimes cause your body to retain excess water and cause edema.

A deficiency of vitamins and minerals can slow down your metabolism and slow down your weight loss rate. Try to review your vitamin and mineral values, especially when you decide to lose weight.

Insufficient protein consumption slows down your metabolic rate, reduces the feeling of fullness, and may cause you to constantly snack.

Too rapid weight loss may cause too much toxin accumulation in the body, there may be too much load on the detox systems at once, and when the liver detox system cannot keep up with this speed, this may cause weight loss to slow down and sometimes even stop.

Eating by paying attention only to the calories of the food, not its content, and frequently consuming ready-made and packaged foods can lead to malnutrition after a while and slow down the rate of weight loss.

An unhealthy gut microbiota population may cause you to consume more calories from the food you eat.

Eating too fast, eating in front of the TV, paying attention to the phone while eating, and not focusing on the meal make it difficult for you to be aware of what you eat and how much you eat. This makes it difficult to both control portions and digest what you eat and slows down your weight loss rate.

The amount of edema in the body may increase due to situations such as various diseases, some medications used (cortisone), disorders in the circulatory system, long-term journeys, stress, and menstrual periods. Excess water retention in the body is an important symptom. If edema constantly occurs in your body, I recommend that you consult a doctor. Consuming plenty of water, some herbal supplements, and medications if recommended by the doctor will help eliminate edema in the body.

Food allergies can prevent you from losing weight by increasing chronic inflammation in the body. The elimination diet you follow can help you both reduce inflammation and discover the food that touches you.

Too much fruit consumed during the day causes difficulty in blood sugar control and increases fat in the body.

Excessive alcohol consumption causes excessive calorie intake, and malnutrition and also increases body fat.

Constantly weighing yourself sometimes negatively affects your motivation. Seeing that the weight on the scale does not change may cause you to disrupt your weight loss program. For this reason, it would be more accurate to follow the developments along with body measurements instead of just keeping track of the weighing scale. Sometimes there may be a decrease in body measurements even if there is no change in the weighing scale.

Insufficient water consumption prevents the removal of toxins and edema from your body and the regular functioning of your intestines, all of which reduce your weight loss rate.

Being inactive too much during the day slows down your weight loss rate. Even if you exercised that day, try to extend the time you stay standing and be active. You can try working standing instead of sitting.

Poor sleep quality will reduce your weight loss rate as it will cause the hormones that regulate your metabolism to be inadequate.

Bright idea of the month; Write down or take a picture of every food you eat during the day. This way you can control and confront yourself more easily.

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