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Week of 1-7 June and New Moon in Taurus



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On June 6, 2024, there will be a new Moon at 25 degrees Taurus according to the Sidereal zodiac Hipparcos Ayanamsa. Those with planets at 24-25 and 26 degrees according to the Sidereal zodiac Hipparcos Ayanamsa in their birth charts will be most affected by this new moon (especially those in Taurus). The Sun Taurus- Saturn Aquarius square is the most remarkable aspect of the New Moon. This aspect brings a dynamic tension between stability and innovation, tradition and progress. Saturn’s influence from Aquarius unleashes an energy of challenge, encouraging individuals to confront limitations, authority figures, or societal norms that may hinder personal growth or restrict their individuality. This energy can manifest as a struggle between the need for stability and the urge for change, bringing themes of frustration or resistance to authority. However, it also offers an opportunity for disciplined effort and perseverance to pursue long-term goals, aligned with authentic self-expression, albeit in unconventional or innovative ways. Embracing this aspect involves balancing the drive for security and stability with the desire to adapt to new circumstances, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of personal responsibility and the importance of authenticity in meeting life’s challenges.

Another remarkable aspect of the new moon is the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Taurus. Those with planets at 11-12-13 degrees in the Hipparcos Sidereal Zodiac will be most affected by this aspect (especially those in Taurus). This aspect indicates the transformation of our thoughts into concrete reality and broadening our vision by taking a philosophical approach to the material world. It encourages a time when we may find ourselves drawn to discovering practical perspectives, making long-term permanent investments, and communicating with a grounded feeling. There may be a lot of thoughts swirling around in our heads that we want to concretize and some of them may materialize. This conjunction invites us to think big, to stick to the practicalities of life, to blend the intellectual with the concrete in a harmonious balance.

Let’s look at the potential effects of the Taurus New Moon according to the rising signs:


The new moon encourages you to plan and plant new seeds for your financial goals, values, and resources. There is a strong emphasis on stability, practicality, and concrete aspects of life. You may feel a growing determination to improve your financial situation, develop your skills for monetary gain, or reassess your situation with money and possessions. It’s a favorable time to create a solid budget, invest in long-term financial planning, or explore new ways to generate income. Also, the influence of Taurus encourages you to indulge in sensory pleasures and develop a deeper sense of self-worth and appreciation of your talents. Embrace the New Moon energy as a time to manifest abundance, develop a wealthy mindset, and lay the foundation for long-term financial security and stability.


The New Moon in your Ascendant concerns you the most. For you, it’s a period of self-discovery, personal development, and new beginnings. You are in a period that will provide you with opportunities to focus on your identity, self-image, and how you present yourself to the world. Your desire for stability, security, and concrete achievements may increase. You may feel a strong urge to assert your individuality, set new personal goals, and embark on a journey of personal growth. It’s a favorable time to take initiatives related to self-care, physical health, and developing your talents and skills. In addition, the new moon can encourage you to connect with your senses, indulge even more in your comfort, and build a solid foundation for your urge to be comfortable in the future. Take this New Moon as an opportunity to manifest your desires, feel your self-worth, and lay the foundations for a rich and fulfilling future.


The New Moon in your 12th house signals a period of introspection, spiritual renewal, and subconscious exploration. The new moon encourages you to do spiritual healing work, to be in the flow, and to set intentions and plant seeds of intention for inner growth. With the new moon in your 12th house, there is a strong emphasis on retreats and retreats and digging deep into your soul. You may turn to activities such as meditation, journaling, or therapy to uncover subconscious patterns, heal past wounds, and connect more deeply with your inner self. It’s a good time to let go of what no longer serves you, whether it’s negative thought patterns, emotional baggage, or self-imposed limitations. Take this New Moon as an opportunity for spiritual growth, emotional healing, and reconnecting with your inner wisdom to prepare for a new cycle of growth and transformation.


The New Moon in your 11th house signals a period of significant focus on friendships, social connections, and prospects. The New Moon encourages you to make plans and be more realistic about your hopes, dreams, and participation in social group activities. With this New Moon, there is a lot of emphasis on community, cooperation, and pursuing common goals. You may be inspired to connect with like-minded people, join new social circles, or become more actively involved in organizations or causes that appeal to you. This is a favorable and fortunate time to develop life-supporting friendships, expand your social network, and move with people who share your vision for the future. It also encourages you to prioritize stability, reliability, and practicality in pursuing long-term goals and desires. Embrace this New Moon as an opportunity to manifest your dreams, develop meaningful connections, and contribute to collective endeavors that promise growth and fulfillment.


The new moon in your 10th house signals a period of significant focus on your career, public image, and long-term goals. You can make some new beginnings to make and realize plans related to your professional aspirations, ambitions, and your reputation in the world. You may need recognition for your achievements and efforts. You may be inspired to pursue new career opportunities, take on leadership roles, or redefine your professional path in line with your values and desires. It’s a good time to set clear goals, develop a solid plan for career progression, and take practical steps toward realizing your ambitions. You may want to prioritize stability, perseverance, and practicality in your quest for success. Take this New Moon as an opportunity to put your career goals forward, develop a positive public image, and lay the foundation for long-term professional fulfillment and success.


This new moon can offer you opportunities to set intentions and make new beginnings regarding your beliefs, higher education, travel plans, and spiritual aspirations. You may want to seek the truth, broaden your horizons, and consider new perspectives. You may want to embark on a journey of self-discovery, take advanced courses, or plan adventurous travels that will broaden your cultural and intellectual horizons. This is a favorable time to engage in activities that nurture your spiritual growth, such as meditation, prayer, or philosophical study, and to explore new avenues for personal and intellectual development. Take this New Moon as a time of opportunity to expand your mind, consider new experiences, and rein yourself in with opportunities to enrich your understanding of the world and your place in it.


This new moon marks a period of deep transformation, renewal, and empowerment for you. You can take the initiative to set intentions regarding deep emotional bonds, shared resources, and intimate connections. There is an emphasis on digging deep into your soul, facing your fears, and releasing what no longer serves you. You may take opportunities to explore taboo subjects, make beginnings in psychological or spiritual practices, or strengthen your bonds in close relationships. This is a favorable time to embrace the process of letting go of old patterns to move in new ways, developing confidence and authenticity in your interactions with others. You may be encouraged to approach these transformations with patience, perseverance, and a commitment to your emotional well-being. This New Moon is a favorable time to strengthen your bonds with your partners or associates, turning challenges into opportunities for renewal.


The Taurus New Moon in your 7th house signals a period of significant focus and opportunities around relationships, partnerships, and harmony. This lunar phase encourages you to set intentions and take initiative regarding your one-to-one connections, both personal and professional. With the New Moon in your 7th house, there is an emphasis on balance, cooperation, and mutual support in your relationships. You may be inspired to strengthen existing partnerships, initiate new collaborations, or seek relationships that bring stability and security to your life. This is a favorable time to develop communication, compromise, and commitment in your partnerships and to handle any imbalances or conflicts with patience and understanding. Furthermore, the influence of Taurus encourages you to approach these relationships with loyalty, reliability, and a steadfast commitment to building long-lasting connections. Take this New Moon as an opportunity to deepen your bonds with others, foster mutual growth and prosperity, and build harmonious partnerships that increase your sense of security and fulfillment.


This lunar phase can encourage you to take action in your daily routine in matters related to personal development, productivity, and material well-being. There is an emphasis on adopting healthier habits, improving your work environment, and prioritizing efficiency in your daily work. You will have supportive energies to start a new diet, revamp your existing diet, or make your work processes more efficient. It’s a good time to pay attention to details, organize your schedule, and implement strategies that support your physical and mental health. Take this New Moon as an opportunity to cultivate a sense of stability, balance, and well-being in your daily life and lay the groundwork for greater productivity and fulfillment in your professional and personal pursuits.


The Taurus new moon offers you supportive influences for artistic endeavors, romance, and hobbies. There is an emphasis on tapping into your creative potential, engaging in fun activities, and nurturing your inner child. There are favorable influences to start a new creative project, originally express yourself, or pursue love and romance. It’s an auspicious time to explore activities that ignite your passion and bring you a sense of fulfillment. Also, the influence of Taurus encourages you to approach these endeavors with patience, perseverance, and a focus on quality over quantity. Take this New Moon as an opportunity to infuse beauty, love, and creativity into your life and develop a deeper appreciation for the simple pleasures that bring you happiness.


The Taurus new moon in your 4th house offers a very productive time for you to take stock of your home life, your roots, and your inner emotional state. You may be inspired to renovate or redecorate your living space, deepen your connections with family members, or explore your roots. It’s a good time to prioritize self-care, emotional healing, and building a strong foundation for your personal life. Embrace this New Moon as an opportunity to strengthen your emotional foundations, develop a sense of belonging, and create a sanctuary where you can feel grounded and supported amidst life’s challenges.


The New Moon in your 3rd house can point to some opportunities to improve connections in your inner circle and seek knowledge. You may be inspired to give stimulating speeches, start a new course of study, or pursue writing or creative projects that allow you to share your ideas with others. This is a favorable time to improve your communication skills, broaden your intellectual horizons, and strengthen your connections with siblings, neighbors, or your inner circle. Take this New Moon as an opportunity to open your mind, express yourself more authentically, and make meaningful connections that enrich your daily life.

Very Important Note;

Please note that these are general interpretations and you should have your charts interpreted for detailed predictions.

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