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Effects of May 23 Sagittarius Full Moon on Zodiac Signs



A full moon will occur in Sagittarius on May 23 at 16:53. During the full moon, the rising Libra will be in conjunction with the fixed star Spica. Spica is related to fame, romance, and abundance. At the same time, Jupiter, the ruler of the full moon, will be in conjunction with Venus, which indicates that the effects of the full moon are positive and for the better.

Now let's move on to the effects of the full moon on the zodiac signs:
Aries and Rising Aries,
Your fire element will rise with the full moon in Sagittarius. With Mars in your sign, your energy to take action and initiate is very high. The full moon will change your horizons in your 9th house. The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus during the full moon will make your dreams come true.
Taurus and Rising Taurus,
The full Moon in Sagittarius will cause positive developments regarding 8th house issues, money, and finance. You can get the money you expect from different sources and have the energy to solve problematic money problems.
Gemini and Gemini Ascendant,
The full moon in Sagittarius will be in your opposite house. Good energies await you in marriage, relationship, and partnership. You may want to focus on your wishes in relationships. The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in your 12th house may cause hidden issues to come to light.
Cancer and Rising Cancer,
The full moon in Sagittarius will occur in your house of health. A time awaits you when your health problems are solved and your daily routine is more comfortable and energetic. It can be a good start to organize your life.
Leo and Rising Leos,
This beautiful conjunction full moon in Sagittarius may cause new developments regarding your circle of friends and friends. At the same time, you may enter a new phase in your love life. Luck is on your side in love and affection.
Virgo and Virgo Rising,
During this full moon in Sagittarius, you can make some decisions regarding your family, home, and settlement. You may want to balance home and work and devote more time to yourself. Some Virgos will have clarified issues related to family members.

Libra and Rising Libra,

A full moon is taking place in your house of communication in Sagittarius. We become more emotional during full moons, but this is a benevolent full moon. During this period, your communication with your close circle will be positive. At the same time, you will be able to express yourself well.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising,
With the full moon in your financial house, you can make plans for financial matters and expenses. With the effect that will last for 2 weeks, good developments can be experienced in these issues. You may have the chance to sort out some issues regarding payments that have been left behind and come to the fore again.
Sagittarius and Rising Sagittarius,
The full moon in your sign will make you reconsider issues related to yourself and take steps to make some new decisions. Most Sagittarians can take action to become free and independent. Jupiter-Venus conjunction will make you feel alive and positive.
Capricorn and Capricorn Rising,
The positive full moon in your 12th house in Sagittarius can direct you to spiritual and subconscious transformation. You will experience deep and inner cleansing, confront the past, and get rid of your karmic connections. A full moon awaits you in which you will find the answer to the question "Why did I experience this?"
Aquarius and Rising Aquarius,
The positive full moon in Sagittarius will enable you, Aquarius, to go through a good process in matters related to your social circle and friends. You can choose the people around you and decide who will stay with you and who will go.
Pisces and Rising Pisces,
This full moon with Jupiter Venus conjunction in your Sagittarius sign can give you positive results in your career and business. Pisces who want to start a new business and be their boss, this benevolent full moon supports you.
Aytan Salami

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