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As someone who walks for an hour every day, I share with you its effects on me. You know, we say, “I need to clear my mind, I’m going to walk a little” or “The more I walk, the more I listen to myself and think more calmly.” What we do is entirely meditation. Focusing on something and moving on.

I wanted to introduce you to “WALKING MEDITATION”, which you have heard or will hear frequently lately. It’s a different way of meditating, like focusing on a specific object, a mantra, or your imagination, just focusing on the movement of your feet rather than stillness. It means taking every step you take with awareness, exactly when it happens. Walking meditation has its roots in Zen Buddhism. For some of you, closing your eyes and sitting for hours may be challenging. Being aware that your feet are lifted and placed on the ground in front of you, continuing with this awareness throughout the walk, is a unique method to re-learn to live in the moment, especially in the mind. You ask why? Because this technique, which you start by focusing on your steps, turns into focusing on the moment over time and prevents your focus-attention problems. When we walk consciously, we see the beauty and wonder of the world around us and wake up.

How to Do Walking Meditation;

• Instead of walking on the same route every day, you can choose to walk on long roads, side streets, or parks if possible, where you can explore. In this way, you can enjoy the moment by discovering new things.

• You can increase the pleasure of discovery by drawing new and longer walking routes for yourself.

• We can take two or three steps while breathing. We can take three, four, or five steps while exhaling. This helps us realize what is comfortable for our bodies.

• Meditation does not always have to be slow; you decide the most suitable tempo for your body and soul.

• If thoughts come to disturb your mind, try to focus on the colors, smells, and sounds around you.

Keep walking without changing your natural flow. Walk the way you normally walk. If you’re too fast, just slow down a little. Observe, notice what’s around you, and keep walking. Focus on your surroundings. Notice your body and senses. Let your 5 sense organs move with you… Notice how you plant your heels on the ground, each step, how your feet lift off the ground slightly, and take another step. Notice which foot you put more weight on. Relax your whole body. Notice your joints, let your legs, hips, arms, and shoulders relax against gravity. Listen to your surroundings, notice the sound of your steps, and focus on the moment. Look around, and start seeing the people around you. notice the light. Now smell the air. Touch a flower or tree. Touch your face, touch your body. Keep walking, thinking good things, and intending good things. Remember that you are human and touch him with the compassion within you, send good energy and feel it.

If we talk about the physical benefits of walking in general;

*Regulates blood circulation. It strengthens the heart and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

*supports discount. Be sure to walk 40 minutes after eating.

* Balances blood sugar.

*Reduces cravings and intake of various sugary snacks.

*Increases immunity.

*Muscle strength increases, and legs stay in shape. Leg muscles become stronger and their endurance increases. Walking on an incline or going up and down stairs makes this more obvious.

*Balance and coordination increase.

“Each step brings you back to the present moment, the only moment you can live in.” – Thich Nhat Hanh.

My walking-themed classes continue. If the weather is nice and you don’t want to walk alone and you don’t know how to adjust your pace while walking, I welcome you to my walking-themed classes.


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