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Contemporary Architecture with Simin, IX



Hello everyone,
I want to start my article with three words:
The human being revolves around a circular flow between these three. This general movement is also present in our days, which include our simplest activities. The reflections of the cyclical flow in our daily lives are felt in all areas. However, it is concretely experienced in architecture.
Each cycle emerged from the other and became a part of other cyclical movements, transforming into them. In this context, cyclical time is the most appropriate narrative of the flow that unites daily life and the city, as it occurs in repetitions and in which no cycle returns precisely to where it started but reproduces itself uninterruptedly. (Lefebvre, 2002, p.48-9).

The Triple Goddess symbol is a pagan symbol. It depicts the cyclicality of the moon’s change, consisting of a waxing crescent on the left, a full moon in the center, and a waning crescent on the right. It is also a symbol of the three stages of a woman’s life.
In all cultures and beliefs, the circle shape is used as a symbol. In the oldest examples, the first civilizations built their living spaces and cities in a circular system. Göbekli Tepe, the first established living center known today, is a settlement shaped by a circular arrangement of “T” shaped obelisks and the temples surrounding them. It is thought that the founders of this place placed the temples and obelisks according to the circular flow of the cosmic order. Another example is the Mnajdra Temple in Malta, which was built by positioning it according to the solstices.

The first settlements built according to the motion of the sky are a concrete reflection of the circular shape of the motion. Within these observed movements of the earth and the universe, human lives moving between birth and death reflect the circularity that forms the basis of their lives in the way their cities and architectural structures are constructed.

The fundamental movement change of the flow within the infinite universe is cyclical. The lives of the people in this system are also a part of this flow. With these words, I will write three words at the end of my article and leave the rest to you.
Change …
See you in my next article…
Simin Pakakar
Co-founder of Kanopi Architecture
Istanbul, Türkiye
Instagram: @kanopimimarlik

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