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Full Moon in Virgo on February 24



There will be a Full Moon at 5 degrees of Virgo on February 24 at 15:20. Cancer, the rising sign during the full moon, will bring up family, home, nutrition, food, and cooperation issues. Mercury, the ruler of the full moon, will be in conjunction with the Sun and Saturn in Pisces. Full moon issues may challenge and delay us a bit. Whatever the support angle from Jupiter in Taurus is, the support that will reach us in the end will be related to luck.

Let's move on to the effects of the full moon according to the rising sign:
Dear Aries, with the full moon, some endings and endings may develop in your daily routines, work environment, and working life. You may feel emotionally worn out. Issues stuck in your subconscious can tire you, take care of your physical and mental health.
Dear Taurus, the Virgo full moon may activate you regarding some decisions and endings in love and relationships. At the same time, you may experience some difficulties regarding the social environment, friends, and acquaintances. Married bulls, good developments may occur in matters related to your children.
Dear Gemini, with the Virgo full moon, you will be able to make decisions about family, home, and home. You need to pay attention to the health of your elders. Although there may be some difficulties regarding the work environment, career, and social status, everything will be as you wish.
Dear Cancers, the upcoming Virgo full moon may bring up issues related to your close circle, siblings, and cousins. You may experience some emotional difficulties in your communication language with your close circle. It may be a time when you will question your religious beliefs. Your circle of friends will support you in the difficulties you will experience.
Dear Leos, the full moon will bring financial issues and issues related to your investments to your agenda. Be careful with your expenses. There may be money coming from joint investments, inheritance, bank loans, etc. You may receive good news from the earnings of your business.
Dear Virgos, the full moon in your sign may lead you to make decisions about yourself and your goals. It is beneficial to pay attention to your health. You may experience emotional and communication problems in your bilateral relations and marriage life. You can receive good news regarding higher education and abroad.
Dear Libra, the Virgo full moon may tire you spiritually. Issues related to your work environment, working life, and daily routines may make you think. You need to pay attention to your health. You will find solutions to the issues that concern you subconsciously.
Dear Scorpios, the upcoming full moon will affect you regarding your dreams and goals. You can make some decisions regarding your circle of friends. At the same time, you can act more emotionally on issues related to love, affection, and children. You can take your good relationship to the next level.
Dear Sagittarians, the Virgo full moon will bring issues related to your career, business, and social status to your agenda. At the same time, you can make some business decisions and find good opportunities regarding your work environment and daily routines. There may be some difficult communication problems within the family.
Dear Capricorns, the upcoming full moon may bring distant countries, foreigners, and also your educational life to your agenda. You can make some decisions on these issues. At the same time, your sensitivity may increase in communication with your close circle and you may have great chances in love.
Dear Aquarius, the Virgo full moon will bring issues such as joint sharing, financial income, alimony, and credit to your agenda and will lead you to make decisions regarding these issues. Even if you have difficulties with money, spending, and investments, the support from your family will make you happy.
Dear Pisces, the full moon in your opposite house will bring issues related to bilateral relations and your married life to your agenda. Saturn being in your sign may make you tired. At the same time, even if you experience difficulties in matters related to yourself and your goals, the support from your close circle will make you happy.
Aytan Salami

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