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Melda Sherman Asks, Kristin Thomas From the Cayuga Nation, Turtle Clan Answers…



Hi everyone!

I’m with you again after a long time. In my book Migratory Birds; I mentioned American Indian Nation. But I am very excited about my guest today. I’m sure you will enjoy reading it too. I will introduce you to Kristin Thomas from the Cayuga Nation, Turtle Clan. A True Story! We welcome your questions and comments. I won’t make it any longer, let’s hear her story from her.

Melda Sherman: Hello, can you tell us a little about yourself? What is your name?

Kristin Thomas: My name is Kristin A. Thomas.

Melda Sherman: Are you married?

Kristin Thomas: I’ve chosen to never be married. I have one teenage boy and one teenage girl with an enrolled Navajo man. We joke around and call our children “Navaquois” because they share two tribal bloodlines that are very different from an Indigenous cultural standpoint.

Melda Sherman: Amazing ? You are a perfect example of feminism ? Can you tell us a little about your family and tribal background? Where do they live now?

Kristin Thomas: We are members of the Iroquois Confederacy / French given the name League of 5 Nations by the English. In our language, we are: “Haudenosaunee” the English translation of “People of the longhouse”. I am Cayuga Nation, Turtle Clan. My great Aunt Grace Buck was a Clan Mother. My bloodline has served on the traditional council for generations.

Our Haudenosaunee Confederacy is made of the Mohawks, Oneidas, Ononadagas, Cayugas, and Senecas. We are considered one of the original and oldest forms of participatory democracy on Earth. The founding fathers of the USA modeled many principles of the US Constitution after our Confederacy. Each Haudenosaunee Nation manages its council with Chiefs chosen by the Clan Mothers and they deal with its internal affairs while the Grand Council manages affairs that impact all Nations. We are very unique, for the Haudenosaunee, law, society, and nature are equal partners and each plays an integral role in shaping daily life. Through the confederacy, each of our nations of the Haudenosaunee is united by a common goal to live in harmony.

My reservation is Six Nations on the Grand River and it is on the Canadian side of North America near Niagara Falls. The Tuscarora joined our confederacy which is why there are 6 nations currently as opposed to 5 as originally formed.

My Great Uncle Stanley Buck

My Grandmother Georginia Jonothan my Great Aunt Grace Buck and my Great Uncle Stanley Buck were all very active in the Indian Defense League as recognition of our sovereign nation and treaty rights to have free passage between Canada and the United States as enrolled tribal members.

The childhood of my great-uncle, Stanley Buck, and my great-aunt, Grace Buck, with their parents and brother at Six Nations in Grand River

Melda Sherman: Wow! Amazing ? I’m fascinated ?? and you? Where do you live now?

Kristin Thomas: I currently live in St. Augustine Beach, Florida. Most recently, I have lived here for 11 years. I was raised here as a child. We went back and forth to “the Rez” (slang for the reservation) frequently since my father was the oldest of eight and he maintained a close relationship with his family in New York and Canada. I have lived in many places over my lifetime Hawaii, the Caribbean, Texas, Mackinac Island, and Arizona to name a few. I believe each geographic location has something unique and special to learn as there are many cultures to learn about and exchange

Melda Sherman: What experiences!!! What is your profession?

Kristin Thomas: I am a small business owner, and the name of my company is Compassionate Concierge My business profession as a caregiver allows me to carry out many of the traditional values I was raised with; to care for individuals like elders and children who cannot adequately care for themselves. We are raised to care for one another since life is a circle and each season of the life circle has an important role.

Melda Sherman: You are also a movie star. Which movies did you act in?

Kristin Thomas: I starred in “The Abode,” which is showing on Amazon. I played someone from the Timucan tribe. My brother Ryan Thomas and my daughter also starred. We all recently took on the role of Timicuans in The Abode. It was a horror movie that took place in the early 1800s. I last starred in the American-Italian production “ECHO”. I can’t give much information about Echo because it hasn’t been released yet.

Kristin Thomas

Ryan Thomas

Melda Sherman: You have very nice words about life, can you give a few examples of your proverbs? (American Indians) It can be about life; it can also be about nature…

Kristin Thomas: Three of my favorite proverbs are

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life, make a positive ripple” and

“Until you have walked a mile in my moccasins you will not my relationship with our Creator and Mother Earth” and

“Smile, pass it on”

Melda Sherman: Very beautiful! I took note?Many people in many parts of the world want to change their lives. They even want to settle in other countries. What would you like to tell them?

Kristin Thomas: Living in two worlds can be very challenging on multiple levels. One of “American” values and one of Haudenosaunee’s traditional values. It is important to have a mindset to constantly learn, grow, and be present.

I believe there is a very important principle to practice to promote harmony “Be the change you wish to see” when you’re presented with challenging circumstances.

Melda Sherman: If time travel were possible, in which time would you like to live? Why?

Kristin Thomas: If I could time travel there are MANY places I’d like to go…if I had to pick one I think it would be the 1600’s I would do my best to unite ALL Indigenous Nations with ALL newcomers in North America to learn from each other peacefully while sharing resources and knowledge and eliminate greed.

Melda Sherman: Wow! This is a really good reason! Then, everyone has something to learn about life. What did you learn? Finally, imagine sending a message to the universe! What would you like to say?

Kristin Thomas: Be grateful to learn about other countries, cultures, and subcultures for with a sense of gratitude there are always new things to see, share, and absorb.

Melda Sherman: Thank you so much for your answer ? I’m so happy to meet you.

Kristin Thomas: Me too ? Thank you (Nya-weh: thank you in Cayuga language) for this opportunity, I’m looking forward to the outcome of light, love, and knowledge! Joyfully, Kristin

I love my job. I was very happy to be with another incredible person and introduce her to you. See you in the next article.

Melda Sherman

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