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The Balance In The Chaos



We are not made up of a single emotion. We are a component of many emotions, we are in chaos. These are put on a scale in the form of good and bad, but everyone’s way of putting them on the scale, the weight is their own. Now let’s take a look at our balance scale; like yin & yang…

We should not do our mobility or sports life only for our appearance, it should be done also for the internal organs and mental health. Because one of the root causes of most of the diseases we experience is living with your toxins!

Yin &Yang ☯️

The essential duo for life!

It means the coming together and co-existence of two opposites. Ancient Chinese Civilization, it is used to describe the functioning of the universe, nature, and human physical and spiritual systems. Alan Watts explained it this way: “Just as an electric current cannot be imagined without its negative and positive poles, so the same is true for plus-minus, north-south.”

The root of the word Yin is “side in the shadow”. Yin is the feminine principle, dark, passive, destructive, weak, resilient, and mysterious. Yang, in this case, is the “sunny, bright side.” Yang is the masculine principle, it is luminous, active, constructive, strong, and inflexible, and it is related to this world.

One of the yin qualities is internal energy. Therefore, our yin side emerges in practices such as yoga and meditation, and we relax internally, relax, and become peaceful. One of the Yang qualities is empowerment. It is tough, for example, when I do kickbox, my yang aspect is fully working, because the external energy is in play, I feel better thanks to yang, which has a positive meaning.

The system that manages the work of the internal organs and tissues working in the body is called the “autonomic nervous system”. The autonomic nervous system, which maintains this balance within ourselves, is divided into three; the sympathetic system, which activates the body, the parasympathetic system, which calms the body, and the enteric system, which governs the digestive system. The sympathetic nervous system gives commands for our survival in emergencies. It makes us give one of the Fight-Flight-Freeze reactions. The parasympathetic nervous system allows us to maintain our calmness. When we sense a life-threatening situation, the sympathetic nervous system takes control. With the parasympathetic nervous system, the heart rhythm slows down, and blood pressure drops. The most important activities that activate this nervous system are breathing and meditation.

While Yin activates the parasympathetic system, Yang helps the autonomic nervous system… Muscles, skin, and circulatory system are more Yang. Structures such as bone, fascia, and ligaments are more Yin. Yang tissues respond better to Yang and Yin textures to the studies with a Yin attitude.

It is unhealthy when yin or yang is stronger. Someone who works all the time, who never rests, will eventually collapse. A person who is constantly introverted, depressed, and loses his ability to open up will eventually become sick physically. This is what allows the person to know whether they are in balance or not.

Consequences of Excessive Yin Energy

• The sniffles
• Feeling cold
• Hypersomnia
• Weakness
• Weak respiration

Consequences of Excessive Yang Energy

• Fever
• Excitement
• Enthusiasm
• Distention
• Transformation
• Anger

In short, “balance”: something that is difficult to establish and so easy to break…


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