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31 July-6 August Week And Full Moon In Aquarius



On August 1, 2023, we will experience a super Moon (Full Moon) in Aquarius with the Moon and Sun facing each other. It will be a Full Moon where Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus signs with placements between 4 and 14 degrees will be more affected. Full moons often bring difficult processes before us. The square, that is, difficult aspect of Jupiter to this Full Moon will cause the effects of the events that will take place in our lives to grow even more. . We will walk on a tightrope. We are in a process where it will be difficult to maintain balance. Our plans may be disrupted, we may go back to the start over position. Or surprise and unexpected events may occur in our lives… When Aquarius is mentioned, themes such as freedom, independence, rebellion come to mind first. We will be seeking too much freedom. With the egocentric nature of the Leo sign, things can get even more difficult. It is useful to act by thinking, without succumbing to our ego. Since Aquarius is also related to social events, activities related to the public can be seen in this period. It is also useful to be careful in terms of earthquakes. In terms of health, it is beneficial to pay attention to heart and blood pressure diseases.

Let’s come to our rising signs… What awaits us in general this week?

Aries: You are in a period of unexpected changes in your social life. You can learn the secrets that your friends keep from you. Or you can learn the games played behind your back by chance. There are surprising developments in your love life. The increase in your workload at your workplace and the intensification of your daily work will force you during this period. Take care of your health and take time to relax. Intestinal problems are extra important.

Taurus: You may be under pressure in your business life and experience some difficulties. Remember that these are short-term and things will change when you least expect it. Your workplace can move, or you can start working from home. There may also be a move related to your home. These changes may not be planned. Single Taurus zodiac signs can take steps related to marriage during this period. You may have to take out a loan for a situation that concerns your spouse. It will be a loan that you can pay without difficulty. Ascendant Bulls are in periods when they need to be extra careful, especially if they have problems such as kidneys, waist area, nerve endings, sciatica.

Gemini: You can go abroad, the agreements and plans you make regarding foreign affairs will be on your agenda. Whatever school, job, project you have been working on for a long time, all will give results in your favor. You can do internet-based works, and the issues that you left unfinished or that remained on hold will come before you to be completed. Good developments are possible that you cannot predict in terms of destiny. During this period, you will feel very comfortable and safe. If you have problems with your sexual life, it is possible to get help during this period.

Cancer: It is possible to have good transformations in financial matters or your financial investments. It will be in your best interest to be careful in joint ventures. It seems possible that there will be minor disruptions in your works that require official procedures. If you have secret works, it will be in your best interest to finish them before they come to light. There may also be some events that your children are hiding from you. Beware of people entering and leaving your home. There may be some problems between you and your spouse, friends, people in your close circle. You may find yourself in an unexpected event.

Leo: The full moon in Aquarius will force you a little in bilateral relations. You can review your relationships with your spouse, lover, partner, close friends and make decisions. You may want to pursue an academic career. One of your friends or someone may ask you for financial support. You can give financial and moral support to areas such as associations, institutions, foundations. There are disruptions in the financial resources you expect. If you have problems with your skin, skin, skeletal system, and teeth, it will come up again. Take care of your health.

Virgo: You are in a period when you realize your own power. Going beyond your limits will increase your self-confidence. There will be a period of time when you will become stronger financially. You are lucky in your bank, check and loan business. It is possible for your siblings to ask for financial and moral support from you. Your work and career life seems quite comfortable. The daily chore can bore you a bit. Unexpected money is coming. You can learn about the games that your colleagues or people you do business with behind your back.

Libra: In your love life, it is possible for you to make an okay or continue decision regarding your current relationship. You should not allow your boundaries to be crossed in your relationships. Married Libras can make decisions about becoming parents. Libras who have problems with their children will focus on these problems and produce solutions this period. Artistic activities may also be on your agenda. You may receive money from your spouse or from your investments. It is a period when your daily rush about your family will increase.

Scorpio: Family matters, home buying and selling, family leftovers will be on your agenda. Your responsibilities in these matters may increase. You are in the period when there will be good developments in the career field. In a destined sense, the troubles in your business life will come to an end. You have to spruce up yourself about taking responsibility. Don’t let your circle of friends guide you. This is the time when you need to improve yourself spiritually and raise your level of perception.

Sagittarius: You are in a period where you will shine in your education life. Jobless Sagittarius can get a job, make new business deals. You will get the result you expect in the legal field. You will have a say in your career life. Buying a car may come to your agenda. You can work on advertising, trade and communication. An active period awaits the Sagittarius zodiac signs, especially those who are dealing with organization. If you have problems with your siblings, cousins and close friends, you will solve them.

Capricorn: There is a period ahead of you when you will realize your own self-worth. It is possible that you will discover your own talents and be in search of new ones. Your financial problems will come to an end. By evaluating the job opportunities that come your way, you will be guaranteed the steps you will take in the career field. There may be cases of moving the family business abroad. Or it may be possible to invest abroad. You Capricorns are among the sine qua non of the system because you are already programmed to work and establish order.

Aquarius: With the Full Moon in your sign, your outlook on life, your lifestyle, your thoughts, your appearance… All of them will change in some way. You can feel reborn with this change in yourself. You may find it difficult to maintain an I-you balance. It would be good for you to be careful about this. Aquarius signs who want to get into business can become their own boss with a loan without pushing themselves too hard. Some Aquarius zodiac signs can turn their skills, which they see as a hobby, into earnings. You are not in the right period for risky business such as gambling. You’d better stay away.

Pisces: Your unconscious perception, your dreams will guide you in some matters. Your secret enemies can reveal themselves. If you have some hidden or hidden situations, it’s only a matter of time before it comes to light. You are in a period when you will be happy and supported by your spouse and partner in all matters. You can get an offer from your old workplace, or you can start a new job. It is possible that a situation such as invoices, promissory notes, etc. that you forgot about payments will give you a little headache. If you have a chronic disease such as heart and blood pressure, it is useful to be extra careful during this period.

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