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Ani Ruins, Kars, Turkiye

Hello dear readers…

This article will be short for you, but I wanted it to be full of pictures. These photos are from the places I have visited, I think the photos I chose will satisfy you. In my next two articles, I want to put up new photos of these photos and have a visual feast. What would photos look like from the eyes of an artist, wouldn’t we?

See you again. Let’s have a good time…

Geometric stones in the sea, Kerpe, Kocaeli, Turkiye

Still life: Tea in a wood-fired enamel teapot

Church of Ignaccio, Andrea Pozzo, Rome, Italy

Pompeii Ruins, Naples, Italy

Pompeii Ruins, Naples, Italy

Vatican Museum, Vatican

Uc Serefeli Mosque, Edirne, Turkiye

Abant Lake, Bolu, Turkiye

Murat Mete Agyar

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