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10-16 July Week



We start the week with Mars entering Virgo. Mars’ Virgo journey will bring movement, energy and motivation to our business, health and daily affairs. There will be a period when we will be more willing to act and more enterprising. Virgo is to love to criticize sign, and the dose of criticism will increase with the influence of Mars. For this reason, it is possible that we will see reactions from our environment and we will experience disappointment as our expectations increase. As long as we leave the criticism and expectation at the dose, we will benefit from the energy of Mars in a positive way without any problems. According to the house that Virgo is in our natal charts, the issues will vary accordingly. On July 11, 2023, our self-confidence will reach the ceiling with Mercury’s transition to Leo. We will express ourselves, our ideas and thoughts more easily. There will be a period in which we will feel more courageous and more confident in the artistic sense. Ego peaks when Mercury is in Leo. Our own ideas, our thoughts are so wonderful that we do not accept criticism or different ideas. It would be beneficial to get through this period without retreating into this shadow direction, and being open to criticism, accepting different ideas other than our own and not experiencing communication problems. Mars will be in Virgo until August 27, 2023, and Mercury will be in Leo until July 29, 2023.

Let’s come to the reflections of our rising signs;

ARIES: With Mars entering Virgo, your business life, daily affairs and health-related issues will gain momentum. You will be more energetic and active than in your business life, and you are likely to see the benefits of this in the future. Your daily work may increase your load in proportion to your speed. You should pay attention to your diet. You can make new decisions about nutrition and start a diet. Or it is possible to switch to a vegan diet. It is also beneficial to take care of your intestines.

TAURUS: Moving days are waiting for you in your love life, it will be a period when your relationship will get serious and those who have an empty heart will start a new relationship. It is possible that you can start a new hobby or turn your existing hobby into money. Beware of conflicts with your co-workers. You may have to support your family financially. It is possible that the money you are waiting for will reach you.

GEMINI: There are situations where there will be active days in the family, a change of home, job, or turning your house into a home office. You are in a period of time when your thoughts about your plans and projects are at their peak, and you will surpass yourself artistically and make incredible initiatives. In order to avoid problems in your bilateral relations, it is beneficial for you to listen to the ideas and thoughts of the people around you and take joint decisions, both in your business life and in your private life.

CANCER: You are in a period when you will be very active in matters such as commercial affairs, communication, media, online affairs, press and broadcasting. New business ventures, new agreements… But it’s always good to stretch your feet according to your quilt, don’t go too far. Your earnings will increase according to your work. There may be minor problems in your relationship with siblings, cousins, close circles. You will be in the time period when you need to learn to set limits on your relationships.

LION: You are in the period when you are lucky in terms of money, make good use of it. It is possible that you will receive financial income from your family and from overseas-related jobs. You are in the period when you will experience a wealth of inspiration in your plans and projects as well as your social circle will be enriched. You can do beautiful works in the artistic and literary sense. If you do not want to have problems in your bilateral relations, it is useful to file your ego especially this period. Take care of your heart health.

VIRGO: You have a very active period ahead of you materially, spiritually and physically. You will never sit down, it is possible that you will be constantly active both mentally and physically. Virgos are hardworking people by nature. With Mars, it means that your business life will accelerate even more. As such, this can negatively affect your health, be careful, do not exaggerate. Stay away from secret affairs, it seems likely that you may be drawn into secret affairs in your business life and matters that concern you. Take care of your intestines, your circulatory system. Those with hernia problems should be more careful.

LIBRA: Be careful about it is possible for your spouse or partner to do business in secret from you. If you have a partner, everything should be under your control. There may be unexpected financial losses. It will be to your advantage to put an end to the conflicts in the family and focus on your work. You can meet foreign nationals and expand your circle. Your social circle and relationships will be very active.

SCORPIO: It is possible for Scorpio people who do not have a job to get help from their friends and spouses. Scorpio signs, who have a business plan, can establish joint ventures with their friends. You are in a period where you have to be very careful about communication. It is possible that you will have problems in your bilateral relations because you are open to misunderstandings and misunderstandings. There are also some problems with your home. It will be in your best interest to deal with these problems by talking.

SAGITTARIUS: Very active days await you in your career life. You are in a period where you will work hard and get rewarded, but you should keep your private life and inner conflicts away from your business life. Foreign related works, agreements, projects will tire you out, but you will say it was worth it Married Sagittarius can plan a trip abroad with their spouses, this trip may also be related to business. Your children may come to the fore, it is possible for you to make future plans for their education.

CAPRICORN: You can plan a trip abroad with your family or friends, or you can make connections for studying abroad. Maybe your family can come to visit you. You can get that much-awaited visa. On the other hand, Working Capricorns can make deals with abroad. Capricorns who want to start a business or expand their business can take out a loan, or get financial support from their spouse. Minor problems with siblings, cousins, close circles seem likely. It will be in your best interest to talk to your siblings about matters that concern your parents, without getting into polemics.

AQUARIUS: Married Aquarius signs can disagree about financial matters and events that concern their children. This problem can get even bigger if you include your circle of friends. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to solve it by talking among yourself without confusing third parties. Single Aquarius signs can lead their relationship to marriage. Aquarius signs, whose job is to communicate, will be in a period when they will receive the reward of success in their careers financially. Be careful not to overspend or borrow money.

PİSCES: You may have to give financial support to your spouse during this period. This support will be for your spouse to expand his business or solve financial problems. Do not force your spouse to worry because of your friends. Reflecting the problems in the family to your business life may turn out to be a problem in the future. There will be minor health problems in the family. It is useful to remind that Pisces signs who have problems in the leg and foot area are in the period when they need to pay attention.

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