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Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Procedures for Men



Botulinum toxin (BT) applications

Today, although the target audience of aesthetic procedures seems to be only women, the number of men who have aesthetic procedures is quite high. BT applications are one of the most preferred procedures among men. In particular, the stronger work of men’s muscles causes their wrinkles to be coarser and deeper. BT applications are an effective method for men and women to prevent deep lines from settling and softening hard facial features. The main difference between female and male BT applications is the amount of dose to be applied. In the applications made to the forehead area, it should be questioned what kind of change the person expects in the eyebrow position. While it is a desired effect for women to lift their eyebrow edges slightly, this can lead to an overly feminine appearance in men.

In addition to wrinkles, men also have BT applications for sweating treatment. This procedure, which is usually done to prevent excessive sweating in the armpit area before entering the summer period, can also be applied for hand and foot sweating.

In addition, BT applications are frequently preferred by men to prevent clenching and related jaw joint pain.

Filler applications

Fillers are materials containing hyaluronic acid with cross-links at different rates. Filler applications in the face area are usually made to meet the lack of volume. Men often prefer filling applications to have a more defined jawline and provide a more angular appearance. Apart from this, men with very thin lip structures also have lip fillers. Although lip augmentation, with the effect of social media, makes a very swollen and artificial image appear in our minds, it is possible to obtain a natural and fuller lip in both men and women when done in the right amounts.

Mesotherapy applications

Mesotherapy generally means injecting a substance into the skin. There are numerous types of mesotherapy on the market; but their main goal is the same: healthier, firmer, and radiant skin. Wrinkles or chronic edematous areas can be targeted with some specially designed mesotherapy. The mechanism of action of mesotherapy is mostly on the stimulation of collagen production. Although increasing the quality of the skin in men, as in women, does not stop the aging process, it will slow down and thus provide a beautiful aging process.

Especially for signs of aging around the eyes, mesotherapy is a good alternative to filler applications.

However, the most common reason why men prefer mesotherapy today is to prevent hair loss. Regular mesotherapy strengthens hair follicles and reduces hair loss.

Laser applications

When you think of laser applications for men, you probably think of laser for hair removal; however, today’s laser applications offer much more to both men and women. With laser applications, face and neck rejuvenation, skin rejuvenation and tightening, lip plumping, rejuvenation around the eyes, strengthening hair follicles and many other innovative processes can be performed. Especially when combined with mesotherapy, much better results are obtained.

As a result, minimally invasive aesthetic procedures can be easily applied to anyone who wants to age naturally but also beautifully.

Dr. Isil Akgun Demir

instagram: dr.isilakgundemir

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