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July 3-9 Week And Capricorn Full Moon



On July 3, 2023, there will be a full moon in Capricorn. It will be the last full moon when the lunar nodes are in the Taurus-Scorpio axis. With Jupiter’s harmonious aspect of 120 to the full moon, we will experience a very strong full moon. The positive aspect of Saturn, the ruler of the full moon, to both the full moon and Jupiter emphasizes that we will experience positive developments in Capricorn themes. Capricorn is a pioneer and an earth element sign, so administrative administrations, public structures, finance, politics, presidents, ministers are among the Capricorn themes. The fact that Mercury is over the star Sirius at the time of the full moon indicates that we are in a period of fateful influences.

As for the effects to our rising signs,

ARIES: The full moon in your career house will support you depending on how willing you are to fulfill your career responsibilities and improve your performance. When you solve your problems with authority figures, there will be no obstacle for you to rise. You can get a promotion, you can transfer a job. Your desire to get married and start a family may increase, and you can start the preparation by buying a house. With this full moon, you are in the period when you will be financially and morally above what you can do and will be supported.

TAURUS: You can take new trainings and attend courses. New beginnings related to media, press, commerce, advertising, organization, social media works, or you can expand your existing business and find foreign resources. There may receive financial support from your spouse. There is an expansion in your financial resources. Make good use of the money you get, watch your spending. You are in the period when you are supported in your legal affairs. Be mindful of tensions in the family. It is useful to be prepared for sudden disruptions in your business and take precautions accordingly.

GEMINI: If you have problems in your debts, receivables, insurance, loan, check, promissory note, alimony, inheritance, it is possible to solve these problems with this full moon. You may receive a good amount of money from your spouse due to resources such as bonuses and additional work. You can increase your interest in spiritual matters and start courses on subjects such as occultism, esotericism and hermeticism. There may be sudden unexpected problems with your love life or your children. You can learn something that your spouse is hiding from you, or you can learn something that the person(s) with whom you have bilateral business deals hidden from you.

CANCER: Relationships and marriages can end, and a step can be taken for a new one. In your bilateral business partnerships, the problematic ones can be finished and new ones can be signed. There may be unexpected financial expenses related to your family and children. You are in a period when you need to take care of your children closely. The results you expect regarding legal matters will be positive. The money that you expect for your spouse may come. You can get to know people with strong backs and get support from them. You may relocate and may be with or close to your family. You may also consider moving abroad.

LION: Problems in your business life and working environment will be resolved, but this will depend on how well you fulfill your responsibilities. Take care of your pet. If you have a problem with your spine, joints, skin, bones, teeth and hair and receive support for its solution, it will give a positive response in a short time. Take care of your health, start a diet. Watch out for sudden unexpected problems with siblings, cousins, and family. You are in a period where you are supported in matters such as your love life and children. You can blow off steam by spending time on your hobbies. Don’t get too nervous, try to stay calm.

VIRGO: Time to have fun for single Virgos, dating, love is with you… Your social life will be very colorful. There is a period ahead of you when you will receive financial support from your family and foreign partnerships. You can go on vacation with your friends. There will be changes in your social circle. You will leave one environment and enter another. It will be very crowded around you. It is possible that financial and moral unexpected situations may arise regarding your siblings and spouse. If you are considering having children, your family can expand.

LIBRA: If the house you live in is rent, you can settle the problems with the landlord. You can buy a house or sell an existing house and buy a new one. It is possible that you will receive promotions or bonuses due to fulfilling the responsibilities you have taken in your career life. Libras who want to start a business or want to expand their business may have credit support and may have financial support from their spouses or it can be taken financial support through compensation, alimony, inheritance. Also, be careful for financial damage from may come your circle of friends.

SCORPIO: Problems related to your siblings, cousins and close circle will be resolved. You may receive news about your siblings that will make you happy. There will be a revival in the commercial lives of those engaged in trade. You can buy a car or sell the existing car. You can take care of your car maintenance. You can go on short trips and make new friends. You can get good money from your bilateral business and partnerships, the agreements you have made or will make. An unexpected problem may arise with your spouse or partner, be careful not to magnify the events.

SAGITTARIUS: The problems you have with the financial matter will be resolved. Financial support from family is also possible. If there is a subject that you expect to conclude regarding the loan and bank works, it will result in a positive result as soon as possible. The lingering problem with your home is about to be resolved. Sagittarius, who have problems with work, will soon face these problems and make decisions for solutions. Their business circles will expand and they will receive job offers from different business areas. You can learn the secrets of related to your colleagues and the hidden games that are behind you.

CAPRICORN: You are in a time where you can show your talents. You may want to organize your life and start new things. You can get support from your siblings and close circles regarding these issues. Married Capricorns will make attempts to revive their relationship. Single Capricorns have the support of Jupiter in matters of dating and love. Sudden unexpected problems may arise in matters concerning your career. Capricorns who deal with jobs such as accounting, financial advisors or manage other people’s money should be careful in account affairs.

AQUARIUS: There will be turned out plots, games, hostilities going around behind you. Events can get out of your control, it will be in your best interest to stay calm and flowing. You can benefit from spiritual studies and meditation to get through this period. There are developments related to your business life, you can take steps to implement your plans and projects or take initiatives to start. There are unexpected sudden attacks related to your open enemies from family and relatives.

PISCES: In the life of single Pisceses will be good developments and events that will make them happy. Good developments regarding your spouse and family are at the door… Problems in your circle of friends can keep you busy. Some endings and new beginnings seem likely in this regard. If you have duties in foundations and non-governmental organizations, there will be endings and beginnings in front of you in these matters. Pisces zodiac signs dealing with media, commerce, etc. are faced with a sudden unexpected problem in their business life.

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