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People of Another World VI



Hi guys,

For our interview this time; we’re reaching out to Karelia Republic and Istanbul. My guest is Anastasia Kostenko from the Republic of Karelia. Let’s hear her story from her:

Melda Sherman: Hi Anastasia, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Anastasia Kostenko: Hello, I am Anastasia Kostenko from Karelia. Now I am in Turkey, I’m married, happy, and with children ?

Melda Sherman: Where do you live? Since when?

Anastasia Kostenko: I live in Istanbul. I came to Turkey 18 years ago because I married my husband.

The Republic of Karelia

Photo: Johannes Moths, Istanbul

Melda Sherman: What do you do?

Anastasia Kostenko: I am a life coach and I do this in traditional ways with Sadhu board and oriental synthesis dating back 2000 years. This method is very effective in solving the traumas of the events that people have experienced in the past.

Melda Sherman: What kind of method is that? Can you explain a little bit?

Anastasia Kostenko: Nailing saturates the body with energy and accelerates the blood. According to Eastern philosophy, the projection of the internal organs is the feet. There are more than 70,000 nerve endings. When we stand on our nails on the sadhu board, we stimulate these acupuncture points. The World Health Organization claims that acupuncture points are effective in at least 28 diseases, from headaches to depression, from allergic reactions to paralysis and spinal problems. Nailing is the best foot massage you can think of. Consider 300 to 600 nails under each foot, depending on the difficulty level of the board. So, we can say that so many fingers are massaging one foot. In addition, the application allows you to control the body and get rid of the blocks in it. As you stand on the nails, you control the body, not the body controls you.

Melda Sherman: Oh my god, how interesting! I guess I couldn’t have done it. ? In fact, similar methods are used in America. Maybe I should try! Well, on to the next question: What is Karelia like? Can you tell us a little bit?

Anastasia Kostenko: Karelia is an autonomous country with Petrozavodsk as its capital. To the west, Finland; south of Russia, St. Petersburg is a country with an arctic sea to the north. Climate; The winter months are very long, lasting about 9 months, 2 months in the spring months, and 1 month or 40 days in the summer months.

The Republic of Karelia

The Republic of Karelia

Photo: Johannes Moths, Istanbul

Melda Sherman: How did you come to Turkey?

Anastasia Kostenko: When I was living there, I was doing my university studies and working as a waitress in a cafe. I had dreams and goals, to be famous and maybe to be a theater or film actress. But I just fell in love and saw that I am in Istanbul.

Melda Sherman: Great story! ? Were there different customs?

Anastasia Kostenko: It sounds funny right now, but I have a very sad memory of when I lived. When people die in Karelia, we leave plastic flowers at the cemetery. Of course, nobody knows this custom in Turkey! One day my husband wanted to buy me flowers, but for some reason, she couldn’t find a good florist. The live flowers were gone, and the rest was not good, so my husband bought plastic flowers. I cried when I saw it too, I couldn’t understand why he did this to me. My husband was also very upset because she could not understand this situation. Later I learned that there is no such a custom in Turkey. We laugh when we remember.

Photo: Johannes Moths, Istanbul

Melda Sherman: Awesome! ? How did you adapt to Istanbul?

Anastasia Kostenko: Actually, I’m still not fully adapted to Istanbul! It is more correct to say that it is a very crowded city or even a country. I can say that the city where I grew up is as crowded as only a district of Istanbul. This situation scares me sometimes, but Istanbul is very beautiful and the more I travel and explore, the more I love it.

Melda Sherman: I totally understand you. ? Istanbul is a magical city. Well, another question: In many parts of the world, many people want to change their lives. He even wants to settle in other countries. What would you like to say to them?

Anastasia Kostenko: I always wanted to see other places, and live in other places. And I found this opportunity when I met my husband. That’s why I came to Istanbul for love. I saw another country and followed the man I loved. I saw the sea for the first time in Istanbul. And it has been an incredible experience for me. The only advice I can give to those who want to go to another country is this: We live life once and we may not get the same chance again. We must seize opportunities.

The Republic of Karelia

Melda Sherman: Great! As a person living in Istanbul for 18 years; When you go to Karelia, where do you feel you belong?

Anastasia Kostenko: When I go to Karelia, of course, I feel like I am from there, but after a short time I miss Turkey very much. Actually, I belong to both places.

Melda Sherman: What is popular as a profession in Karelia?

Anastasia Kostenko: In Karelia, as in Turkey, there are very professional groups. Tourism, hotel, cafe, and restaurant, are good jobs, but the way people in Russia do business is very different from those who do these professions in Turkey.

Melda Sherman: How is it different? How is life in Istanbul? Could you briefly talk about its difficulties and beauties?

Anastasia Kostenko: It is easier to start a business in Turkey. Bureaucracy is harder in Karelia! Living in Istanbul, the only problem for me is that it is very crowded. The good aspects are; People are helpful and welcoming. Living in Istanbul is not so difficult!

Melda Sherman: You’ve already fallen in love with Istanbul ? Now it’s time for my favorite question: Do you have a funny memory?

Anastasia Kostenko: We don’t know much about foreign languages ​​in Karelia. When I first came to Turkey; A Greek song was playing and it was very beautiful, of course, I did not understand that it was Greek and I actually liked the song, but I told my husband that it was very strange in English, of course, the room laughed ?

Melda Sherman: Really funny! ? Finally, imagine sending a message to the universe! What would you like to say?

Anastasia Kostenko: My message to the universe: I am here and I am life. I am a woman; I am strong and I produce. I motivate myself every day with this motivation.

Melda Sherman: Thank you very much Anastasia for this nice interview.

Anastasia Kostenko: Thank you, it was very enjoyable.

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