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26 June-2 July Week



We start the week with two hard angles. Mercury-Neptune square and Mars-Uranus square. Mercury-Neptune square indicates deception, deception, deception, deception, self-deception. Mars-Uranus square, on the other hand, indicates anger, nervousness, sudden emotional outbursts, accidents, tension, heart, plans and projects being turned upside down unexpectedly. Let’s not say every word that comes out of our mouth this week without thinking. Let’s be careful in the steps we will take and stay away from unnecessary impulsive exits. Those with planetary placements around 20 degrees in the signs of Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius in the natal chart will be more affected. Mercury will be in Cancer from June 27 to July 11, 2023. This position of Mercury causes us to evaluate events emotionally. Maybe going back to the past and having a little nostalgia can be good for the soul, but it is useful to enjoy it without going too deep, dreaming and being exposed to emotional exploitation.

Let’s look at how changes in the sky affect our ascendant signs.

Aries: You can face your secret enemies in your family and family circle. You can learn about the events behind your back. You will learn that you should not trust anyone until you know them well. It is possible that you will have financial problems with your spouse, children, mother or date. You can solve this problem by staying calm without acting impulsively and making things worse. Good developments about your job and career will relax you. The support and help you will receive from someone you never expected will surprise and delight you.

Taurus: Beware of negativity from your circle of friends. Do not open yourself up to people you have just met and don’t know well. Pay attention to events such as clumsiness, accidents, etc. related to yourself and your family. Avoid situations that will create tension in the family and take care of your health. If you are dealing with trading, avoid acting emotionally, it will hurt you greatly. Do not get involved in matters that are not your duty by being deceived by the exploitation of emotions. You are in a period where you are financially supported in a karmic context and you will receive your past entitlements.

Gemini: Avoid emotionality in everything you do, especially financially. Artistic Gemini can turn this emotional process into money. They can receive financial support from their family. It is possible that there will be chaos in communication, commerce, organization and media. Of course, it is up to you to prevent this. You can handle sudden outbursts without reacting to them and turning them into chaos. The lord of karma, Saturn also supports you financially depending on your career and career advancement. Gemini, who have children, can prevent problems from the beginning by spending time with them.

Cancer: Do not form financial bonds with your social circle, friends and colleagues. Do not get into debt matters. It would be beneficial for Cancer zodiac signs dealing with trade to be careful in matters that require signature such as agreements and contracts. Those who do academic education and do business with foreigners should be careful about possible disruptions and problems. You can get financial assistance from your family. Pay attention to your dreams this period. Don’t get emotional and upset yourself about the past.

Lion: Beware of being deceived when dealing with checks, promissory notes, loans, and receivables. Do not act rashly in any event related to your business life. Whatever you do, do it calmly and thoughtfully. Don’t shine like a straw flame, it will only harm you. Those who deal with trade, Leo signs who do business with abroad, be cautious against sudden outbursts. Unexpected expenses may occur, the expected money may not come.

Virgo: Be cautious about bilateral relations and agreements. Money-related events that are hidden behind your back can put you in trouble. Be calm against sudden outbursts, pay attention to your heart health. There may be headaches, if you have vertigo, epilepsy, it may force you during this period. Take care of your head area. There will be good developments in your business life. A business that you see as a loss or damage may return to you as a profit. If there are problems with your home, it will come to an end. You are in a period when you are lucky in terms of credit.

Libra: Be careful against deceptions about your business and career life. There may be sudden problems in your bilateral relations, it will be in your favor to act calmly. If you are a Libra without a partner, you can start a new relationship from the circle of friends. Libras dealing with art are at a time when they will reach their peak in inspiration. Libra signs, who write articles, articles, books, etc., can progress in foreign-related jobs.

Scorpio : You are in a period where you will have problems in bilateral relations both in your private life and in your career life. You are open to misunderstanding and deception. Sudden unexpected situations are possible in your career life. It will be in your favor not to act aggressively. It is possible for Scorpio signs, who plan to go into business, to receive financial and moral support from their families. Those who have children, their children receive approval and acceptance from abroad in terms of education and academic education.

Sagittarius: Those who plan to travel abroad should be careful against possible sudden mishaps. If you are doing international business, it will be in your best interest to be cautious against communication crises and deceptions. Behaving emotionally in business life will prevent you from looking at things logically. This will cause crises in your career life. It will be to your advantage to act rationally without giving place to emotionality.

Capricorn: It is possible that the unfinished events that have dragged on in your commercial life will cause a crisis. There are sudden unexpected expenses related to your date, fiancee or children. You are in the period when you will see your karmic entitlements. Do not vouch for your friends, do not lend money. You can get support from your siblings or close circle about business deals, or you can do business with your siblings. This year, there will be an expansion in your financial gains in general.

Aquarius: You may be caught between your family and your spouse, you may have problems with the sale of a property. It is possible that you will encounter an unexpected reaction from your siblings. In your business life, there are cases of deception in matters related to money, or there may be situations that will cause you to lose money. There is a period ahead of you when you have to be very careful about business and money-related situations. Aquarius signs who do family business will be under positive influences this week.

Pisces: You are going through a crisis with your children, spouse, family and friends. You can solve potential problems by being calmer without getting aggressive. It is possible that you may have problems with your kidneys such as pouring sand and stones. Be careful about this. You may have a disagreement about work and money with your siblings and close friends.

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