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People of Another World III




Hello beautiful people,
I’m Melda Sherman from Boston, author of “Migratory Birds”. My subjects are mostly immigrant stories and immigration and I am writing the third interview of my “People of Another World” series in ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS. This time, I will introduce you to a wonderful young woman from a dreamland. As some of you may have understood from the cover photo, it is a colorful, warm, lively, libertarian little country! Yes! We are going to Cuba.

We are here with the Lauren Hernandez interview. Lauren is a young woman with big dreams who immigrated to the United States with her brother from Cuba and has already accomplished many of them… Congratulations to her. Let’s listen to her story…

—-Melda Sherman: Hello, can you tell us a little about yourself? What is your name?

—-Lauren Hernandez: Hello, I’m Lauren Hernandez.

—- Melda Sherman: Where did you come from?

—-Lauren Hernandez: I’m from Cuba.

—-Melda Sherman: Are you married?

—-Lauren Hernandez: No

—- Melda Sherman: Where do you live? Since when?

—-Lauren Hernandez: I live in Cliffside Park, New Jersey since I came here three years ago.

—Melda Sherman: Where have you lived before?

—-Lauren Hernandez: I used to live in Madrid, Spain almost one year since I came here.

—-Melda Sherman: Wauvvv… Cuba, later Madrid, and now here. Very excited! What is your occupation?

—-Lauren Hernandez: I’m a Quality Inspector in a cosmetic company calls Innovation Labs.

—-Melda Sherman: What’s Cuba like? Can you tell us a little bit?

—-Lauren Hernandez: I’m from Matanzas province in the center of Cuba, the people usually refer to it as “the city of bridges”. Most of the population does not have many resources, not even the most basic ones. Although they do not have the means, they can create toys with wood and pieces of other objects. Away from the big cities, people are happier and more carefree.

—-Melda Sherman: Do you have movie and book recommendations about Cuba?

—-Lauren Hernandez: Of course, I love the movie “Un Rey en la Havana” and I can’t mention a single specific book, but I can recommend one of the greatest writers in the history of Cuba, Jose Marti.

—-Melda Sherman: Awesome 🙂 I will watch it right away! Well, now comes the next question: How are the Cuban people? What are they eating? What do they drink? How is the climate?

—-Lauren Hernandez: In Cuba, there is a well-known phrase that says, “Cubans live from day to day” referring to the fact that we spend most of our time thinking and looking for what to eat. Mostly in Cuba, what is consumed the most is rice, beans, and eggs. As for the drink, the most consumed after boiled water is natural fruit juice or instant juice. The weather is perfect if you want to spend the whole year in summer because it is always hot.

A photo in Cuba. A photo in the USA.

A photo in Cuba. A photo in the USA.

—-Melda Sherman: How did you adapt to America?

—-Lauren Hernandez: Since we were children, we constantly hear the idea of ​​”leaving Cuba” I suppose that unconsciously we have already been preparing ourselves since we were little. Even so, I was surprised by everything I saw upon my arrival in the US.

—-Melda Sherman: What are your future plans?

—-Lauren Hernandez: I am preparing to apply and join the air force.

—-Melda Sherman: Many people in many parts of the world want to change their lives. They even want to settle in other countries. What would you like to say to them?

—-Lauren Hernandez: I would tell them not to be afraid of success, and that if they want changes, they have to do things differently.

—-Melda Sherman: Well… Do you go to Cuba often? What are you missing?

—-Lauren Hernandez: I have not returned to Cuba since the day I left it but what I miss the most; will always be having my family and friends close.

—-Melda Sherman: I understand you very well. This is the common point of all immigrants! Here they call it homesickness, the state of missing one’s home and past. Well, what is popular as a profession in Cuba?

—-Lauren Hernandez: I would say that the most popular profession in Cuba would be medicine or bartender.

—-Melda Sherman: Do you have a funny memory after moving to America?

—-Lauren Hernandez: Once learning to drive, I crashed my instructor’s car in a parking lot, there
was only the car that I was driving. Now I find it funny but at the time it scared me a lot.

—-Melda Sherman: Ha ha ha!! Very funny 🙂 Finally, imagine sending a message to the universe! What would you say?

—-Lauren Hernandez: Thank you universe for the wonderful things that came today and for those that will come tomorrow. Also, thank you very much for the interview. It has been a pleasure to tell you part of my story.

—-Melda Sherman: Thanks, Lauren, pleased to meet you. It warmed my heart that you are so young, funny, and have such ideals. I am sure our readers will love you and your story. We would like to thank Helena Adriana for supporting our interview with her wonderful photos. Lauren Hernandez interview with Melda Sherman.

Melda Sherman
Instagram: melssherman 
Facebook: Melda Sherman

Cover Photo: Helena Adriana

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