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Mommy Makeover



What happens to the body during and after the pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your belly needs to expand and provide a comfortable environment for your baby. Meanwhile, the skin of your belly stretches and like a piece of cloth under tension it loses its elasticity to some extent. As a result, after giving birth, especially following multiple pregnancies, the stretch forces cause your belly skin to become more loose and saggy. The same is valid for the breasts as well. Once they are full of breast milk, they expand and stretch as the belly. So, after the hormones are withdrawn and the breast milk production is seized, the breasts become empty and saggy.

What is a mommy makeover?

Mommy makeover (MMO) is the term that is used to describe a combination of procedures that are commonly performed to improve the deformed contours of the body following pregnancy. MMO usually includes a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and breast lift) surgeries.

When is the right time for MMO?

Preferably, a woman who considers having MMO should have completed all her planned pregnancies. Otherwise, her surgical result might be compromised by her pregnancy. The ideal time to have abdominoplasty is one year following birth and 6 months following the secession of breastfeeding.

What kind of procedures can be performed for breasts?

Depending on the tissue quality and the degree of ptosis of the breasts, several different options can be discussed. The most common breast procedure performed within the MMO context is a breast lift with or without implants. Sometimes breast augmentation alone may be sufficient for those who have less amount of tissue with a lesser degree of ptosis. Most rarely, a breast reduction might be needed to obtain a lighter and young-looking breast shape.

Can my rectus diastasis (muscle separation due to multiple pregnancies) be repaired at the time of the tummy tuck?

The answer is yes. Muscle plication is performed during abdominoplasty procedures almost routinely.

Can liposuction replace abdominoplasty?

In cases where a person has hanging saggy skin on her abdomen like an apron, she has to go for an abdominoplasty. Liposuction alone would result in a more saggy appearance afterward. In MMO procedures, liposuction is rather a complementary intervention to improve the outcome of abdominoplasty in terms of enhancing the contours of the body such as a narrow waistline.

How long is the recovery period after MMO?

It depends on the surgeries you undergo. After breast surgery, you can immediately turn back to your regular life. Of course, for up to 6-8 weeks you should avoid heavy exercise and lifting heavy items. Following an abdominoplasty procedure, we recommend our patients rest for at least 10 days. However, this does not mean living a sedentary life of course. As with breast surgeries, abdominoplasty patients should also avoid specific movements for 6-8 weeks following surgery.

Dr. Isıl Akgun DEMIR
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