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Mars Cancer Journey



Julide IYIT

On March 25, 2023, Mars finishes its 6-month journey in Gemini and finally moves into Cancer and will travel in Cancer until June 5, 2023. Mars stays in an average sign for 2 months and goes retro every 2 years. Since this year’s Retro period coincides with Gemini, it especially battered Gemini and the whole world. We’ve all had our share in some way. Now Mars is in CancerActually, it’s not a place to be happy about, but its placement in Gemini has hardened our language and eroded our relationships. What will Mars do in Cancer? Reason and logic will be disabled, our emotions will take over. Our search for trust will increase, and we will constantly question the people in front of us and ourselves. Our sense of belonging increases and this causes us to turn to the wrong relationships. Our energy will decrease, there will be days and nights full of complacency. But there is a solution for this too, to get active, not to be lazy, not to leave today’s work for tomorrow. Making additions to our lives without disturbing the order we have. . For example, morning walks or light evening exercise. When Mars is weak, especially sports and movement enable Mars to work correctly. We must do it without overdoing it, without forcing ourselves. Otherwise, sprains and damage may occur. We can wear jewelry with ruby and coral stones to strengthen Mars, we should prefer clothes in red. If you do not have a stomach problem or an allergic problem, it is useful to add spices to our meals. (Ginger, Turmeric, Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Onion, Garlic, Clove, Coriander)

On the other hand, Mars, which will travel in the rising sign of our country, will bring up our borders and military operations. We will pass through a period in which the Straits, Aegean and Mediterranean regions, that is, the water borders of our country, will be on the agenda.

Around the world, states are faced with security problems and take precautions against them, mutual skirmishes and military operations are in question. Due to Saturn Pisces, there may be border violations, especially regarding water boundaries. It will be a period when the foundations of a process where we will talk about China and Russia a lot are laid, and there will be interesting events in this regard, especially in April.

When it comes to the general influence of the ascendant signs:

ARİES: The journey of your ruler Mars in Gemini for 6-7 months has hurt you mentally. You thought a lot, you talked a lot. Now is the time to relax. The period has started when you will feel safe with your family, your sense of belonging will increase and you will want to take root with it. Your family, home and you will set your agenda.

TAURUS: Mars has tested you with your financial gains for 6-7 months. Now Mars is in your third house. Areas to test you; It will test your communication style, your ability to express your feelings, to understand and be understood. You are in the period when you need to fix your communication problems with your siblings and close circle. Travels to nearby places, activities such as museums, exhibitions, cinema, theater will be good for you this period.

GEMİNİ: The transit of Mars, which has been forcing you, tiring and having sleepless nights for months, is finally over and Mars has started traveling in your area of financial gains. Your attitude towards making money will begin to test you in how you use your earnings. Apart from the love relationship between you and your family, it will be a period when financial relationships will also be tested. It will also remind you how much you value yourself. Avoid unnecessary expenses.

CANCER: You were quite introverted when Mars was traveling in Gemini. You have struggled with yourself in your inner world for 6-7 months. You went through a period where you saw the truth in your relationships and learned that you should not trust anyone but yourself. Now Mars is in your sign. Your energy will rise and you will learn to say me. There is a Cancer that is brave, sociable and able to express yourself properly in the next two months. Your appearance and perspective will change and become stronger.

LEO: Mars has tired, battered and forced you in your social circle for months. If you have taken the lessons you need to take in these active social areas, you are in a period where you will experience inner peace without going to reckoning in your inner world. But if you haven’t, it’s time to reckon with yourself. Meditation, nature walks, getting enough sleep will be good. Beware of secret relationships, do not open yourself up to new people.

VİRGO : Mars, who has been traveling in your career house for months, has made it difficult for you to show yourself, express yourself and reveal your potentials. You have fought many battles on matters concerning your career. Now is the time to relax on these issues. Mars comes to challenge you in the social sphere. Your friendship relations, groups, teams, foundation work will be on your agenda. You should act without being emotional in these matters. You can meet up with your old friends.

LIBRA: For 6-7 months, Mars has been challenging you in terms of education, law, trade, lawsuits, international connections. Now there is a period in your career where you have to show yourself. Is it family business? Is it my own business? you can choose about. In your career life, you will go through a period where you will spend energy to reveal your potentials and skills.

SCORPİO: Mars has challenged you with material and inner transformations for months. Now, it will direct your energies to higher education, travel, legal issues and litigation, commerce, authorship, media and enable you to develop in these areas.

SAGİTTARİUS: For 6-7 months, Mars has put you through a lot of tests in your field of marriage, bilateral relations, agreements and partnerships. Now, the time for change and progress in the material and spiritual field has begun for you. There are receivables, your spouse’s earnings, or partnership-related earnings. It is a good time to meditate, get therapy, and deal with spiritual matters.

CAPRİCORN: Mars has been challenging you in your business life, daily affairs, and health-related issues for 6 or 7 months. Now marriage, bilateral relations, partnerships and agreements have come to your home. If you are married, there may be tensions between you and your spouse from time to time. In such cases, try to think that it is the effect of Mars and try to stay calm. If you are single and in a relationship, business can get serious with a sense of belonging.

AQUARİUS: Mars has been pushing you hard in the field of love, children, hobbies for months, and now it’s all over. Now you must put your energy into your work, your daily chores and your health. Pay attention to your diet and try to get through this period without tiring yourself too much. There will be a period in your business life and home life when the feeling of security will outweigh.

PİSCES: For 6-7 Months Mars has battered you about your family and home life. You bought, sold, decorated, etc. a house. Now Mars is in your love house. Your love life will be very active, you can take up new hobbies and start sports.
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