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The Effects Of The February 5th Full Moon To The Zodiac Signs



Jülide İYİT

On February 5, 2023, a full moon will occur at 16 degrees Leo. The Sun-Uranus square and Venus-Mars square before this full moon will intensify the effect. The effect of the Full and New Moons starts a
week in advance. Full Moons are the maturing and finalizing phases of events that begin in the New Moon.

Leo is about self-confidence, being on stage, shining, creativity and attract attention. Leo also shows
managers, leaders, ceos, all areas related to management. There will be unexpected exits in politics. The square (compulsive) aspect of the Full Moon with Uranus brings unexpected sudden situations and unrest. Venus-Mars square can cause sudden ruptures in relationships. Attention!!!!!

On the other hand, Leo is related to heart and back ailments. Let’s take care of our health more than ever. It’s good to keep our thoughts under control. Let’s stay away from unnecessary delusions. Let’s try to stay calm and in the natural flow of life. No matter how we look at ourselves, but let’s stay away from sadness and grief. Otherwise, we are likely to experience problems in our communication areas with sudden outbursts of anger. Now let’s examine the effects on our rising signs together.

Aries: The full moon in your 5th house will bring your love life, if you have children, events related to them, and issues such as pregnancy to your agenda. Do not take risks in matters such as stock market, gambling, games of chance. Due to the square of Uranus, your language of communication may become harsh. Attention!!!!!

Taurus: With the full moon in your 4th house, you will be in the process of completing everything you have ever dealt with in the fields of home, family, real estate, investment. Be prepared for sudden negative/positive surprises with Uranus influence.

Gemini: The full moon in your 3rd house will bring issues such as siblings, cousins, your close circle, travels, publishing to your agenda. If these issues are already on your agenda, you will be in the process of completing them. Control your nerves and double-check every step you take.

Cancer: The full moon in your 2nd house brings financial issues to your agenda. Watch your spending. Avoid unnecessary expenses. Let’s try to stay away from luxury consumption. If you are married, you can get financial income from your spouse.

Leo: This full moon will be in your 1st house, so you will be focused on yourself. Your own wishes, your own goals…. In short, the subject will be yourself. Uranus can bring unpleasant surprises in your career field and for you. Do not be complacent in matters concerning your career. Always be cautions.

Virgo: Since this full moon will be in your 12th house, you can withdraw into yourself and be curious about spiritual matters. Meditation, energy work can be good. Due to the harsh influence of Uranus, you are open to surprises in areas such as education, foreign-related work, and foreign travel. Be careful.

Libra: Since this full moon will be in your 11th house, friends, foundations, associations will be in the foreground. There is a period ahead of you when you are more socially extroverted, and your circle expands. But due to the harsh aspect of Uranus, unexpected surprise expenses can bother you.

Scorpio: Your career will be on the agenda as this full moon is in your 10th house. You can take steps on issues such as starting a new business, job change, job applications. Or in your ongoing business, all the attention may be on you. It is useful to be cautious about professional and family relationships.

Sagittarius: Since this full moon will be in your 9th house, education, foreign affairs, law and lawsuits will be on your agenda. Uranus square can bring about sudden changes in your plans. Pay attention to the neck-throat area. It is useful in controlling your thyroid hormones.

Capricorn: This is a good time to take out a loan as this full moon will be in your 8th house, but you should stay away from risky business. Uranus square can cause you to make hasty decisions. Do not lend during this period.

Aquarius: Since this full moon will be in your 7th house, relationships, agreements, partnerships, consultations will be on your agenda. There are sudden arguments within the family. Electronic devices may malfunction.

Pisces: Since this full moon will be in your 6th house, your main agenda will be your health and business. Take care of your heart health. Do sports. Eat a balanced diet, pay attention to the weight problem. The period of fast-paced work begins in your business life.

Jülide İYİT
Instagram: astrologjulideiyit

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