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A Corner of Heaven; Göcek



Hello everyone,

When the wonderful scent of thyme in the air meets the scent of citrus like a sweet melody coming from far away, you are so drawn into the calm and peaceful environment of Göcek with the irresistible effect of the hidden power it creates on you that you will not want to leave again. Göcek, a corner of paradise in Muğla’s Fethiye district, awaits you with all its charm.

Göcek, which I visited in November this year, was very active and fun as it hosted sailing races of local and foreign sailors that I came across by chance. Also, it was crowded as the boat equipment fair took place at the same time. It had a state of desiring to hug and not let go of anyone with blue tones blended with its air and nature.

The beautiful cafes, restaurants and bars along the beach in Göcek offer you both serenity and the power of nature when you walk. Everything around you can inspire you while sipping your coffee. Göcek’s magical atmosphere made me write a poem again. 🙂 You can easily find everything you need in Göcek bazaar, and you can come across interesting shops. For example, a place with antique nautical accessories caught my attention. The marinas on the beach are on the route of the blue cruises and Göcek is a holiday paradise preferred by local and foreign boats. Due to its geographical richness and location, it is an important tourism and marina paradise. When you reach D-Marin, which is a 5-minute walk from the beach, another magnificent world welcomes you.

D-Resort Göcek takes you to heaven on earth with its pubs, restaurants and its own private beach. The turquoise sea, where you will witness the special white sand and tones of blue at Blue Point Beach, offers you a pleasant environment under the coolness of the pine trees. During my visit this year, I spent a very enjoyable day in the lounge, enjoying delicious food in a decent atmosphere accompanied by pleasant music. The footprints I left on its white sands and the warm sea I embraced left unforgettable memories.

You can rent a daily boat in Göcek and visit its magnificent bays and islands. You can be sure that you will gain a perfect experience on this cruise, where you will witness the meeting of turquoise and green. You can dive to see the Byzantine ruins in Göbün Bay, which is especially preferred, and you can be surrounded by the smell of olive trees.

You can enrich your holiday by visiting the historical places around Göcek. Ancient cities and historical places in the immediate vicinity should definitely be on your travel route. I especially recommend you to see Kayaköy. The magical atmosphere that I cannot describe calls me every time I visit Göcek. You can visit the Greek village from the ancient period, take a break at the family pensions and motels and do various activities. By participating in the horse tour, you can breathe plenty of oxygen

Who knows, maybe I can continue my life in Göcek town in the near future, while I am constructing the classic sentence that it cannot be described but only experienced for Göcek. Wait for me Göcek!

By the way; let me share my poem with you!

4 The Quicksilver Skipper
Once the talented seaman’s deep
Striking eyes are seen
Behind his cool hair
Touched by the salty sea
Through the soft warm breeze,
The intrigued sailor becomes
The center of attention
With the help of the trickster Poseidon,
Trying to get rid of the continuous fight of
Angels and Demons
Dwelling in his busy mind,
He faces his own heart by chance…

See you in the blues;

Banu Demir
Editor & Poet
Instagram: @bluevoyage_blueroute

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