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If a Person Wants, It Can Change a Lot



Life is like a domino; invisible ties connect everything in the universe. Like chance encounters, sometimes joys and sometimes sorrows take us somewhere where we need to go. We talked about her story with Katerina from Ukraine, whom we met at the University of Florida. Due to the Ukraine-Russia war, she left her beloved country behind and settled in America.

She is a highly educated, cultured, elegant, and beautiful woman.

One of the aims of ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS is to get to know and promote new cultures; dear Katerina Smagina accepted our interview offer. We thank her.

Let’s listen to her story from her:
—ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from?
Are you married? Do you have children?
—KATERINA SMAGINA: Hello to everyone! My name is Kateryna, and I’m Ukrainian! I am
not married and have no children. I am 33 years old.
—ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: What is your occupation?

—KATERINA SMAGINA: I work as an IT recruiter / HR Manager. I love sports, dancing,
painting, traveling, and learning new things!
—ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies
—KATERINA SMAGINA: I love sports, dancing, painting, traveling, and learning new things!
—ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: When did you come to the USA?
—KATERINA SMAGINA: I came to Florida, USA, four months ago because of the war in
—ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Did you experience culture shock? Can you talk about things
that are different? It can be positive or negative.

—KATERINA SMAGINA: I travel a lot; I had the experience of living in Germany – Hamburg,
Turkey – Istanbul, Spain – Valencia. I can say that everything is very different! Everything is
different here, and there are more downbeat moments. Now I live in the city of Jacksonville, and
I’m not used to it. First of all, there is no service in all areas. It’s a vast area, and there is no public
transport. You need a car to go anywhere. Food is not very tasty. Everywhere closes very early
and much more. I love nature, there are many beautiful places, and the ocean is nearby.

—ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: How is life in your country?

—KATERINA SMAGINA: Living in my country was excellent; everything was good there. If it
weren’t for the war, I wouldn’t have moved here to live.

—ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Do you have dreams and goals?

—KATERINA SMAGINA: I will improve my English, get a driver’s license, and buy a car. And
I want to study psychology.

—ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: These are perfect! Do you have a message to the universe?

—KATERINA SMAGINA: The universe hears my voice! I want to work in Silicon Valley.

—ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Excellent :), the world will hear you: What would you like to
say? Do you have a message?

—KATERINA SMAGINA: Love and take care of yourself and your loved ones!

We thank dear Katerina Smagina for this candid interview. We hope this brutal war ends and Dear
Katerina Smagina gets her wishes. Maybe we’ll meet in Silicon Valley in a year, who knows 🙂

Interview: Katerina SMAGINA

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