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New York at Christmas




For the second of my travel posts, I chose New York, one of the most exciting cities in the world. Because I was in New York once again in the first week of December. While giving fresh New York news, I will also touch on NY’s history. You will feel like a New Yorker (New Yorker) for a few minutes with the photos and what I have told you, but don’t be sad if you don’t! Good luck, it’s not the end of the world!

The city that does not sleep for 24 hours is called NY, and often the initials of the city’s names are used. Americans use the abbreviation thing in so many places that even if it creates minor confusion, you get used to it after a while. Years ago, when I heard that the FBI was dealing with food poisoning in restaurants, I was blown away. “Wow,” I said to myself, how seriously they take it. The whole FBI is dealing with restaurants and food poisoning, I thought 🙂 My amazement was short-lived, I learned from a person with whom I shared my opinion that the FBI on this subject is not the FBI we know! :))) Means “Food-borne Illnesses”, that is “Foodborne Diseases” :)))

Let me start with NYC (New York City) travel routes without getting off topic 🙂
Christmas time in NY is cold but gorgeous. Everywhere becomes bright and musical. Christmas carols are played in the streets, it is crowded, but you will enjoy this crowd. I think NY is a must see for traveling. There are a lot of people who don’t like it, but if you have an active nature, you will definitely feel the rhythm of the city. Those who don’t like it, don’t worry! Surely there is a place for their souls.

First of all, I want to start with the museums. While museums are the first stop of understanding the culture of a city and the values it cares about, the streets are its soul!

The Metropolitan Museum is one of the best museums in the world in my opinion. So much so that it was one of the reasons why I settled in America. It is on the edge of Central Park. You can see the collections of great artists and countries and you will feel:

* Importance given to art and artist
* Awareness that history and culture are world heritage
* Marketing of the values I mentioned above, together with the magnificent architecture (In my opinion, America is number 1 in this regard)
* You can find the most hit works of the world’s greatest painters at the Metropolitan
* A large place is reserved for the historical values of the countries, for example, Iznik
tiles, one of the important values of Turkish culture.
* Vision and financial strength to bring all of the above together

Moreover, the collection of these magnificent works and the creation of a collection all took place in a short period of 100 years. Especially in the Second World War, Germany’s rejection of expressionist art and artists was able to come together thanks to the American visionist view.

MOMA (Museum of Modern Arts) is one of the must-see museums. The fact that the museum is located on 5th Avenue makes it very easy to reach it. For those who use the subway, everywhere is close, but I like to walk. If you’re aware, I’m not talking much about cars and uber. NY traffic is legendary, high-priced parking lots make you want to magically shrink your car and put it in your pocket 🙂
You should especially see Picasso’s famous work “Girls from Avignon” at Moma Modern Arts. I’ve seen MOMA become more successful over the years!

There were a few concepts in particular that caught my attention! He greeted us by saying “YOU” at the entrance. The museum has established an interactive communication for the ego and the viewer… By placing mirrors on different floors,
you see “YOU” meaning “I”.

In addition, one of the works of Turkish artist Refik Anadol, which I am proud of, “Machine Hallucinations” was on display. An amazing visual was sung. I had seen and admired him again in Miami Beach last year and personally congratulated Refik Anadol.

Refik Anadol & Tugba Yazıcı, Miami Beach
Refik Anadol, Machine Hallucinations, MOMA, NY

Another impressive series of works was the “Life and death series in New York”. They had put together the Beatles, John Lennon, and several other well-known events. Another work: The installation in which a woman’s postpartum deformation is described was among the works that caught my attention. For this, synthetic pantyhose was used. You can see the works of the artist named Senga Nengudi in the image.


The Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum is another must-see museum famous for its architecture, located on the edge of Central Park. When I went this time, one of my sources of inspiration was the Alex Katz exhibition, and I can say that I was blown away with happiness. I wish to see my own works in the museums I mentioned one day, I say and continue my writing.

Alex Katz, The Guggenheim Museum
Artist: Tugba Yazıcı
Artist: Tugba Yazıcı
Artist: Tugba Yazıcı

What are the other alternatives to do in New York?

You’ve heard of Broadway and musicals; I suggest you go to a musical while you’re in NY. I just saw the Hugh Jackman-Sutton Foster promotions.

Times Square almost challenges the world with its flashing signs, its cars that whistle and the smell of advertisements always the same and unchanging. I would like to share a work from MOMA (Modern Art Museum) for exactly this feeling. In the work exhibited at the front, we see a statue of a nude blonde woman, the cult Pink Panther statue, and a painting of possibly American soldiers fighting in the background. It made me think of populism and capitalism personally… This is my interpretation! Someone else may think differently. I am attaching the link of the museums for those who want to investigate. In any case, thought provoking work.

MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)

Soho and Chelsea are places I recommend seeing with their artistic, colorful and cool styles. You will agree with me when you see the sample photos of Soho’s colorful and eclectic structure.

The colors of Soho

The colors of Soho

You can see many examples of world cuisine in New York. You can find many varieties of Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese and Far East. There are many options available according to your taste and budget. Another option I can suggest to you; Make sure to listen to jazz at least once! Jazz is heard in New York. I will suggest you an old and cool place, those who know, Blue Note. Blue Note Jazz | Clubs & Restaurants,

While the streets of NY are bustling before Christmas, you should see Rockefeller Center and the surrounding area

Lights and Christmas decorations are the places where the music of the city is felt the most.
After describing NY’s Central Park and the million-dollar skyscrapers that surround it, we conclude our short tour of NY. Central Park is an oasis in the middle of all the chaos. People who walk every morning regardless of summer or winter are normal in New York. I take my coffee in my hand and never miss such a moment of happiness and inspiration. I recommend it to you too.

I don’t want to forget the phaetons that tour around and inside Central Park!

I want to touch on the brief history of New York.
Before Europeans settled in the NY region, indigenous peoples (Iraquois, Mohawks, Oneidas, and Senecas) lived here. The Dutch claimed the land on both sides of the Hudson river, despite the British claims of rights and ownership in this area. They settled in this area in 1615. In 1626, they bought Manhattan Island in the Hudson River from Native American Indians. According to reliable historical sources, they gave cloth and beads to the locals for only 24 dollars in exchange for Manhattan Island. The place under the rule of the Dutch took the name New Amsterdam. A one-legged Dutchman named Peter Stuyvesant was also appointed governor of this city. However, the rule of the Dutch here lasted only 40 years. The city fell into the hands of the British. Because
of the city of York in England, it was named “New York”, that is, “New York. The population of the city was only 10,000 when it was conquered by the British. On July 4, 1776, the United States of America announced its independence, on July 9, King George III of England in New York. ‘s statue was demolished, and George Washington was proclaimed the first President here in 1789.

For many years, fur trade was made in the region, and Wallstreet, which is the heart of the American stock market today, was the region where the fur trade was carried out. The fur trade of the Dutch and Indians continued for years. In 1778, the city became the capital of the newly founded United States for 2 years. And then the foundations of today’s Manhattan were laid. Turning the island of Manhattan into a harbor and subsequent architectural works pave the way for it to become the center of the world.

The history of New York has inspired many movies and books. I suggest you watch “Gangs of New York” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis. Also, if you are interested in reading 10 history and adventure, Melda Sherman’s “Migratory Birds” book is for you. I’ve included the link for both below.

Gangs of New York

Migratory Birds

Please imagine 100 years ago, street watchmen with their legs tied to long sticks, lighting streetlamps and read what I wrote with that eye again! You’ll feel like you’ve entered a Time Tunnel!

I end my article with a quote from Andy Warhol, one of the creators of pop-art and popular culture.
“Everyone will be famous for 10 minutes one day!” Did he mean today?
I guess that day has come, what do you think? 😉
Because New York is such a place!

Goodbye, with a conceptual work that appeals to egos in line with this quote from MOMA.

Hey! YOU!!!!

Tugba Yazici
Artist & Designer
Instagram: tugbayaziciofficial
Facebook: Tugba Yazici

Hey! YOU!!!


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