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How Will Yoga Change Your Life?



We were peaceful and tranquil as children, but as we grew older, this peace was replaced with tension, anxiety, and the hustle and bustle of life. It is essentially ourselves, even though we initially sought peace and tranquility outdoors. We believe that happiness is a quick reaction that may be offered to us by people from the outside and that we can find tranquility in the things and experiences that the outside world offers.

Let’s take a moment to reflect: Have you ever been by yourself, silently relaxing your body with body motions and observing your thoughts while sitting down? Or have you ever expressed gratitude while breathing?

While I was so far away from all this, I suddenly met “myself,” i.e., YOGA, on the advice of a friend. From my perceptions, my reactions, especially when I thought I knew my body, I realized that I didn’t and something changed over time, that is, my thoughts. First lesson; yes, you may think you don’t understand anything, but over time if you are a little patient, you find yourself completely in the flow and start being born again.

Unfortunately, neither our physical selves nor those of our souls or minds are entirely understood by us. Yoga aligns these three words (body-mind-spirit) and begins to balance you. Yoga means to join and unify, according to the definition. Yoga was referred to be “mastery over the mind” in early yoga literature.

“Yoga is a great opportunity to be curious about who you are.”
– Jason Crandell

Although yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, many still do not know exactly what it is. Yoga is an ancient branch originating in India that strengthens the body and focuses and calms the mind. Although its definition seems so simple, its content is very powerful. Mainly, it balances our autonomic nervous system, helps us to know and understand our bodypersonality-psychic state better and live with less harm in the outside world, self-confidence and communication in human relations are stronger than ever, and of course, flexibility, balance power…

“Yoga is 99% practice, 1% theory.”
–Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois

The main reason why yoga has become so popular all over the world is that it can meet everyone’s needs and that everyone can add yoga to their lives in some way. In this process, people who start with the guidance of doctors, athletes who do high-tempo sports prefer flexibility and relaxation, and people who experience anxiety or mental discomfort can produce systematic solutions to find a place where they can understand and calm themselves more.

There are numerous varieties of yoga practiced today. Attending a few lessons will allow you to choose which is best for you. The fact that yoga uses the body’s own weight as opposed to external weights or support equipment is generally considered its most significant characteristic.

Yoga postures have the ability to stand against aging and gravity. The saying “You are as old as your spine” is absolutely true. Regular practice keeps the spine flexible and healthy. As age progresses, it develops the necessary bodily coordination and balance to prevent falling, and abundant oxygen intake is provided with breathing.

“Yoga practice gives you age-defying energy.”
–Tao Porchon Lynch.

Every day, between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts run through everyone’s minds, and many of these thoughts are negative, many of them the same as the ones you had the previous day. In order for new thoughts to occur, we must first understand, accept and clear our old thoughts so that we can make room for new ones.

Start with yoga, relax all your body, organs, muscles, then listen to your mind, integrate it with your soul…

If you really want to start yoga, try without giving up until you find the right trainer for you.

May your path be light!

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