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Five Nights in Paris




Welcome to the first of my articles which I am going to write about travel, fashion, and art. I would love to hear their own comments from travel lovers. I thought where I should start first. As the title of my article suggests, I decided to start with Paris. In the last week of October, I went to Paris for both business and leisure… I attended the art fair held at the Carrousel du Louvre.

How was the exhibition? And how was the enchanting Paris? Here I am explaining. Paris is one of my favorite cities. I go whenever I get the chance. It is a city where you can always go for various reasons and never get tired of it. Those who cannot give up on Paris went to Paris or have never been there, come and listen to Paris from my perspective! At the end of October, I was a participant in the Art Shopping held in the Carrousel du Louvre. I went to Paris with great happiness. Since my exhibition is at the Louvre; I will start from there.

The Louvre Museum is one of the largest and special museums in the world. Every time I look at the balcony overlooking the square, I think of the last queen of France, “Mary Antoinette” and her mournful end or Dan Brown’s famous work “The Da Vinci Code”, which broke records in cinemas in the early 2000s. Anyone who watched the movie knows. Even if you haven’t watched it, I suggest you watch it. It’s a great movie. The opening scene of the movie was made in the Louvre. Participating in the exhibition in such a magnificent environment is a special feeling, you can understand me.

If you say what Paris means to you; It means history, culture, love, food, music, fashion, walking like crazy on its streets…You can literally experience the song Paris by Marc Lavoine. I suggest you try to stay in a different area each time you go, so you can get to know the city better by walking. I cannot describe the pleasure of walking around the Sein River, eating at its bistros, drinking wine, visiting its museums, watching the clouds in the sky dance with the orderly and magnificent buildings.

Just before my exhibition, there was fashion week, and after that, art basel and art fairs would start in different parts of Paris. After the fashion wind, art was felt in every part of the city. The truth is you can feel the same emotion without the fair. It is impossible to get bored while walking the streets of Paris. After every event, you can indulge yourself in stylish Paris bistros. You can mingle with stylish and cool Parisians. So, did I.

In keeping with the historical texture of Paris, its vintage markets and boutiques are also very special. Those who are interested should definitely look at the vintage street in Passy. I have compiled for you the designs that I was struck by the colors of some boutiques. I took my notes to inspire shopaholics at least in terms of color and design. Let me confess something to you: Over the years, not only brands and designs affect me anymore. Presentations, store designs, and how they integrate with art affect me.

I can give the Dior fashion house as an example. I would like to convey to you the wonderful decoration of the Dior fashion house. It is a sight to behold, they have added the patterns they have been using for years to the decor, and it has become a living museum. The magnificence of the brand, spread over thousands of square meters, was very impressive. The new designs of the fashion house, which has come from the past and have become classics, are certainly striking, but as I said, the thing that impresses me the most is the presentation of the products. There is no end to creativity, everything that is put on it is impressive.

What do you think about the Can Can dance, one of the symbols of Paris? I watched it at the Moulin Rouge, thinking I’d see period costumes. Unfortunately, they gave very little space, it was more like a talent show and of course sharing photos was prohibited. You can watch on their website. It’s a pleasure to be in Paris, it’s a pleasure to eat their food. It’s inspiring to watch stylish Parisien women, they’re elegant.

I end my Paris travel article with a sentence I love from Coco Chanel, who has become a world icon from a French classic: “Everything in the world that I don’t like has a counterpart that I like.” I agree with Coco Chanel and want to remind you that we live according to our choices.

Until the new article, stay healthy, happy and bye.

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