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Happy Thanksgiving and New Beginnings



The first day and the first lines of a new beginning. I thought deeply about how I should write. Should I be an official or sincere? And finally, I decided to write like myself:)

We timed this initiative to coincide with Thanksgiving Day, one of the most important
holidays in America, which we launched with our writer friends at the ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS. We have a great deal to be grateful for, just like everyone else. After a prolonged period of preparation, we are now with you.

For a while, you know how I felt? I went back to my childhood. Is it how? The days I first learned about democracy coincided with the class president elections at school. When asked who the volunteer students were for class president, my hand would go up first. Maybe those were the first signs that I would be an entrepreneurial woman. After the nominees were determined, they were invited to the board and asked to turn their backs. As per the rules, eye contact should not be established with the candidates to avoid affecting the class. It was a very important action for that time and those ages. It was necessary to be brave! Otherwise, who tolerates that stress? Although it just took a few minutes, I thought my perception of time changed. At the end of every exciting waiting, I was delighted once I learned that I had won the election after the votes were counted. The reason for my happiness was to take on an important responsibility and feel that my friends had chosen me for this role. I was the trusted person! The responsibility I took was critical! I have been class
president or vice president for fourteen years. I never gave up and became a beloved and successful student.

Afterwards, I avoided such responsibilities as much as possible, and, like millions of women, I underwent many transformations. First, I became a popular youth, then I got married, became a wife, became a friend, became a mother, and became an artist. Being an artist enabled me to freely create myself and create an identity within the framework of ethical and aesthetic values.

I learned a lot from every international exhibition, fair, and event, the people I met, the countries I visited, and the cultures I discovered. Naturally, because of these, I was able to be who I am. A quote from Simone de Beauvoir is very appropriate here: “The hardest thing in life is to be yourself.” The meaning of this sentence has been a part of many changes in my life.

Today again, I am back to my childhood. I have the same feelings. The child in me may not have grown at all! So that’s how I feel. In those days, I, who never gave up on duties and responsibilities, have come to these days. Years ago, I settled in the United States and underwent a significant transformation again. The process of completely reinventing myself was as difficult as birth! I also became aware of other people’s needs during that process. From time to time, I heard their silent screams. While I felt the sensibility of being an artist, I thought I had to do something. So, what should that be? First, it had to be beneficial to the whole, healing, something that felt good. Due to my profession, I started with art and culture. This has always been my first choice; I have always trusted the integrative power of art. We came together with my friends, who are experts in their fields from many countries of the world, to undertake the task of the intercultural bridge.


I cannot believe the day is here that we are finally releasing our first-ever newspaper. We will write about art, cinema, health, yoga, meditation, regression, therapy, gastronomy, travel, and fashion. We chose to share the beauties of life. With health, we aim to lay the stones on the way to happiness and peace. ARTTMODERNMIAMI newspaper readers, join us with your comments! Share our newspaper, and interact with your favorite articles, so we can create more content that interests you!!

It is sentimental to be releasing this article during a time of year that has become special to me. I will never forget the day I learned about Thanksgiving. I was in America visiting my beloved friends on their farm. They invited us to this “Thanksgiving” dinner they were hosting in Massachusetts. I had never heard of this tradition but was happy to experience an American holiday with my friends. I’ll never forget the mix of emotions I had that day. Early in the day, I received upsetting news, and this made it hard for me to enjoy the night of festivities to come… so I thought!

Once I got there, the joyful energy swept any negative emotions from under me. The warm conversation and ambiance made this day so memorable for me. There were antique treasures and a crackling fireplace to keep us warm, not only our bodies but also our souls. The table was a complete visual feast. The fried turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, and gravy with many other appetizers and drinks are all examples of the “Thanksgiving” table. American wine is entirely different; the taste was extraordinary! We laughed, ate, drank, and chatted at that table all night long. That day, we had the same feelings as all of America, full of gratitude! On Thanksgiving, they close every place down. I remember the snow started stacking up that night. It was very peaceful to see. At the end of that day, I did all my burdens and was grateful to God. Most importantly, I was not alone!

You know this is one of the most important awareness in life. Feeling that you are not alone! Or vice versa! One makes you feel more connected to the universe, while the other makes you feel traumatized. I think that’s why Thanksgiving must have been meticulously preserved over the years. No one is alone that day, believe me! Unless, of course, their preferences are like that. In the following days, I wanted to explore why “Thanksgiving” is so special to Americans. What was the source of this sense of peace?

The most common story is that: Thanksgiving began when American Indians gave turkey, potatoes, and pumpkins to starving American families and became a tradition. Therefore, serving turkey and potato dishes followed by pumpkin pie must have become a tradition. Most of the first settlers who came to America did not know how to hunt and plant, and most died of starvation and epidemics. At first, I found it bizarre that people bravely came to America from Europe in 2 months and 10 days by battling the waves (the distance between Europe and Boston Harbor was around 2 months and 10 days, according to the conditions at that time) died of hunger because they did not know how to hunt. Later, I thought that one of the reasons might be: At that time, the people and peasants living in Central Europe were experiencing a hunting ban. Hunting was a sport that belonged only to the nobility and landowners. The peasant caught by hunting was severely punished by the landlord. No wonder those poor people went to America in search of a new world! Back to the subject, thanks to the indigenous tribe who helped and taught them to hunt and plant simple vegetables, that group that came to the New World had cheated death. That is why it is celebrated every year on the 3rd week of November. There are other stories, too. Some stories say the harvest is celebrated, but I liked this one the most.

I am a person who is grateful often and tries to seize every opportunity to be thankful. We have a lot to be thankful for this year. We have coincided with the release of our newspaper this week to remember, commemorate and convey the value of gratitude once again. I finish my article by saying happy celebrations full of love, health, and gratitude. I hope you enjoy our shares and read with pleasure. At worst, I know that if no one reads it, I will, and many times over. :))

Best regards, hope to see you in the following article.

Artist & Creative Director
Instagram: @tugbayaziciofficial

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