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6 Greatest Immersive Art Experience In NYC



If you are planning to visit New York City this fall- winter, you will absolutely find yourself with immersive art experiences. In recent years art enthusiasts, city explorers and culture lovers alike have witnessed exhibition spaces made of LED walls respond to their movements in various museums around the world. New York City is now following this art trend with  magical  immersive exhibits. When you step inside you are literally entering a painting and becoming a part of the art itself. Visitors may feel a rush of emotion while visiting digital art spaces where they can immerse themselves in fantastic worlds. Immersive art experiences have been one of the biggest trends of recent years.The exhibitions often tour the world and the number of digital art centers is growing. Let’s take an overview of the venues not to be missed.


The Hall des Lumières has opened in New York with ‘Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion.’ 

The exhibition is divided into six sequences exploring the art and legacy of the famed founder of the Vienna Secessionist movement. It features 30-foot-high luminous shifting projections of Klimt’s art precisely mapped to the building’s architecture and accompanied by a tailor-made musical soundtrack. If that’s not enough immersive entertainment for you, “Gold in Motion” runs on a loop with two other shows: one is an animated show dedicated to the rich patters of artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928–2000), carrying on the Viennese theme; the other is “Five Movements: Contemporary Creation,” a 10-minute experience featuring digitally augmented dance performances in five different styles from the technology studio Nohlab.


The exhibition invites visitors to witness the beauty and complexities of one of science’s greatest mysteries — the human brain — while following the life of a neuron from pre-birth to death. A culmination of three years of research, study and development, the exhibition’s foundation is the dialogue of discovery between neuroscientists and multidisciplinary artists. The world’s leading neuroscientists and experts came together with ARTECHOUSE to reconstruct a human neuron from the prefrontal cortex — a scientific marvel on its own — that served as the anchor for this enlightening and thought-provoking exhibition. In Life of a Neuron, science is not merely a muse to create inspirational art, but the art furthers the understanding of science; a fitting relationship celebrating the 50th anniversary of the SfN made possible by the interdisciplinary collaboration.


A new “art experience and bar” in New York promises to send guests down the rabbit hole at its 26,000-square-foot display. The project, which is loosely inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, is done in Meade’s signature 3D painting style, allowing guests to feel like they’re stepping directly into a work of art. The painting extends across every inch of 20 different rooms, where guests of all ages can explore Meade’s unique vision. An attached bar, accessible with or without a ticket, provides themed wines, snacks, and small plates that accompany the exhibit. A gift shop completes the experience by allowing guests to take a little piece of “Wonderland Dreams” home with them. There are 30 rooms in all, many featuring interactive props including a rose crown, a knight’s helmet and a tiny teacup.  “Wonderland Dreams” will open on Friday, October 7, and run through April 2023 at 529 5th Avenue in Manhattan. 


RiseNY is a truly breathtaking experience, whether you’re a New Yorker or just a tourist. Embark on a three-part journey that lifts and connects you to New York City’s most famous sites and moments. Start with a captivating film by award-winning documentarian Ric Burns, explore museum-style galleries that transport you through the city’s expansive pop-culture evolution. Then, fly over the iconic skyline on a soaring ride that suspends you 30 feet in the air! Get ready to fall in love with New York all over again.

Catch an immersive film by award-winning documentarian Ric Burns and James Sanders, narrated by beloved actor Jeff Goldblum. Learn about NYC’s history, specifically Times Square and its global impact. Fall in love with New York all over again as the room springs to life and transforms into a fully immersed theater with visual and special effects. 

Explore NYC’s vibrant pop-cultural evolution to see its indelible impact on the world. Journey through seven galleries – Finance, Skyline, TV/Radio, Fashion, Music, Broadway and Film – that spotlight historic artifacts, star-studded memorabilia and engaging, fun and educational displays, co-curated by beloved cultural institutions.


Arcadia Earth’ is an immersive environmental art exhibit in New York City that uses augmented reality to spread awareness about the impact of climate change. This multi-storied, multi-sensory art exhibit spans 15,000 square feet, creating a visual experience of a lifetime. Every corner of Arcadia Earth invites you to lose yourself in a spectacular landscape of texture and colour, inspired by both the beauty and the decay of our planet as we know it. ‘As visitors wander throughout the rooms filled with immersive installations, such as one made of 44,000 plastic bags – the amount used in New York state every minute before the plastic bag ban – they wear an AR headset that brings the installations to life, teaching environmental facts.

 The installations approach the turmoil of climate change and its effects with an inspired eye and fresh perspective. The exhibition leans heavily towards an educational angle, offering not only information about the crisis but actionable changes one can make to their own habits. Arcadia Earth is a journey, which takes you to 15 different rooms, thematically addressing issues of plastic pollution.


‘Beyond King Tut’ is the new, immersive art experience bringing the pharaoh’s story to life. A new exhibit celebrating the ancient pharaoh King Tut is about to land in several cities with a very modern twist – taking a digital look at the boy king for the Instagram age. Instead, high-resolution digital projections of Tutankhamun’s world are splashed along high walls and floors as visitors walk through nine galleries that chart his life, death and times. The exhibit coincides with the 100th anniversary of the tomb’s discovery, a watershed moment in archeology. The New York show is at the massive Pier 36 event space – once home to 25 basketball courts – and uses 25,000 square feet to show Tut’s burial chamber, explore his family tree, how he was prepared for mummification, the treasures he was buried with and even his impact on popular culture. An introductory film presented in an archeologist’s tent starts the process off, and all of it is very social media friendly.

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