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Capricorn Full Moon Week



A full moon occurred in Capricorn on June 22, at 04:08, and the effects of this full moon will last for 2 weeks. The full moon is in the Earth element sign and can bring issues such as government, money and stability to our agenda.

During the full moon, the rising sign is in conjunction with Gemini and the star Aldeberan. Honesty is related to loss of reputation, and if we do not pay attention to these during the period, it indicates great losses.

Now let’s move on to its effects on zodiac signs;

Aries and Aries ascendant

The full moon may give you the energy to decide on some issues in terms of business and career
and to finalize things. Remember, we cannot start something else without ending it.

Taurus and Taurus ascendant

The upcoming Capricorn full moon will keep you Taurus busy on matters related to abroad.
Some decisions regarding education can be made. If you have a court case, there is a possibility
that it will be concluded.

The Gemini and Gemini ascendant

Capricorn full moon will help you clarify some financial matters. Some decisions may be made
regarding your joint income and property issues.

Cancer rising Cancer

Capricorn full moon, some problems in the field of relationships and marriage will be resolved.
It is possible that you will make some decisions in joint affairs.

Leo and rising Leos

Capricorn full moon, your daily routines will change. Some problems in the business
environment will find solutions. Pay attention to your health.

Virgo and ascendant Virgo

Capricorn full moon will help you clarify issues related to your love life. At the same time, some
decisions may be made regarding your children.

Libra and ascendant Libra

Capricorn full moon, some decisions can be made regarding home and family matters. There
may be changes or repairs in your home.

Scorpio and ascendant Scorpio

Capricorn full moon will help you make short travel plans. You can clarify some issues in your
close circle; try to remain calm while expressing yourself.

Sagittarius and ascendant Sagittarius

Capricorn full moon will help you make some financial decisions. At the same time, you may
want to maintain your income-expense balance. Watch your expenses.

Capricorn and ascendant Capricorn

The full moon in your own sign will help you decide and set direction on some issues related to
your goals.

Aquarius and ascendant Aquarius

Capricorn full moon will help you clarify the issues that disturb you in your thoughts. Maybe
you can end things and make some decisions.

Pisces and ascendant Pisces

Capricorn full moon there are some decisions in your circle of friends. You can clarify things to
achieve your goals and dreams.

Aytan Salami


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