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A Collection Story: So Fifi!



Hello Arttmodernmiami readers!

In this article, I will tell you about a collection story and the inspirations that created it. Everything comes from life. In this article, I will give you a collection story and my inspiration:

I have learned many things about life and of course, I continue to learn. Because I love the excitement of trying to learn something new, reminds me of my childhood; maybe the “child inside me” remains a child without growing up. When I make new attempts and beginnings, I have trouble like everyone else, but I know I have to overcome those difficulties because this is the way to move forward… Because when I have a hard time, I sometimes talk to my “Inner Child”. Moreover, at that moment I thought, “Well done! I am glad you stayed a child. Look! This is reflected on the outside, I say, she is your best friend in your most difficult moments. Is that what she says to me, “It’s so “Fi fi” (I don’t care)

You got it. The child inside me is a careless, sometimes abusive, and sometimes unruly character. Many of my mottos emerged in when I became one with her. It’s so cute! Just one of them… Bullshitt! Do not worry! I love me…

“I think you’re just like everyone else!” I am creating a T-shirt capsule collection and combining some of my slogans with my illustrations. It will meet its enthusiasts very soon.

My inner child inspired me to express it through conceptual art.

There have been many adjectives I have heard about myself until today. I would laugh at some of them. I would be surprised at others. and I would get angry a lot, especially when I was young. Much later, instead of hearing the outside world, I started giving voice to my inner child. The more I listened to her, the more she started talking to me. In addition, we started having a lot of fun. At one point, he was so obsessed with me that I said; 8-9 years ago, a girl much younger than me said to myself, “You live life like a party.” This surprised me quite a bit because that young girl should have been one of the people who lived life that way, in reality, due to her youth and the opportunities she had… Nevertheless, she said this sentence to me: what did I do? I took it, folded it, and carefully placed it in the sweet memories section of my heart. However, this was one of the interesting definitions I heard…

A lot has been said about me, but I have never heard the word spoiled, for example, so when you read what I wrote, do not label me without knowing me!

Based on conceptual art, I am creating a mini T-shirt collection. Slogan phrases and will meet my women and the emotions inside us will come out as expressionism

It’s so cute! One of them;

I will give short examples from others, but there is no cheating, so

I hope to see you with my T-shirt collection very soon…

Let’s stay with love and art…


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