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The Maldives of Egypt: Sharm El-Sheikh🇪🇬🌴



Sharm El Sheikh is a world-famous holiday destination with a stunning coastline along the Red Sea… The Pearl of Egypt… The Maldives of Egypt…
My transition from the cold and rainy weather to the hot climate of Egypt is rapid. As I pass from the airport to the hotel, the first sign welcomes me to the city: “Welcome to the land of peace”. During a short night journey, I witness the dark and illuminated parts of the city.

The next day, in the first light of dawn, I take a walk along the endless beach of yellow and hot colors that meets the warm waters of the Red Sea. The weather is magnificent! After a simple and quick breakfast, I set off for the marina, about an hour from my hotel. Here, accompanied by a guide, I board one of the large yellow tourist boats that line the shore. The main feature of these boats is that they have two floors and a glass bottom so that you are immersed in the magical world of the Red Sea… You can sit on special seats and watch for 45 minutes the Red Sea, home to a wide variety of marine life, including more than a thousand species of fish and hundreds of species of coral. I learned that the Red Sea is the hottest in the world due to its high salinity and volcanic activity on the seabed. It is well worth seeing!
But there are many other ways to enjoy the incredible views of the Red Sea in Sharm el Sheikh. You can take a boat trip and go snorkeling, or you can simply enjoy the stunning views and relax on one of the many beaches! The choice is yours 😊 This makes the Red Sea a paradise for divers, who can explore the vibrant underwater world of Sharm el-Sheikh and see everything from tiny seahorses to giant whale sharks…

Wataniya Marina, which I visited the next day with a guide, is a meeting point for diving enthusiasts! First, you pass through the turnstiles and then you wait for your group mates at the seats allocated for you to go to the boat. When everyone is gathered, you get on the boat. The boat takes you to three different bays and offers you the opportunity to dive. The most popular one is “White Island”! As for the reason; in the middle of the vast Red Sea, you suddenly witness every shade of turquoise. Then you swim towards the island where the water becomes shallow and the white sands form a mound and you feel like you are walking on water in the middle of the sea! This is paradise! Enjoy 😊
As for the food, this is a place where seafood is plentiful! Don’t be surprised by the generous serving of prawns and fish at almost every meal! I have some good news for you! If you are a Turkish coffee lover, you can drink it here all the time. There is also a wide selection of tropical fruits and baklava (a delicious dessert). Bon Appetit in advance 😊

Sharm El-Maya, also known as the “Old City”, is my destination for the evening! It is the perfect choice if you want to immerse yourself in the local culture of Egypt and experience the traditional way of life in the city! Ceramic cups, bags, authentic jewelry, and palm and camel figurines adorned with figures of Egyptian culture can be good gift options. Especially for papyrus lovers, there are many options! However, it should be noted that the figures on them change when the lights are turned off! It is useful to be careful 😊 Egypt is also famous for its healing oils! When you want to buy it, they help you in detail and give you information. Next is the famous mosque. You can’t miss the Sahaba Mosque, which stands in splendor in the darkness of the city! Located in the middle of the Old Market area in Sharm El Sheikh, the “City of Peace” in South Sinai, the Sahaba Mosque is built in a unique architectural style that combines antiquity, luxury, and history. The colorful souvenirs in the small shops lined up around it also attract my attention!

My plan for the next day is to see Na’ama Bay! Located just 3 miles above Sharm El Maya, Na’ama Bay is known for its beautiful beach. With some of the best hotels, nightlife venues, and restaurants in the city, add this bay to your list. On my way back, I stop by Farsha, the famous cafe in Sharm el-Sheikh. With its authentic decor and sea view, it can be a good choice at sunset. There is even an album of the music played in this cafe on Spotify. Take a note if you want to listen to it 😊 the cafe is open until 1 am. I recommend it.

Next up is a safari tour by ATV! I continue my journey with an ATV ride in the desert. You can also choose the camel ride experience if you like. You can also choose to stop at a Bedouin tent in the desert admiring the stars and enjoying dinner and a show. I recommend wearing comfortable, breathable clothing that covers your arms and legs against sand and sun exposure. If you tie a cotton shawl called a “Puşi” (ghutra) on your head, you will protect your face from the sand and sun of the desert. A half-hour safari in the desert is a nice experience. You can join the safari either alone or accompanied by an experienced person with ATVs or buggies.

Before swimming in the sea of the hotel where I stayed, I was warned to be careful about friendly sharks and corals hidden in the sand. A magnificent sea combined with a mystical atmosphere; Sharm El Sheikh has already earned the nickname of the Maldives of Egypt!
Buy your ticket now and don’t delay to see the pearl of Egypt!
I wish our paths cross on colorful routes,
May the sunshine be in your heart forever,
See you in the blues,
Banu Demir
Editor & Travel Blogger
Instagram: bluevoyage_blueroute

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