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Weekly Horoscopes for May 13-17



After the Super New Moon in Taurus, we will be in a time when good energies dominate the sky in May. The first beautiful conjunction of the week will occur with the Sun at 23 degrees of Uranus in Taurus. While this conjunction indicates sudden surprises and unexpected events as a general effect, it can also cause soil movement.

While the Jupiter-Sun conjunction takes place on May 16-17, the Mars-KAD conjunction indicates new hopes and good developments in taking steps towards the future and achieving good results.

While these conjunctions will greatly affect Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, and Virgo, they will also positively affect other zodiac signs.

Now let’s move on to the effects according to the rising sign:

Aries-Aries Rising

Dear Aries, the good combinations this week will bring you good news regarding financial matters. It is possible that your income will increase and you will start something new in your business and career life. At the same time, you can take steps towards having new financial resources focused on the future.

Taurus-Rising Bulls

Dear Taurus, this week will be your week. Beautiful conjunctions in your horoscope indicate positive developments regarding yourself and your life goals. Now is the time to take steps towards the future. luck is on your side

Gemini-Gemini Ascendant

Dear Gemini, the beautiful combinations this week may cause relaxation in your thoughts and new decisions you can make. It’s time to put aside the thoughts that scare you and see the truth. The things that were going on behind your back may come to light.

Cancer-Rising Cancers

Dear Cancers, you will receive positive effects from the beautiful combinations that will occur this week. You can realize your dreams with the support of your social circle and friends. There may be good developments regarding the earnings of your business.

Leo-Rising Leos

Dear Leos, this week’s positive energies may lead you to start a new path in your career life, as well as lead to good developments related to your business. New energies will dominate on issues such as public appearances and status changes.

Virgo-Virgo Rising

Dear Virgos, good developments regarding foreign issues await you this week. There may be a new way to live in your education. Future career-oriented steps can yield good results.

Libra-Libra Ascendant

Dear Libra, this week’s good energies will strengthen you financially. You may receive good news such as an increase in joint funds and new financial income.

Scorpio-Scorpios Rising

Dear Scorpios, beautiful conjunctions in your opposite house may lead to surprising developments in bilateral relations, marriage, and partnership. As you enter a sweet period in your marriage, there is a possibility that you will decide to get married in your single Scorpio relationship.

Sagittarius-Rising Springs

Dear Sagittarians, this is a week where you will relax in your daily routines and work environment. Good developments may occur regarding your health. It’s a good time to start exercising and dieting.

Capricorn-Capricorn Ascendants

Dear Capricorns, this week you will be lucky in love and fun. Single Capricorns may want to set sail for new loves, married Capricorns may want to take a serious step in relationships. This week is the time to enjoy life.

Aquarius-Aquarius Rising

Dear Aquarius, there may be surprising developments in your home and family life this week. It is possible to experience surprising developments regarding the health of your elder family members. Issues such as buying a house or moving to a new house may become active.

Pisces-Pisces Rising

Dear Pisces, good developments in your immediate surroundings this week may make you happy. Support may come from siblings and cousins. You will have a good week for short trips.

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