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I am Selçuk İnan, I am here as a “World Traveler”.

I live in Florida and am constantly traveling for my job. I write as a guest writer in ArtTmodernmiami Gazette, but I may continue depending on the comments I receive.

I’ve been to many places around the World, but what has charmed me the most was Los Roques Archipelago! This place is just amazing! No fast food! No name, brand, or anything just simple life!

Your journey begins from Caracas to Los Roques with a chartered minibus to Grand Island. Los Roques is the largest of the 350 islands that create this paradise. You can take off your shoes immediately after landing. That’s what I did. 😊 Only in Posadas there are small houses for tourists with 7/8 rooms per house. Everyone shares breakfast and dinner at a large, wide, and long table; It is a wonderful atmosphere.

Believe it or not, there is no crime in this tropical paradise located right across from the mainland. Unlike mainland Caracas, mornings start early. Locals will take you to their private island for swimming. There are also no sharks 🦈 in this natural paradise! 😊 Because the island is protected by coral reefs.

They will leave you on your island, and you will be in touch with natural life. This is very normal because there are so many islands there that usually there is no one around except you and your holiday company. Of course, you’ll be hungry at lunchtime and there aren’t many places you can go by car. So, the locals will come back and prepare your lunch on a beautiful beach, usually consisting of grilled Barracudas and delicious tropical salads. You enjoy life, the beach, and the natural world. Unlike anywhere else, there is nothing but pure nature in this place. The cost for a posada is around $200 per person per night, including services. It’s hard to find flight tickets! You need someone from Venezuela for this vacation! Of course, me 😊

Selcuk Inan

A World Traveler

Instagram: celoinan

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