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ECHO PILOT EPISODE: “A Mysterious Adventure Begins from Rome to Miami!”



Shot under the main sponsorship of ARTTMODERNMIAMI MEDIA, the American and Italian production ECHO PILOT EPISODE trailer has been released. The leading role in the film, directed by Livia Oya Proto, an award-winning director living in Rome, is played by Zeynep Hande Yazici, Michael Gabriel, Ryan Buck Thomas, and Emre Orun, and the cast includes Sage Kirk, Kristin Thomas, Ibrahim Guldiken, Ege Karabacak, Tarik Yuce, Adele Raffio, and Luca Proto is also included.

The film begins just before Spanish invaders arrived in St. Augustine in the 1550s when a shaman from the Timucua indigenous people casts a spell in which he gathers all the natives’ powers into a medallion. The medallion, strengthened by this spell, disappeared for 500 centuries when the locals were killed by the invaders. Today, it is found by a young man on the shores of St. Augustine, and the medallion lives on with its whispers and energy.

When the mysterious medallion is activated by a Florida clairvoyant, it is about Deniz, a young painter living in Rome, who, guided by this mysterious medallion, discovers that she has a reincarnation with the Timucuan natives.

In an adventure stretching from Miami to St. Augustine, Deniz tries to unravel the secrets of her past and discover herself and her new power with the power of the coin. Meanwhile, the action begins with people who are aware of the medallion and are trying to seize it.

Melda Sherman and Livia Oya Proto wrote the script of the film, which takes place between Rome – Miami – Art Week Miami – St Augustine and is inspired by Deniz’s adventure and the origin of the mysterious medallion.

The producer of the film is Tugba Yazici.

The film story received its first award from A Royal Chance Film Festival (ARCFF).

The film will compete in international festivals in the second half of 2024 and 2025.

ECHO PILOT EPISODE @echo_pilotepisode

Director: Livia Oya Proto

Producer: Tugba Yazici

Screenwriters: Melda Sherman & Livia Oya Proto

You can watch the trailer at this link:

Echo Pilot Episode Trailer (

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