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A Lunar Eclipse



A lunar eclipse will occur on March 25 at 5 degrees of Libra. The effects of the eclipse will last until the next eclipse. The eclipse in Libra will bring to our agenda themes in the field of relationships, valuing and being valued, and equality in general. Venus, the ruler of the eclipse, will be in conjunction with Saturn in Pisces. Even though the events are blocked by Saturn, there is support for the eclipse ruler from Jupiter and Uranus. It seems that we will get good results, even if delayed.

The lucky ones of this eclipse are Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorns will be hit hard. While Taurus and Pisces will be affected according to their chart placements. Virgo and Scorpios will not be affected.

Now let’s move on to the effects of zodiac signs;

Aries and Rising Aries

The partial lunar eclipse that will occur on March 25 will emphasize bilateral relations, your marriage, and partnerships. If you have legal issues, you can enter the finalization process regarding them. Things that are causing you fear and anxiety in your subconscious will be resolved.

Taurus and Rising Taurus

The partial lunar eclipse on March 25 will bring issues related to your daily routines, work environment, and the people you work with to your agenda. An issue related to your business may become clear. During this period, you need to pay attention to your health. This process will also be reflected in your circle of friends.

Gemini and Rising Gemini

The partial lunar eclipse that will occur on March 25 will bring up issues related to your love life, children, and investments. You can make some decisions on these issues. You can focus on your hobbies and entertainment life. This process may also affect your business and social status.

Cancer and Rising Cancers

The partial lunar eclipse that will occur on March 25 may reveal issues related to family and home. You can decide on your home. You can carry out moving, renovation, buying, and selling of property. This process affects international connections and may affect higher education issues.

Leo and Rising Leo

With the lunar eclipse that will occur on March 25, events in your immediate environment, and issues related to your siblings, cousins, and neighbors will be on the agenda. You can make decisions regarding short trips and education. Your joint financial income and bank credit affairs will gain activity in this process.

Virgo and Rising Virgo

The Lunar Eclipse that will occur on March 25 will bring issues related to financial matters, finance, and expenses to your agenda. You can make decisions and make changes on these issues. Financial support may come from your spouse.

Libra and Rising Libra

The Lunar Eclipse that will occur in your sign on March 25 may lead you to change in matters related to yourself. You may want to finish something and start a new path. You can make decisions related to your goals.

Scorpio and Rising Scorpios

The partial lunar eclipse that will occur on March 25 will cause your subconscious, your fears, and the things that are going on behind your back to come to light. You may experience events that are beyond your control. You may want to get support.

Sagittarius and Rising Sagittarius

The partial lunar eclipse that will occur on March 25 will motivate you to take steps regarding your dreams and goals. Friends, friends, invitations, and organizations may be on your agenda. You may receive support from your family during this process.

Capricorn and Rising Capricorn

The Lunar Eclipse that will occur on March 25 in Libra will bring career and business issues to the agenda. Something about your social status may become clear. Short trips can also bring activity to the immediate environment.

Aquarius and Rising Aquarius

The Lunar Eclipse, which will take place in Libra on March 25, may bring up the issue of higher education and beliefs. Some issues related to foreign travel and foreigners will become clear. Material and financial issues will become more active.

Pisces and Rising Pisces

The Lunar Eclipse on March 25 will put an end to your joint income, finance, and bank credit issues. There are problems encountered and decisions to be made regarding these issues. This process will be effective in the decisions you make about yourself.

Aytan Salami

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