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Thank God! First of all, I apologize to you for skipping the month of February. But I had a valid reason. I lost my mother, the reason for my existence, the most important person in my life. The Art Modern Miami family gave me time to get through this traumatic experience and live my grief calmly. I thank them very much again.

Every traumatic experience witnesses a period in which people question life, events, and their surroundings. I am in such a period. Doubting and questioning oneself is a strong side that makes being human meaningful. But questions such as; who are we, what are we, why did we come here, what is the purpose of life, where are we going? are questions that existentialists, people interested in philosophy have been asking themselves throughout history.

So, are you one of those who search for meaning with the purpose of existence, and when you can’t find the answer, you give up and say everything is the work of the creator, this is a test, etc.? Or are you one of those who don’t search for answers, but think that there is no answer and live in search of meaning?

The popular theory of recent times ” Hologram Theory” suggests that our world, perceived as a three-dimensional entity, is a two-dimensional hologram…

Brick Lane – LONDON (Street Art)

Have you ever thought:

-What if everything you can see is just a trick of your mind?

-What if you see and know as much as you can perceive?

I assume that somewhere in the universe countless people are asking these questions to themselves and their surroundings.

Arthur Schopenhauer said: Ordinary people are like parts of a clock; they are set up and run without knowing their function.

If you don’t want to be one of these people, ask questions and get closer to the truth. So, what happens when we know the truth, I can hear some people grumbling.

What will change when we learn that our life, us, and our home is just a hologram?

Or that there is no such thing as matter, that human beings are made of energy, and that the soul travels until it completes its evolution.

Maybe nothing will change. The struggle to survive again, the struggle to make money, the pain of love, illness, death, yes, all of it will remain the same and probably won’t make any difference.

Obviously, with quantum mechanics, we won’t be swimming in a quantum universe, or with holograms, the three-dimensional universe won’t turn into a two-dimensional flat and superficial hologram.

But we can experience a before and after state. Our struggle to learn the truth may be beneficial for knowing, understanding, and positioning ourselves in the cosmos for the basic purpose of life.

Today, when the power of social media has reached incredible dimensions, we often encounter visual or auditory surprise broadcasts. We can multiply examples such as Dolores Cannon, the leader of the new-age movement, who tells about the deaths of people in their past lives and their aftermath through hypnosis; Deepak Chopra, an alternative medicine specialist who is the author of the book Quantum Healing, one of the important representatives of Eastern philosophy; Joe Dispenza, who has worked on quantum physics and neuroscience and aims to create changes in our lives by adding a mystical element to our modern age.

Sometimes this surprise comes when we least expect it, as in Erich Von Daniken’s It can be a mind-opening book like “Chariots of the Gods, It can be a movie that pushes our horizons like “Dark City” or “Interstellar”.

No one has not seen the movie The Matrix. The belief in the “Holographic Universe” that entered our lives with the movie is not a new perspective. Teachers of ancient beliefs from Plato to Buddha have pointed out that the world we live in is a reflection of reality.

Didn’t Elon Musk, one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, point out that we live in a holographic universe by saying “The probability of us living in the real world is one in a billion”? So, what do you think is the truth?

We live in a three-dimensional world. So, the objects that we can perceive are up to the third dimension. The structure of space only allows us to see them as discrete objects and to live with this illusion.

Many theories about the emergence of the universe have been put forward in the scientific world so far. The Big Bang is the main theory accepted to explain how the universe began and how it became what it is today.

On the other hand, our mind thinks, weighs, creates, and forces us to swim in a sea of possibilities. All this happens in our brains. So, thinking is a creative activity. Creation is a vibration and thought is one of these vibrations, it has energy. So, whatever the measure, thought affects the environment.

It takes very careful concentration and very strong faith to transform our existing energy into reality through the power of thought. For most of us, this is a miracle. Of the four elements in nature, WATER is the most open to influence. It is said that water reacts positively to positive thoughts and sounds, as proven by the water crystals experiment conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Although there is not the slightest scientific data on the accuracy of this, people have questioned what we do to ourselves if we do this to water, considering that life comes from water and most of the body is water.

Today, with the widespread use of quantum; send a good message to the universe, positive life – thought, be grateful, your perspective on life will rule your life, the more patient and compassionate you are, the better spiritual development you will show.

On the one hand, we are struggling in a community of people who have started to benefit and make money from these situations by following a fantastic and fictional path with various rituals within the framework of this logic.

Believe it or not. The energy you have can affect the energy of the other person. The more powerful, pure energy you have, the different the effect can be. Thought is knowledge and energy.

Knowledge is the basis of existence. The law of conservation of energy says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed into different forms.

You know that actually, man can change his destiny. Our life energy has created a consciousness in this body and this consciousness is not independent of energy. Once man realizes the consciousness of the energy, he can do whatever he wants with this powerful energy, although it is not easy. He can recreate himself.

However, according to all beliefs and religions, surrender is essential. So, what should we do now, should we let everything go?

What would be your choice in this situation?

Surrender or dominance?

We will all find ourselves making these inquiries at some point in our lives, today but tomorrow. Do not be surprised, friends. I have exposed myself to these questions a lot during these periods:

Is this all just a dream?

Why do we as human beings have this tremendous energy?

Hey! Then why were we given this energy?

Have you ever wondered if the mission is to master this energy?

What if we are a creator?

You fill in the blanks. Or meet me in the comments. What do you think?

Kamil Cakir

Instagram: kamilcakirstudio


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Description of Cover Image;

The Creation of Adam – Michelangelo

Adam stands on the left side of the work, and God and his angels on the right side. It can be said that the piece on the left represents the Garden of Eden. Michelangelo tried to depict the depiction of paradise without going into too much detail. Standing in the Garden of Eden, Adam is still weak and lying down, barely supporting himself. While waiting here, he is waiting to find life through God.

Since the painting consists of more than one figure and content, the story of the creation of Adam cannot be explained by a single fact. According to art historians and many researchers, there is a rib hidden on the left side of Adam’s body and this rib represents Eve’s rib. This is the description that best explains the hidden meaning of The Creation of Adam. The famous painter shows in the finest detail his deep anatomical skills and the fact that Eve was created from Adam’s rib.

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