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March 1-7 2024, Week General Impacts



We are starting the week with Sun Aquarius – Jupiter Aries sextile aspect. Those with planets at 19, 20, and 21 degrees in their birth charts will be most affected by this aspect (especially in Aries and Aquarius). This aspect can bring optimism, abundance, and an increase in opportunity potential. It is a very supportive aspect of jobs that require creativity. Jupiter’s influence enhances the Sun’s energy, encouraging a broader perspective and a desire to explore new possibilities. This aspect is often associated with good luck, bringing favorable conditions and opportunities to have a positive outlook on life in general. It encourages a sense of generosity and an optimistic approach to the balance of giving and receiving. Overall, the Sun – Jupiter interaction represents personal growth, self-expression, and the happiness that comes with the abundance that life can offer. Life energy rises.

On March 3, 2024, there will be an anaretic Venus Capricorn – Uranus Aries square at 29 degrees, which will most affect those with planets at 28, 29, and 0 degrees in their natal charts (especially in Aries and Capricorn). In astrology, this aspect symbolizes a dynamic and potentially challenging relationship between Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and Uranus, the planet of innovation and unpredictability. This celestial alignment often indicates sudden and unexpected changes in romantic relationships and social interactions. Individuals may experience an increased desire for freedom and independence, leading to unconventional approaches to matters of the heart. While this aspect can bring excitement and spontaneity to relationships, it can also cause tensions and conflicts due to conflicting desires between stability and novelty. Managing the tension between the traditional and the forward-thinking becomes important during this period, as individuals try to find the balance between the need for personal expression and the longing for secure connections. Overall, the Venus-Uranus square challenges finding a balance that will enable both freedom and emotional stability, while forcing unexpected change and embracing unconventional forms of love. Also, this week, Venus moves into Aquarius on March 4 and Mercury moves into Pisces on March 5. Venus will be in Aquarius for 25 days and Mercury will be in Pisces for 18 days.

Here are the general effects of the week according to the Ascendant signs:


Venus’ transit in Aquarius in your eleventh house brings social and innovative energy to your friendships and group activities. You can do enjoyable projects with your group of friends. This period encourages you to express your individuality within your social networks and be open to new and exciting connections. Mercury’s transit through your 12th house signals an inner period of communication and reflection. Pay attention to your dreams and subconscious messages, as they can offer valuable insights. Your thoughts may be more intuitive and expressing your ideas creatively or artistically can give you peace of mind.


Venus’ transit through Aquarius in your tenth house gives your career and public image a more unusual and forward-looking atmosphere. It’s time to showcase your talents and creative ideas in your professional life. Networking with like-minded people can open doors to unexpected success. Seize opportunities that encourage expressing your individuality at work. Mercury’s transit through your 11th house emphasizes the importance of exchanging ideas with friends and in group settings. You may have conversations in your social circles that are geared toward making intuitive connections.


Venus transiting Aquarius in your ninth house encourages you to explore new horizons through travel, education, or philosophical endeavors. You can embrace an open mind and connect with people who broaden your intellectual and cultural perspective. Mercury moving through your 10th house brings a dreamy and idealistic touch to your professional communications. You may take a more empathetic approach to leadership issues. Use your intuition to make strategic decisions in your career.


Venus’ transit in Aquarius in your eighth house can point to sudden agendas related to shared financial resources. You may be open to unconventional approaches to financial matters. It’s a good time to explore the depths of emotional bonds and develop trust with your closest ties. As Mercury passes through Pisces in your 9th House, your thoughts may become more philosophical and spiritual. You may try to look at spirituality and beliefs from a logical perspective and take a more holistic approach to your outlook on life.


Venus’ transit in Aquarius can create unexpected agendas in partnerships and relationships. You may make sudden collaborations with others, especially in areas involving innovation and unique ideas. You may suddenly receive a marriage proposal or find yourself at the wedding table with a sudden decision. Mercury’s transit in your 8th house can push you into deep and transformative conversations. During this period, you can talk about shared resources, engage in psychological insights, and do deep research to discover the secrets of life.


The transit of Venus in your sixth house can create unexpected changes in your work and daily routine. You can develop alternative projects with your colleagues and socialize outside of work. As Mercury transits Pisces in your 7th House, you may be misunderstood in your relationship, it is useful to choose your words more carefully. There may be disruptions in joint work during this period. Your cooperation efforts may be in vain.


Venus’ transit through your fifth house may lead you to indulge too much. You may take up new hobbies during this period. You may experience a sudden love. You can have pleasant times with your children. Mercury’s transit in your 6th house is a period when you will act with your intuition in your work environment and daily routines. Use your intuitive insights to be more effective in your daily tasks.


Venus transiting your fourth house can bring unexpected developments in home and family matters. You may resort to alternative ways to improve your living space, and it could be a time for you to enjoy being at home more. Mercury transiting your 5th House increases your creativity and romantic expression. You may experience some setbacks in matters related to children. Avoid taking risks in the stock market during this period.


With Venus transiting your third house, you may be unconventional in your communication and mental connections. There may be sudden and pleasant travels. There may be surprises related to educational matters. It’s a favorable time to express your thoughts creatively and participate in open-minded conversations. Your social interactions may become mentally stimulating. Mercury’s transit through your 4th house emphasizes domestic communication and your home life. You can meditate during this period to ensure your inner peace.


Venus transiting your second house indicates a period of focus on financial matters and your self-worth. You may think of alternative methods to grow your resources. Your financial stability may increase during this period. With Mercury moving into your 3rd house, your communication may take a more intuitive tone around you. Your siblings and neighbors can play an important role in this transition. You may want to express your thoughts on sensitive issues. It’s a period very open to misunderstandings, so it’s better to think twice before speaking.


Venus’ transit through your first house can increase your charm and allure.  Relationships can play a very important role in your life during this period and you can seize the good opportunities that come with relationships. This is a good time to contribute to your personal development by focusing on your worth. Mercury’s transit through the 2nd House may bring some disruptions regarding your financial values. You should be careful in financial matters and not take too many risks.


Venus’ transit through your twelfth house can make you do some soul-searching and it can be a time when you enjoy being isolated. It’s a good time to focus on your inner world and realize your core values by exploring the depths of your subconscious. You may want to engage in creative or healing practices that nourish your soul. Mercury transiting in your 1st House may make you review your communication skills. It is useful to pay some attention to health issues. You may be sensitive in your self-expression.

Very Important Note:

Please note that these are general interpretations and for detailed predictions you should have your charts interpreted.

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