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“Inspiring People” Mr. Michael Gabriel



ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Can you tell us a little about yourself? Who is Michael Gabriel?

Michael Gabriel: Michael Gabriel is a human being just like everyone else. I was born with two arms and legs and aspire to find meaning and happiness in this life. I do my best to help others in this conquest, as I feel it also helps bring me closer to achieving it for myself as well as the rest of the world. I believe we are all one.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Where are you from? What is your occupation?

Michael Gabriel: I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, and raised in South Florida and currently work as a Captain at ZZs Private Members Club, which I love to work at.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: How does it feel to be an actor? Which movies have you starred in so far?

Michael Gabriel: To be an actor truly feels like living another life. You must know yourself entirely to be able to do away with your ego and allow a new spirit that is the character you are playing to come alive and express itself freely. Currently, I am starring in Abduction Chronicles on Amazon Prime, The April 16th Collateral Interest cartel series is being released on Prime super excited about that, and some other films in the works as well like Echo and Mourning Sacrifice which are tbd.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Where do you live?

Michael Gabriel: Currently I live in Miami, FL.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Do you travel a lot? Where do you feel most comfortable?

Michael Gabriel: I do travel at least once or twice a year. I have come to learn there is no place like home. It is so difficult to recreate the bonds and connections you make growing up in a city. While I might love the architecture in Prague and Rome, or the mountains of Colorado and even the vibes of Spain, I always eventually felt lonely even amongst my new acquaintances. I cannot replace my friends and family here in Miami.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Does acting allow you to travel a lot?

Michael Gabriel: Well thanks to acting, alone I have traveled to Atlanta, the Dominican Republic, DC, St Augustine, Vegas multiple times, New York, and I mean I am only just beginning.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Can you tell us about your dreams and goals? Are they close to each other?

Michael Gabriel: My dreams. My dreams are weird Ha! Ha! My aspirations though are to inspire others to search within themselves and realize that oneness that unites us all. To inspire my son to be a righteous man and stand for what he knows to be true and good. To reduce suffering in the world by helping people realize they always had what it takes to be fulfilled in this life. Follow your passion where it takes you, do not let your mind try and keep you in the same place because you’re afraid of change.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Do you have any hobbies? If so, what are they?

Michael Gabriel: Meditation, Reading, Mixed Martial Arts, and socializing with my friends.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: What role do you most want to play? So, is there a role you wish you would never play?

Michael Gabriel: I already had the pleasure to play a vampire and a badass cartel boss but I’d love to play an alchemist from the 1700s and a Gladiator someday.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Where and how do you imagine yourself in 5 years?

Michael Gabriel: I never liked these questions, I never knew 5 years ago I’d be where I am today, if I did how boring that would have been knowing what’s to come. I have no idea and that’s the way I like it.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: What is the best and worst about being an actor? What advice would you give to those who want to do this job?

Michael Gabriel: The best part of being an actor for me was having the environment and support to fully express my emotions and character. It is such a joy. Who would thought I could feel joy in both anger and sadness? When you express yourself authentically, it always feels good. All the spectrum of emotions can lead to joy if done authentically and freely. Like singing a sad song when you’re down, it feels good. That was blissful. Now the worst part is probably doing the same thing over and over due to small technicalities, especially if it’s a very emotional scene, it can be difficult to maintain that aura of authenticity and you have to keep digging deeper to not fall into just going through the motions.

My advice to others who want to act: Know Thyself. The more you know your inner working the better you’ll know others and the characters you’ll play.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: How do you find out about the movies that will be shown? Are you unionized?

Michael Gabriel: I am not in a union at the moment, right now I use Backstage to find gigs. I plan to find an agent as soon as more of my projects are released.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Do you have a funny or interesting memory you can tell us about? In life, each of us has learned some secrets of life. What have you learned about life?

Michael Gabriel: While filming for Collateral Interest we had a scene where drove around town in the back of a pickup truck waving guns in the air and it was funny to see the real-life reactions of some of the townsfolk. Some with fear, some with disdain, and others celebrating with us Ha! Ha! We went to pay a visit to some to ease their mind and let them know it was a scene, but to catch some real reactions was priceless.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: In life, each of us has learned some secrets of life. What have you learned about life?

Michael Gabriel: The secret to life is not a secret, just do what your conscience has been telling you all this time, trust it with all your mind, body, and soul, and know it knows best. No matter the present outcome, in the end, it will work out for the best and eventually, it will be revealed to you.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Let us hope the whole world hears you! What would you like to say? Do you have a message?

Michael Gabriel: Love the other as thyself. It’s funny how after all these years of reflection and meditation the best advice I can give to the world is just to be kinder to each other. The golden rule, treat others the way you’d want to be treated. However, this principle goes deeper than most people think because truly I tell you we are all one in every sense of the word. Socially, Mentally, Philosophically, and spiritually speaking even quantum physics will argue it’s all one existentially. Nevertheless, that is beyond the scope of this interview. Thank you ??

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: We thank Michael Gabriel for this nice interview.

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