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The most beautiful place seen from space: The Bahamas



Warm yellow colors on the deck of the gigantic cruise ship… A warm breeze in my face… Fresh sea air… And the theme “The island has appeared! Let’s take the predictions ? with its postcard-perfect white sandy beaches, deep blue turquoise waters, and rainbow-colored towns, the Bahamas was my April holiday destination after a long cruise. Located south of Florida and north of the island of Cuba and stretching along the Atlantic Ocean, the Bahamas quickly drew me into a tropical paradise of islands and bays! The Bahamas, named after the Spanish “Baja Mar” meaning “shallow waters”, are here! ?️

There were a lot of things I had heard before I came here; that it was all beaches, that it was a bit boring… However, after a few days, I realized that this belief was completely wrong. The Bahamas are much more diverse than people think: first of all, the marine adventures are amazing! With the perfect texture of its historic towns and epic seafood, it should be on your ‘must-see’ list!

The Bahamas has 700 islands, each with its history, atmosphere, and experiences to explore. As soon as I set foot in Nassau, the capital of the largest island, New Providence, I realized that the standard of food and accommodation was high. It is also a major port city. As you may remember from the 2006 film “Casino Royal”, Nassau is a city of great tourist interest. With its old castle, gardens, beaches, markets, and colorful architecture, this city surprises me!

First, I take the cute-looking public transport called “Jetney” to Cable Beach. I am fascinated by this area with its magnificent hotels for those who choose it for a beach holiday. Cable Beach is world famous for its beautiful sandy beach, crystal clear waters, and the many luxury resorts around it, as well as a golf course. With a vibrant nightlife and the largest casino in the Bahamas, Cable Beach is the perfect playground for fun in the sun! There is plenty of space for sunbathing and various water sports and activities. I now understand why the Bahamas are so popular with US travelers. It also reassures me that trips that sound daunting and exhausting – such as the popular Harbour Island, a flight, taxi, and boat ride from Nassau to other outlying islands – are safe. And most importantly, even if you get lost, there is always someone friendly to help you. If all you want is to fly and get away, I guarantee you can get that in the Bahamas. If you like Robinson Crusoe-style exploration, then this is the place for you: Bahamas ?️

Be sure to visit the gardens at Versailles and Ardastra. The Versailles Gardens is a haven of tranquility with its lush rectangular terraced landscape overlooking the waters of Nassau Harbour. With its purple bougainvillea, it promises a rich view of the long beach from the Ocean Club. Ardastra Gardens is located in the heart of Nassau. Here you can see the Caribbean flamingo, the national bird of the Bahamas, and a variety of other animals in the lush tropical gardens!

The old Charlotte Fort or Castle is the largest and oldest building in the Bahamas. If you are feeling adventurous, you can walk up the stairs, see the sculptures on the walls and the design of the castle, and take lots of pictures.

I also recommend the famous Parliament Square with its pink buildings in the center of the city. Please add Christ Church Cathedral to your list and Pompey Square, which led to the end of slavery on the island!

When you hear the name Bahamas, everyone thinks of the famous pirate Blackbeard ? Be sure to visit the Pirate Tower and listen to the exciting pirate stories!

Shopping in Nassau is so much fun that I cannot tell you. There are all kinds of wicker products in the harbor area; baskets, hats, bags, household items, ornaments…. As I walk, I also enter the shops that sell objects, paintings, and sculptures made of colorful shells that appeal to tourists and buy souvenirs. As I buy some very special items from a local Bahamian woman, I am enchanted by her friendly manner. I also stop at the Straw Market, famous for its handicrafts, and buy a few souvenirs.

And now for the cuisine of the Bahamas. Of course, you cannot come to the island and not eat fish. On recommendation, I had the opportunity to taste the most delicious fish I have ever had in my life at Cafe Matisse. Although fresh fish is guaranteed in the Bahamas, which is at the forefront of fish restaurants, there are other alternatives. You can find Chinese, French, and Indian cuisine, as well as fast-food-style meals.

Nassau’s nightlife is colorful and lively. You can sip your drink while listening to live music and having pleasant conversations. I can recommend the bar “Cocktails and Dreams”. Here I order the famous “Bahama Mama” drink, which contains rum, coffee-flavored liqueur, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and pineapple juice. It is garnished with a slice of pineapple and a cherry. The taste is amazing ?

The Bahamas are the place to be if you want to swim in turquoise waters and go scuba diving or snorkeling in coral reefs. You can see dolphins, sharks, and rays. It is also a great choice for surfers and sailing enthusiasts!

Pig Beach (also known as Big Major Cay) is an island in Exuma with floating pigs that has become a tourist attraction. Worth a visit! Swimming with the pigs is a different experience. Big Major Cay’s proximity to Staniel Cay has made it popular. It has become a destination for private yachts and those moored at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club.

My next destination is Pearl Island! I pass the famous Atlantis Bahamas Hotel, luxurious villas, and hotels accompanied by lively local music. Ideal for those who want to swim and dive! The fatigue of the day ends with a beautiful sunset. Returning to the ship, I wonder if what I saw was a dream or reality ?

The dream of the Bahamas ends here. Where does the title of my article come from? The Bahamas, first chosen by NASA and awarded the prize for the most beautiful photo taken from a satellite, captivated everyone with its stunning ocean view.

I wish our paths cross on colorful routes,

May the sunshine be in your heart forever,

See you in the blues,

Banu Demir

Editor & Travel Blogger

Instagram: bluevoyage_blueroute

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