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Week of January 22-28 and Full Moon in Leo



We are starting a week with many square angles (challenging angles). We will have difficulty in everything, but there is no evolution without difficulty, right? As we are challenged, we experience good and bad, right and wrong. As we experience, we learn and mature. Are our 20 years old and our 40 years the same? Let’s move on to the sky… What will the sky bring us to experience and teach us this week? First of all, on January 23rd, Venus, the planet of love and money, moves into the cold weather sign Capricorn. Don’t mind what I say cold, business people are of course not going to be casual, let’s say serious. Emotions are disabled when Venus is in Capricorn. Logic will completely dominate emotional and financial matters. Distance, not closeness, will come to the fore in bilateral relations. Since my natal Venus is Capricorn, it is proven by experience On January 25, we will experience a full moon at 5 degrees Leo. As this is the first full moon of the year, Jupiter’s square angle to both the Moon and the Sun will make difficult tasks a little more difficult. Fortunately, Venus comes to our rescue and forms a trine to Jupiter, fixing broken businesses, relationships and financial problems. What we need to do is to stay away from exaggeration, not to act impulsively and not to spend unnecessary. The Mars-Chiron square occurs on January 25th and I say be careful. It will be a process in which we will be prone to accidents. Let’s not strain our bodies physically, let’s move more calmly. We will experience the Mercury-Chiron square on January 26. When I think about this angle, Orhan Gencebay’s song Tongue Wound comes to my mind. Actually, it is a song that suits this angle. Let’s not act aggressively and say words that we will regret later. With the Sun-Jupiter square on January 27, egos will inflate and the inflated ones will explode. Let’s not act like I created small mountains. Let’s just stay away from exaggeration. Mercury-Mars conjunction will occur on January 27. Our tongue will harden, let’s be careful. Let’s not engage in cocky speeches and attitudes. Uranus retrograde ends on January 27. It will have more impact on social events. We can say that things that were slowing down in terms of technology are gaining speed. Venus-Saturn sextile will take place on January 28. Those who have problems in their relationships around the end of December and the beginning of January can take their relationships to a serious level in this respect.

Dear Arttmodernmiami Newspaper readers; I have been here for about a year and I have shared with you the planet angles, good and bad, as much as I could. I’m wrong, forgive me if I made a mistake. I would like to inform you that this article is my last.

Let’s talk about its reflections on our rising signs;

ARIES: Along with good developments in your career life, you will also be financially relieved. You can keep a distance from your spouse, partnerships and bilateral relations. It is possible for you to act more oppressively, but it will be in your best interest to remain calm as much as possible in order not to strain relations. Aries who have problems in their love life may face some facts and decide to end their relationship. You are in the process where you need to address your children’s problems. Especially Aries who have children in adolescence should be more sensitive about this issue.

TAURUS: You are in a process where your life will perhaps change from scratch. The better you manage this process, the more successful you will be. You may feel like everything is coming at you. You may not fit into your container. Your agenda will be very busy regarding moving abroad, international travels or foreign-related work. Your desire to learn a foreign language may increase. There are changes in your home and family order. You are in a completely different process in your career life. In this regard, I say forget everything about the past. But it won’t happen right away. Remember that you are in a very big and long 20-year process.

GEMINI: You are in a period where you will realize that you will benefit by acting rationally in your finance and investment fields. You will see that your gains are much greater than your losses. There may be expenses related to your children. Things that you overlooked in your relationships with your siblings, cousins, close circle, and commercial activities will suddenly start to catch your eye. Some problems may arise in the contracts or agreements you make. You may use harsh words to people around you because of financial issues, but be careful. As the communication guru Gemini, you can handle it without breaking it or spilling it.

CANCER: During this period, you may distance yourself from your relationships in a way that is not expected from you, or you may decide to distance yourself. You may have harsh attitudes towards your spouse or partners. Being very nervous about relationships during this period can also tire you mentally. You should be more careful about accidents in your career field. These accidents may be physical or communication-based. You may experience some difficulties in financial matters. Major changes you will experience in the field of finance may force you to make some decisions. Nothing happens without leaving our comfort zone.

LEO: The period when you look at life in a childish way is over and you have entered the period where you will make more serious decisions in your career life. There is a revival of your commercial life. Your sole focus will be on your career and business life. If you evaluate this process well, you can realize your plans in a short time. It is possible to end some things in your life. Be careful with your communication language in your business environment, do not shine like a straw fire and break anyone’s heart. You have already entered the 20-year period in which you will revolutionize your bilateral relations. You may experience some problems with your bones, muscles, skin and teeth.

VIRGO: You have entered a period in which you will see the benefits of having your feet firmly on the ground in your financial field. You can buy a house, land, and invest in the stock market. It will be beneficial for you to stay away from heavy sports during this period. There are sports injuries. Walk a lot, do light exercises, but do not strain yourself physically. Be careful of ego explosions in your work abroad and in the academic field. You can learn the secret games going on behind your back. By realizing that you need to put your daily routine in order, you can get your affairs in order by making a plan.

LIBRA: You are in the process where you need to focus on your home and family. You will be completely devoted to the family, both financially and spiritually. Mixing your love life and finances may disrupt your business. You should be careful about injuries in the family and it would be beneficial for you to warn family members about this. It is possible that there will be changes in your social circle. You may change your circle of friends, or part ways with some of your friends. If you are in a managerial position, you can make your name known wherever you are, if you take advantage of the opportunity that comes your way.

SCORPIO: You are in a period where you can make more serious beginnings in your commercial and bilateral partnership areas. If you have had a desire about these issues for a long time, now is the time to put them into practice. If you behave egocentrically towards family members, you may be ostracized. Be careful of slips and falls in your workplace. Thinking at least three times about every word you say to your siblings, cousins and close circle will prevent you from being wrong when you are right. You won’t break anyone’s heart. It is possible that you will close a period in your career life and open a new one.

SAGITTARIUS: You are entering a period in which you will be more careful in financial matters. You can get a job, or you can start a business unexpectedly by putting the plans and projects in your mind into action. When there are some disruptions in the opportunities that come your way, you immediately become ego and who are you? Who do you think you are? I recommend you to make an agreement instead of making such exits. The idleness in your daily work ends and your old routine returns. An era will end and a new era will begin regarding your work in areas such as academic education, work related to abroad, and legal issues.

CAPRICORN: You will realize that you have had enough fun in your career field and that it is time to take serious action. It is possible that you will be very profitable with the steps you take. You are in a process where you will be distant from the other person in your love and private life. The other person may attribute this to ego and act against you. Be careful of possible accidents at home. It is possible that there will be some disruptions in your finances. It will be beneficial for you to be careful, especially when making payments such as taxes, insurance, premiums, inheritances and loans.

AQUARIUS: You are in a period where you will pursue more serious dreams that are sure to come true. It is possible that you will learn about issues that are hidden from you within the family. You may put your overseas projects on the backburner this period. You should be careful about invisible accidents. You are in a period where you should not behave aggressively towards your siblings, cousins and close circle. Aquarius people who have problems with their spouses may decide to separate during this period. There may be ruptures when some problems with your business partners come to light.

PISCES: You can start working freelance with the support of your close circle. It is possible to increase your activities in the commercial field. Focusing your career on business will make you financially profitable. Be careful about what you share on social media. Don’t share everything you come across. It is possible that you will receive the support of your social circle in the work you do. You are likely to make some decisions regarding your health, work and daily routine. It is possible to end situations that do not suit you.

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