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“Inspiring People” Mr. Ibrahim Guldiken 



Imagine a young handsome, intelligent, and highly successful man at his peak! This young businessman, whose eyes smile when he speaks and inspires confidence with his warm energy, lives in Miami. A successful economist, an art-loving intellectual, and an entrepreneur who supports projects he sees as successful…

İbrahim Güldiken is the guest of our interview, we asked him every question that inspired us, and he explained his journey and building blocks to reach today with all sincerity. We thank him.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Can you tell us a little about yourself? Who is İbrahim Guldiken?

Ibrahim Guldiken: He is a Businessman, Art Enthusiast, and Art Supporter. Living in Miami Florida USA, he has a Bulgarian, Greek, and Turkish background. He consults local and international companies on Business Solutions and Real Estate and has Interior Fit-Out & Finishings Company helping commercial and residential buildings, hotels, restaurants, and clinics to build and renovate with a team of architects and interior designers. He has also been the North American Investment Coordinator since 2013 for the richest family from Turkey Koc Family and their Fortune 500 Holding Company Koc Group.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Where are you from? What is your job?

Ibrahim Guldiken: I was born in Turkey. My parents are from Bulgaria and Greece. My grandfather who was a Turkish Muslim guy, married my grandmother who was a Jewish Bulgarian to save her during World War II and they immigrated to Turkey. My mother is from Greece. I am an immigrant.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: When did you come to the USA? Have you always lived in Miami?

Ibrahim Guldiken: I came to the USA first in the year 2000 as an exchange student at Harvard University studying Business Administration with a scholarship. I was mesmerized by America, its people, architecture, and fast-paced business life. I wanted to come back and live in America. Therefore, in 2003 after working at PricewaterhouseCoopers (The Top Corporate Finance and Auditing Company in the World) in Istanbul, I came to Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business to study for a Master’s in Business Administration with a full merit scholarship. The University is always in the top three finance and business in the world. After studying for my master’s, I accepted the Finance position at Lafarge Construction Materials in Atlanta Georgia in 2005, then transferred to United Technologies in New York City as the CFO for the Military Helicopter Division (Sikorsky Aircraft / Lockheed Martin). In 2011, I moved to Miami to consult the Koc Family and Koc Group for their projects, which expanded to all of North America later in the years. As I consulted the Family and their projects in Miami, I formed the interior finishings and design company along with expanding my real estate services.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Do you travel a lot? Where do you feel most comfortable?

Ibrahim Guldiken: Yes, I travel a lot. I love traveling and getting to know different cultures, civilizations, art, and architecture. I studied Italian in Florence Italy. It is the city that I love the most in terms of culture, history, art, and architecture however, Miami is HOME. Miami is the place that I feel the most comfortable. I love its people, culture, warm weather, pretty buildings and all. When I travel and come back to Miami, I say Thank God I am Home! 

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: What are the three things you would take with you if you were stranded on an island?

Ibrahim Guldiken: I would take my family (The stranded island would have St Regis Hotel with all its amenities of course I assume!)

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: What is life like in your country?

Ibrahim Guldiken: Life is not easy in Turkey like in many other countries due to its economy. However, the educated and vibrant youth are transforming the country into a hot spot for foreign investments and cultural & art activities. Via one of my companies IG Consulting, I give Business Solutions services to many Turkish and Balkan countries, which would like to invest and grow in the USA, especially in Miami and New York. This creates opportunities for the companies to have efficient systems, increase their cash flows, and expand services.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Why did you choose the USA?

Ibrahim Guldiken: The USA is the number one country in the world in Business and Economy for that reason I chose to study and work here. It is the country where you can be successful and make it happen when and if you work hard. You can make your dreams come true. The system functions and rules are enforced. If you are disciplined and responsible, you can easily create an optimistic atmosphere in the US where you work towards your happiness.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Can you tell us about your dreams and goals? Are they close to each other?

Ibrahim Guldiken: My goal is to expand my companies in the US and England, to be a prominent supporter of the art world, and to gain knowledge and experience about the arts. My dreams and goals are close to each other because I have been studying different periods of arts and I have been gaining more exposure to the art scene along with working hard to expand my companies. I see great business opportunities in the art world besides my passion for it.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: We heard that you are fond of art, are you close to collecting?

Ibrahim Guldiken: Yes, I love Renaissance Art. I am mesmerized and inspired by the works of art by Michelangelo, Raphael, Da Vinci, Botticelli, and many others. I wish I could own some of their art. I like colorful pop art as well. I have been collecting the works of Peter Max, a German-Jewish background American artist.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: We heard that you recently starred in a movie, will there be more?

Ibrahim Guldiken: Yes, I played in a movie called Echo by a famed director Livia Proto, and producer Tugba Yazici that was partially filmed in my new place in South Beach, Miami. It is a fantasy, mystery, and action genre taking place in Rome Italy, Miami, and St Augustine. Negotiations are ongoing with private channels such as Netflix to turn the film, which will be sent to art festivals, into a TV series.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Where and how do you imagine yourself in 5 years?

Ibrahim Guldiken: I imagine myself living 6 months in the USA and 6 months in England with my companies grown at a level that I see the hard work pay off with my family.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Do you have any funny or interesting memories you can tell us about?

Ibrahim Guldiken: Of course, I have many funny memories including the one where I negotiated brokerage of the townhouse of the Devil Wears Prada film with Meryl Streep & Anne Hathaway in New York. It took two years back and forth and both sides were panicking in every step that was funny and dramatic like the movie. I was able to achieve it and the closing was done in September 2023 at $26.5M. In 2019, I brokered the sale of a client’s condo in the highest residential tower of the time in NYC, 432 Park Ave. Doing real estate both in New York and Miami can be challenging sometimes. One day, my assistants called me telling me that Jennifer Lopez was making an offer & was going to see the apartment with her back then fiancé Alex Rodriguez. Since Jennifer Lopez is one of my favorite artists whose career I follow closely, I rushed to the airport and made it to the City in time to meet them. The rush was fun yet exhausting. My client rejected her offer but then I sold the apartment to an investor at $17M. I remember how I felt when I was running for Jennifer Lopez: I felt like I was in a scene from the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” where Anne Hathaway was running around, going back and forth in New York many times a day. It is funny when I remember it now, but it was a bit dramatic at the time.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: In life, each of us has learned some of the secrets of life. What have you learned about life?

Ibrahim Guldiken: Life is Beautiful with loved ones. When you wake up to a morning with wonderful health and your loved ones, there is nothing else you need.

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Do you have a message for the universe?

Ibrahim Guldiken: Thank you for teaching me that happiness and health grow as I give!

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: Let us hope the whole world hears you! What would you like to say? Do you have a message?

Ibrahim Guldiken: It is never too late to embark on a new path, live a new life, and build a new dream, believe in yourself!

ARTTMODERNMIAMI NEWS: We would like to thank Mr. İbrahim Güldiken for this nice interview.

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