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General Comments for the Week of January 15-21



The most important event of this week will be Pluto starting its journey in Aquarius. It will decline to 29 degrees of Capricorn for the last time between September 2 and November 19, 2024. We will experience the most difficult and harshest periods in this period. On November 20, 2024, it will enter Aquarius for good, not returning to Capricorn for an average of 240 years. The last time Pluto in Aquarius occurred was between 1777 and 1798. If you ask what happened in this period, the first thing that comes to mind is the French Revolution in 1789. As can be understood from this incident, we have a process ahead of us in which freedoms and human rights will be on the agenda. Additionally, there will be situations where the borders of the States change or the concept of border disappears. With the Sun-Neptune sextile occurring on January 16, it is possible to turn inward spiritually, increase spiritual intensity, get inspiration and develop our artistic talents. With the Mercury-Saturn sextile on January 18, we can approach the events we have experienced recently in our lives more realistically. It may be a process where our feet are firmly on the ground mentally. We can focus on personal development with the Merkur-Jupiter trine on January 19th. The desire to learn and teach may increase. Success in trade, starting a business, job applications and financial transactions will be dominated by a fluid energy. With the Venus-Neptune Square angle on January 19, disappointments and expectations not being met are possible. With the Sun-Pluto conjunction on January 20, there is a process dominated by excessive ambition and manipulative energies. On January 20, the Sun moves into Aquarius. Happy birthday, dear Aquarius. It is a period in which we will feel free in every sense. We will be in a month-long period in which the concepts of right, justice and human rights will gain value. Pluto in Aquarius begins on January 21.

Let’s talk about its reflections on our rising signs,

KOC: You may become emotional as your spiritual intensity increases. You are likely to experience an enlightenment that will pave the way for you, especially in your career life. It is possible to overcome possible problems by approaching events more calmly and realistically. There is good energy this week for starting a business, engaging in commercial ventures, and applying for jobs. Be careful when dealing with foreign affairs, do not expect too much. When Pluto enters your 11th house, your friends and social circle will completely change.

TAURUS: You are in a period where your artistic talents will be reflected outside, you will be accepted by those around you, and your self-confidence will increase. Thanks to these skills, your earnings can increase. It is possible that you will be disappointed when the money loaned to an acquaintance does not arrive. Stay away from excessive ambition in your foreign-related business, you are in a process that is open to manipulation and being manipulated. There will be radical changes in your career life as Pluto enters your 10th house.

GEMINI: You are in a period where you will be very optimistic about credits and debts. You may want to receive spiritual training. You can get the reward of the investments you make in your career life. There are positive developments regarding your pending work. It is possible that you may have disagreements with your spouse or partner. Your travels related to your overseas business are likely to increase. With Pluto entering your 9th house, there will be radical changes in your areas such as foreign affairs, academic education, and legal affairs.

CANCER: It is possible that you will experience an intense love exchange between you and your spouse. A smooth and happy process awaits Cancerians who have problems with their spouses. You can approach all the recent events you have experienced in your bilateral relations and partnerships in a more realistic way. In this way, your influence, opportunities and opportunities in your social circle will expand and you will be able to reach more audiences. When Pluto enters your 8th house, there will be radical changes in your material areas.

LEO: You may be deceived because you are open to emotions in your business life. You are in a process where you will have your feet firmly on the ground in matters related to business and money. The problems you experience regarding these issues will be resolved. It is possible that you will be rewarded for the moves you make in your career. It is possible to experience financial problems in your love life. When Pluto enters your 7th house, you will go through radical processes in the field of bilateral relations and partnerships, which you will start from scratch.

VIRGO: You are in a position where your skills regarding bilateral relations will improve. At the same time, it is possible for you to improve in areas related to your love life, children and increasing your self-confidence within the scope of management. As your desire to learn a foreign language increases, you may be in an active process of realizing the projects you have in mind. You are in a period where you need to act carefully in matters related to your home. With Pluto moving into Aquarius, there will be radical changes in matters related to your business life, daily routine and health, which are the subjects of the 6th House.

LIBRA: You are in the process of getting yourself in order regarding your home, family, business life, health and daily routine. It is possible for you to get what you deserve in your business life by acting disciplined and completing your accumulated work in a short time. With Pluto passing into Aquarius, your life will change radically in the areas of your love life, children, artistic activities, your position in society and games of chance, and you will not be the same person in these matters.

SCORPIO: You are in a process where you will reach the peak of emotionality in your love life. You may get lost in dreams and be swept off your feet. You are in a period where you will act without hesitation in your commercial activities and initiatives such as starting a business. You are in a period where you are lucky in your bilateral relations and partnerships. It will be in your best interest to be careful when making financial purchases. Do not confuse business and friendship. With Pluto moving into Aquarius, you will experience a radical change in your home, family, ancestors, and settlement.

SAGITTARIUS: You are going through a period where you need to act without being emotional in your financial, home and family areas. It is possible to buy property to establish roots where you live. It is possible that you will be rewarded multiple times for the initiatives, efforts and efforts you make regarding your career. You will be very productive in your business life this period. You are in a period where you are lucky to realize the plans and projects in your mind. With Pluto moving into Aquarius, you will experience radical changes in your commercial activities, education, siblings, cousins and close circle.

CAPRICORN: It will be to your advantage not to be emotional about your commercial activities and your immediate environment. It is possible for you to approach the recent events in your life more realistically. You are in a period when you are lucky to receive or give artistic training. It is also possible that the problems in your love life will be resolved. With Pluto moving into Aquarius, you will experience a radical change in your material areas. This process will result in the destruction of every corrupt financial area that is of no use to you and the establishment of a new one.

AQUARIUS: It is possible for you to turn inward spiritually and question some facts in your life. It is possible for Aquarians, who earn their financial income from artistic activities, to increase their financial earnings thanks to the peak of their inspiration intensity in this process. Businesses that you put on the back burner may provide you with unexpected financial gain. It is possible for you to experience expansion within your family. Loans are available to buy a house. With Pluto moving into your sign, no Aquarius will ever be the same. Your external appearance, your health, your inner world and everything you think about yourself will change completely.

PISCES: It is possible for you to turn to your inner world and criticize the world and your experiences. You are in a process where you will be inspired artistically and reflect this outside and make a profit. It is also possible for you to establish a joint business venture with family members. In this process, your confidence will increase as your circle expands and you express yourself better. With Pluto entering Aquarius, your inner world will change radically. A completely new process awaits Pisces in a spiritual sense. During this process, they will become very strong in their inner world.

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