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Baku, The City of Winds; How Beautifully it Shines in the New Year…



A Night Full of Sparkling Celebrations!

New Year is a day of great celebration in Azerbaijan, the country known as the Land of Fire, as it is around the world. In the capital Baku, popularly known as the “city of winds”, the New Year usually includes various events such as fireworks, concerts, street festivals, and light shows.

Baku is a vibrant and active city with many options for New Year events. Celebrations are held in squares, parks, and other public spaces in the city. New Year’s Eve can also take place among families, in restaurants, or at private parties.

You can celebrate the New Year by attending local events and visiting scenic places in Baku. December 31, “International Day of World Azerbaijanis” and “New Year” celebrations, which are considered the national unity and solidarity day of the Azerbaijani people around the world, are celebrated with great enthusiasm, although they are separate events. Both holidays emphasize community coming together and solidarity.

The Feast of Comradeship can generally be celebrated with cultural events, mass meals, street festivals, and social aid projects. Families go to visit each other and their relatives. Large tables are set and meals prepared with traditional flavors are eaten. Therefore, two holidays are celebrated together here. Fireworks shows are held at various points in Baku on New Year’s Eve. These demonstrations often focus on symbolic buildings and squares of Baku.

Here are some suggestions for spending New Year celebrations in Baku:

Fountain Square (Fəvvarələr Square): The square, consisting of stone streets closed to traffic, also known as “Targovu” in Russian, is one of the most popular centers of Baku and many concerts, light shows and other events take place in this square during the New Year’s week. The “Soyuq ələr, isti ürək” xeyriyyə yarmark, consisting of small stands side by side, is established. People can buy handmade souvenirs from these stands and have the opportunity to taste many street delicacies.

Nizami Street (Nizami Küçəsi): This Street is full of shopping, restaurants and cafes. The streets are decorated for the New Year and many stores offer special discounts and events.

Baku Boulevard (Baku Boulevard): This beautiful place on the shores of the Caspian Sea can be a popular place for New Year’s Eve parades and fireworks displays. The park has huge Christmas tree decorations. It hosts events such as concerts, fire shows, and night walks on the night of December 31.

Baku Flame Towers (Baku Atəş Külələri): These three towers are symbolic structures of the city and organize light and laser shows every year. These massive towers are decorated with Christmas-themed light shows accompanied by music and can be seen from many points in downtown Baku.

National Park: If you are looking for an atmosphere in touch with nature, the green areas and outdoor activities of the National Park may be ideal for you.

Additionally, many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs organize special New Year’s parties. You can have a nice dinner, listen to live music or dance in these places. Restaurants, cafes, and other entertainment venues are brimming with special menus and events. Azerbaijanis often gather with their families, prepare special meals, and welcome the New Year with enthusiasm.

Azerbaijani and Turkish cultures have common points due to many interactions and shared elements throughout history. In particular, language, cuisine, handicrafts, traditions, and ceremonies are the most prominent of these. There are also some differences and uniqueness between the two cultures. Living in Azerbaijan for 13 years has allowed me to get to know this country closely and have rich experiences there. I plan to share these unforgettable memories, my cultural observations, and my thoughts about daily life with you, our valued readers, in my future articles. To give a tip first; especially the taste of Azerbaijani cuisine is legendary. J

“Lots of love to all of you from Baku, the city of winds!”

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