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General Effects of the Capricorn New Moon and the Week of January 8-14



We will be starting the week with the Mercury-Neptune square. With the square between Mercury and Neptune on January 8, we must be careful not to be deceived or deceived in every matter. Not everything we see, hear, or say may be true. There may be absent-mindedness, lack of concentration and distraction. You may find yourself in games that you would never even think of. The Sun-Uranus triangle will occur on January 9. We may be faced with unexpected and positive developments. Mars-Saturn sextile angle will occur on January 10. We are going through a process in which we will be rewarded for the responsibilities we take and the effort we put in, as a result of a benevolent angle between two malefic planets. On January 11, we will experience the first new moon of 2024 at 20 degrees Capricorn. With the new moon in Capricorn, the decisions taken and steps taken are sure to be solid. The trine angle between Mars and Jupiter at the time of the new moon can solve the work we are having difficulty doing or whatever we are stuck with and cannot make any progress in this process. On January 11, there will be a trine angle between Venus and Chiron. Situations such as reconciling disagreements, ending tensions, and healing heart wounds will be on our agenda. Additionally, due to the unifying effect of love, there will be situations where groups that are impossible to come together will come together. Mars-Jupiter triangle will occur on January 11. From this angle, it is possible to achieve success in any endeavor.

Let’s come to our rising signs,

ARIES: You may learn about the things going on behind your back in your business life. It will be revealed that you have been treated unfairly and you may experience some unexpected positive developments in your career life. With the new moon being in your career house, there will be important developments in your life. You are in a period where you are vulnerable to being deceived in your foreign affairs, religious matters, and legal affairs. It is possible for you to feel relieved when the situations in which you experienced problems and heartbreaks in your bilateral relations and which you set your heart on disappear.

TAURUS: Don’t believe everything that everyone says in your social circle. Even if you see it with your own eyes, there should still be a question mark in your mind. Do not be a guarantor to anyone in financial matters and do not put yourself at risk. You can get positive results in your legal initiatives. Many seemingly negative events can suddenly turn in your favor. The new moon may bring you positive developments that will meet your expectations abroad. Your academic initiatives will yield positive results. The icebergs between you and the people you say you will never talk to or see may melt.

GEMINI: You are in a period where you are open to deception in your bilateral business partnerships or bilateral relations. Do not sign every contract extended to you. Do not trust anyone, do your research. There may be people around you who will take advantage of your slightest distraction. You may receive financial support from an unexpected event or someone. For those who are at odds with their spouses or dates and say they will never make peace again, eat big but don’t talk big 🙂 You will make peace… The new moon will be your supporter in your financial restructuring process. You can get rewarded for your efforts regarding the job you have been working on for a long time.

CANCER: Do not take any initiative in your business life that you are not sure about. Especially Cancerians who have plans to expand abroad should act very carefully. There may be cases of being deceived or defrauded in these matters. There may be unexpected developments from your bilateral partnerships or your spouse, and you may receive financial support. The new moon will be in your house of bilateral relations. Those who are in a serious relationship can move towards marriage or start a partnership. These are the times when people with chronic illnesses are moving towards the healing process.

LEO: Do not believe everything that is said about loans, receivables, loans, debts and inheritance. Be sure to confirm with others. Do not get too caught up in entertainment life so that you do not waste the good developments in your career life. Those who want to start a business can start a business and take business-related initiatives. Since the new moon will affect your work, health and daily affairs, there will be positive developments in these matters. A pending or unresolved issue in your business life may suddenly resolve itself. It is possible to confront the people with whom you experienced heartbreak in old relationships and forgive each other.

VIRGO: You are in a period where you are vulnerable to being deceived in matters related to your home or home. If you are going to renovate your home, get quotes from several places. Whatever you do regarding the house, you are open to being deceived or defrauded, so be careful. There may be unexpected positive developments regarding academic education and abroad. Positive developments regarding your children’s schools are possible. You can melt the icebergs between you and the people in your family or relatives that you love or are upset with. The new moon will positively affect areas such as your hobbies, children, entertainment life, love life, and games of chance.

LIBRA: Libras who plan to start a business should be very careful. Those who are offended with siblings, cousins, close relatives, neighbors and ex-spouse and say they will never make peace are here 🙂 Every relationship that needs healing will be healed during this period, and heartbreaks will be repaired. If you have a sick elder in your family, it is possible for them to enter the recovery process. Getting your daily routine in order will allow you to have more time for yourself. The new moon will be in the area that concerns your home and family. You can decide to get married, buy a house, or have your existing house decorated. You may even inherit a house.

SCORPIO: It is possible that you will be disappointed with the events you expected in financial matters. Your siblings can come to your rescue here, and thanks to them, you can relax in financial matters. Since the new moon will be in the area that concerns siblings, cousins, close relatives and commercial activities, you may have collaborations with your siblings or close circle. You will benefit from this partnership. There may also be unexpected surprise developments regarding business contacts.

SAGITTARIUS: You may be disappointed if your expectations about your home and family are not met. You are in a process where you can solve the problems in your love life. If you are at odds with your flirt, reconciliation is very close. Sagittarians who have problems with their children should make good use of this period in order to find a solution. Since the new moon will be in your financial area, you may take new initiatives to restructure your financial situation. These initiatives are more likely to involve starting a new business or taking over an existing business.

CAPRICORN: You may face situations such as your close circle doing things behind your back or gossiping about a secret about you. You may feel deceived and deceived. You will get through this with the support of your family. Your former date may appear before you to apologize. But think of this apology as just halal. Since the new moon will be in your sign, your agenda will be mostly about yourself. Maybe you can change your appearance and take care of your health. Whatever you want to change about yourself, you can do in this process.

AQUARIUS: Do not lend money or become a guarantor to your friends and social circle this period. You are open to being deceived and defrauded financially. Don’t believe everything you hear. You are in a period where you can solve the problems between you and your siblings, cousins and close circle. You may consider continuing the family business or starting a joint business with family members. Since the new moon will be in the area covering your background work, inner world, closed spaces, hospitals and prisons, you can make new beginnings on these issues. Aquarius people with illnesses such as depression should make good use of the opportunities they will have in order to heal this period.

PISCES: You should be very careful in your career field. Situations such as being deceived or deceived may occur. Some jobs may disappoint you. You can solve your problems with the support you receive from your circle of friends or social circle. You will overcome all the problems related to your career, thanks to your deservedness. The new moon will be in your area of friends, social circle, foundations and associations. You can take new steps and make new beginnings on these issues.

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