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Calisthenic Yoga



When we think of exercise, we think of gyms, cardio training with various bodybuilding equipment, and weight programs. There is no need for a lot of equipment, sports equipment, and weights for an effective workout. You can also exercise using your body weight and even get in shape. Since I experienced this myself, I saw the difference very clearly. I offer a training program that I combine with the training I have recently received. Calisthenic training + yoga. So, what is the relationship between these two? ?

As someone who has been doing yoga for a long time, I noticed that my strength increased in addition to flexibility and body resistance. The courses and workshops I took in America taught me that; they taught me the philosophy that “exercising with our body weight keeps us alive, stronger and healthier.” One of the best ways to achieve this is CALISTHENIC EXERCISE.

As a yoga instructor, I can say this about yoga; Flexibility- Yes, and yoga postures stretch your muscles and increase your range of motion. Thanks to breathing, it gives the body both serenity and vitality by circulating oxygen in the blood. Calisthenic exercise improves strength and endurance together by increasing the heart rhythm by using the muscles that need to be exercised in different regions by creating resistance with only body weight, by working multiple muscle groups simultaneously and continuously, without the need for any equipment or gym. Those who do calisthenic exercise can lose weight in a short time, as serious fat burning will occur in the body to meet the energy need arising from performing these movements in series. Power yoga is the best example of this, the only difference is that the repetition set phase does not occur much during yoga.

I start my classes with the calm, heart-warming breathing exercises of yoga. By adding breathing to the exercise movements, I increase the lengthening and stretching of the muscles and increase endurance and strength by repeating the movement more than once. Yoga flows add a different dynamism to the class. Of course, lessons can change depending on my students’ body structures, wishes, or even their mood that day. When doing calisthenics, warm-up and cool-down exercises are required. Although we think working with body weight will not tire us, we may experience muscle pain afterward. Therefore, you can warm up by walking, running, or breathing exercises.

What is the 80 / 20 rule?

It suggests that achieving fitness and weight management goals is based on 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. The idea is that while exercise is important for overall health and muscle growth, what you eat has a much larger impact on weight and fat loss.

“Yoga means adding energy, strength, and beauty to the body, mind, and soul.” Amit Ray.

When you add strength and resistance exercises to this, see the change!


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