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Is Your Ex, Can Be Your Next?



The past sometimes can’t go away, stays. Just like our scars, the wound is no longer there, but the scar is and sometimes that scar stings our eyes. You want to scratch, you feel shivering, and maybe you get angry about it. But I’m telling you, that wound is not there anymore, whatever emotion you can feel, that wound belongs to the past. But can we always leave the past in the past? I guess we don’t. If it were possible, would I write this article? When I share this tragicomic story that happened to a relative of mine, I think you will understand my opinion about the subject.

We were all surprised when one of my friend’s ex-boyfriend wanted to meet up with her 2 years after they broke up. But I wasn’t that surprised when, my friend, said yes to her ex- no, I’m not condemning him, saying no to an ex-lover is like a myth, the full reality has not been proven-. I asked my friend have you ever hesitated about the idea of meeting with your ex. The answer I got was very clear: “I had a little trouble with the outfit in front of the mirror.” As a girl, we can all guess that moment. Combination and make-up to make your ex-lover regret… “After all, we didn’t break up badly with him, so yes, he wanted to break up with me, but there were reasons, otherwise he loved me very much and still does.”

Guys, if a friend of yours is making these sentences, you don’t have much to say. You cannot be negative, and at the same time, you do not want to be too supportive. A sour smile appears on your face as if you drank a very salty soup, and you say a sentence like “IT’S GOOD, MY DEAR” on your tongue. As we waited for the moment of meeting to come, endless criticism, a smile on her face, she was looking at me proudly saying “Okay, he was the one who came back to me, it means he hasn’t forgotten me, he’s so cute.” Can you imagine the excitement? She was going to meet the boy she had been in love with for years, could she be happier? Of course, I was curious too, was there such a thing as them getting back together with their ex and living happily? So, it was the right person, the wrong time? No lie, I loved his ex-boyfriend, he was an honest, good-hearted boy, but he left my friend once, and the question of “what had changed” was bothering me. My friend was the same stubborn but sympathetic girl. She was still that girl who talked excitedly and told a story while also involving the other person in the story. The most important thing was that girl who still loved HIM very much, put HIM before everything else and talked about HIM with love. My friend’s heart was broken. Could a clean start be made after all that heartbreak? Would love to unite all the broken things or, most importantly, should it unite? With all the questions in my mind, I waited and waited for the meeting day to come. The meeting day came and they met. While my friend’s thoughts of “I wonder what he will say, should I forgive him immediately or should I be a little coy when he says forgive me?” were sweet mind, he would not have listened to the other party, and what I was about to tell happened. The boy asked my friend how she felt about him. I got very nervous at this point, I said to myself, please don’t confess your love, but she made a tick… My friend wanted to evade the subject, but it did not work. As a result of the child’s intense insistence, my brave friend started telling him one by one that he loved her and that he was special to her. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of my friend, for taking care of his feelings, and for conveying them with great self-confidence to the recipient of her feelings, but let’s talk about the reason why the child met with my friend after conveying all these feelings… The reason why the boy wants to meet after 2 years is to break up with my friend (after 2 years), to break up with her again I’m writing again not because he misses her or to get back together, but to break up. I can hear you asking me, didn’t they already break up 2 years ago? Yes, that’s the irony of the situation, guys, the kid wanted to break up face to face. Do you know what he said? “We had never a chance to break up face to face, I owed you this.” He asked to meet with her after 2 years out of the blue, make the beautiful girl confess all her feelings, and then say, “I wanted to break up again.” If this isn’t a bad joke, what is? He decided to break up with my friend again as if her first breakup wasn’t painful enough.

So, girls, in conclusion, when your ex tells you that he wants to meet again, of course, this possibility does not come to your mind. Now I can’t ignore that this kid is a creative person, who would meet his ex for that? It impressed me personally, but I didn’t know if it was necessary to be that impressive… The ex-cannot be your next if possible, they should stay as a simple past tense ?

Take care of yourself, with love…


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