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Scorpio New Moon and the Week of November 13-19



On November 13, 2023, we will experience a new moon at 20 degrees Scorpio. It will be the first new moon after the eclipse period. Mars, which will accompany the new moon, will have a double effect as it is also the ruler of Scorpio. The opposition of the unpredictable Uranus in the Martian new moon indicates that we will be under very challenging effects. In my opinion, this new moon will have the effect of both a new moon and a full moon with its effects. Expect the unexpected, beginnings but sudden endings… We are in a period when we need to act with common sense, individually and socially. Let’s not get into provocations and stuffing. If we act wisely, we can turn negative effects into positive ones. There will be a Sun-Uranus opposition on November 13. It is the expect the unexpected angle. There is a situation where everything under control goes out of control. On November 15, the Mercury-Venus sextile will be in effect and will calm things down a bit. It will be a good period for the conciliatory mind and sweet language to meet. The Mars-Neptune triangle will occur on November 17. It will be a period with positive effects where inspiration and creativity are active. Artistic activities and spiritual studies are possible. The Sun-Mars conjunction will occur on November 18. This angle has effects that can make us feel tense and like a bomb ready to explode. There are situations such as aggressive movements, accidents, injuries. If we can manage to stay calm in order to cure all these negative effects, that is, if we can use this angle correctly, it will be a good effect for starting sports. Let’s not forget that there is a destiny above destiny, and that is our free will. (Effects -/+7 days)

Let’s come to the reflections of our rising signs,

ARIES: The new moon in your 8th house will be in the area of your loans, debts, receivables, investments, and financial resources, and there will be sudden changes and unexpected situations in these matters. There is a period in which you can be active in the commercial field. It will be beneficial for Aries who have problems with their spouses to make good use of this period. Aries people who are in financial difficulties may engage in businesses where they can gain financial gain in order to find a way out. Be careful of sudden accidents. It would also be beneficial to have your reproductive organs checked.

TAURUS: With the new moon in your 7th house, there may be a sudden knock on your door regarding matters such as engagement and marriage. In the field of bilateral partnerships, it is possible that there will be unexpected ruptures in your relations. It is possible to solve the problems at your workplace with your sweet tongue this period. You can pay off your possible debts with financial support from your spouse. If there are unclear or pending issues in line with the decisions you have made in your friends and social environments, there will be clarification regarding them this period. Please remember that you are in a period when you need to keep your anger and ambition under control.

GEMINI: With the new moon in your 6th house, it seems likely that you will experience some confrontations regarding your business life, colleagues, daily routines and health, and therefore experience sudden beginnings and endings. You may part ways with some of your friends as a result of learning about some situations that go behind your back in your business life, or you may suddenly leave your workplace where you feel mentally trapped. It would be beneficial for you to have your reproductive organs checked. You are in a period when possible problems between you and your partner or partner are resolved or your relationship will gain a different dimension. Remember that you are on the eve of important developments regarding your business and career. You are in a very creative period.

CANCER: While the New Moon in your 5th House will be making new beginnings in matters such as your love life, dating, children, games of chance, it is also possible that you will experience sudden breaks. It is also possible for you to settle some issues regarding marriage in your mind. I recommend that you stay away from games of chance and the stock market during this period. You will part ways with some of your friends and this will be for your benefit. There will be a house change or home decoration. Issues such as overseas-related jobs and academic education may also be on your agenda. If you have joint ventures with foreigners, you are in a period where you can undertake very creative works. If you manage to restrain your ambition and anger, you can get through this period without any problems.

LEO: The new moon in your 4th house will be effective in your home area. You can buy a house, sell your house, and deal with decoration works. In addition, even Leos who have never thought about marriage may start to look favorably on the idea of marriage that suddenly comes to their mind. It is beneficial to be prepared for unexpected situations that may develop in your career life. They may suddenly quit their job, and those who do not have a job may start working in a line of work they have never considered. Leos who are involved in business may start flirting with someone from the business circle this period, or they may have a commercial marriage. Remember that you are in a process where creativity knows no limits. Do not engage in bullying within the family, do not behave in ways that will hurt or upset family members.

VIRGO: The new moon in your 3rd house will bring you sudden unexpected beginnings and endings in matters such as communication, trade, press, short trips, siblings, cousins, relatives and close circle. I advise you not to make impulsive decisions on these matters. Do not take any step that does not pass through the filter of reason. There will be developments regarding making money both within the family and with family members and at work where you are. Again, situations such as starting a business or partnership with family, siblings, close circle are possible. There are situations such as short trips and business-related trips. Also, please remember that you are in a process where you need to be very careful in traffic.

LIBRA: The new moon in your 2nd house may cause you to experience beginnings and sudden endings in financial matters. Your agenda will be especially financial. Staying away from risky investments in finance will prevent possible losses. It will be beneficial for you to be careful when investing and take precautions against fraud. You are in a process where you need to be attentive to matters such as debt, cheque, promissory note and loan. There is a period ahead of you when you need to support your close circle of people, such as your siblings and cousins. Again, there are journeys related to financial matters. You may attend short-term training or perhaps take a small course related to your job. This is the time when you will be active in starting a business, and if you have a lot of ideas and thoughts on this subject, it will be beneficial for you to act without rushing as you will have time to take forward steps in your mind.

SCORPIO: The new moon in your 1st house will affect you in every aspect. You may experience beginnings and sudden endings, especially in your business and private life and bilateral partnerships. You don’t have marriage in mind, but you may decide to get married with a sudden offer. You are far from the idea of starting a business, but you may be interested in the partnership offer. You have the opportunity to take steps towards whatever you dream of. The steps you take regarding your children will have positive results. Scorpios who are interested in art will be very creative this period and will be successful in every step they take regarding these issues. Please remember that this is a period when you need to be very careful against accidents.

SAGITTARIUS: The new moon in your 12th house will keep you calm. What have I done so far? What am I doing? What should I do? It helps you to question and turn within yourself. You are in the process where you need to focus on meditative issues and meditate a lot. During this period, you should make future plans and review your plans repeatedly. In your business, private and social life, you should be careful about those who dig into your well and look ahead without giving a flaw. You should not argue with anyone or tell secrets. By softening your communication language, you can easily overcome possible problems. The energies of some Sagittarians may work insidiously during this period. On the other hand, it would be beneficial for you to direct your energy to good things as much as possible. It will also be beneficial for you to vent your anger by walking or doing light sports.

CAPRICORN: The new moon in your 11th house will affect you socially, in your love life, and in matters related to your children. There may be sudden endings in your love life. You should act quickly to avoid missing opportunities in your career field. Capricorns who deal with trade will achieve success this period. Capricorns, who are in managerial positions and in front of the stage, should be careful in every step they take and should not leave their work to chance. Being aggressive in your social life can put you in a very difficult situation. Staying as calm as possible in every matter will prevent possible losses.

AQUARIUS: The new moon in your 10th house will affect you, especially regarding your career life. Also, your family will be on your agenda. It is possible for you to experience sudden beginnings and endings in these matters. It seems likely that you will encounter situations that you did not expect and never imagined. Be careful of possible outbursts of anger and anger at your workplace. You may change your home, there may be troublesome situations with your landlord. Aquarius people, who have problems in foreign affairs, academic education and social environments, will solve these problems once and for all this period. It is possible for you to achieve what you dream of regarding the developments in your career life. You will be in a period of financial comfort.

PISCES: The new moon in your 9th house will affect you in areas such as academic education, abroad, legal issues, communication, organization, internet, press, printing, traffic. You are in a period where your communication language will improve and you will be able to solve all the problems that arise in a rational way, especially in banking matters. It is possible for Pisces who dream of studying abroad and academically to achieve their dreams. You should be very careful about internet banking or any business done over the internet. A small mistake can have irreversible consequences. The steps you take in legal matters may result in unexpected results.

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