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Dream Island: Sentosa



If you are looking for unlimited fun and adventure and dream of living on an island, Sentosa Island is the right place for you! I am very lucky because, during my trip to the Far East, I had the chance to visit Sentosa Island, a resort with many different attractions.

The best time to visit the island is between October and December, as the weather is mild and beautiful during these months and ideal for sightseeing. Due to its location, Sentosa Island is subject to unexpected rains throughout the year, so it is a good idea to bring an umbrella or raincoat during your visit. Please note.

This incredibly beautiful island of dreams is easily accessible via cable cars departing from the HarbourFront tower, Sentosa Express (MRT train system), buses, and taxis. I opted for the cable car and arrived at the island, gliding past attractive houses and palm trees along the way. By the way, I would like to share another transportation option with you. If you like hiking, you can reach the island by following the Sentosa Boardwalk route, which has a beautiful, garden-themed trail through the VivoCity shopping center.

According to the information I got before going to the island; the main tourist attractions on Sentosa Island, where entertainment, adventure, and activities are gathered in one place, are Universal Studios, S.E. A aquarium, which has one of the largest aquatic animal collections in the world, Tiger Sky Tower, Sentosa Merlion Statue, Madame Tussaud’s Museum, Trick Eye Museum, Cove Water Park, Palawan and Siloso Beaches, Aquarium, Tiger Sky Tower, Sentosa Merlion Statue, Madame Tussaud’s Museum, Trick Eye Museum, Cove Water Park, Palawan and Siloso Beaches, Wings of Time and Dolphin island. By the way, when you arrive at Sentosa Island, you can take the bus, tram, or train to get around the island, and transportation services are free!

When I first arrived on the island, I felt like I was in a fun game, because there was so much to discover…I followed the signs and walked first to Universal Studios. Even though it was early in the morning, there was an enthusiastic crowd inside. There were people of all ages and almost every nationality in this environment that drew you in willy-nilly! I couldn’t resist, so I bought my ticket and enjoyed the fun. While visiting each themed area inspired by famous movies, it is impossible not to come across live entertainment and street dance performances! My favorite was Madagascar. I loved the attractions and fiction inside. Now it’s time for some shopping. I bought a few souvenirs to remind me of Universal Studios on Sentosa Island.

After a little walk, I was greeted by the 37-meter tall lion statue Merlion in all its glory. I immediately went inside the statue and climbed to the top of it and from there I had a magnificent view of the island and took lots of photos.

My next stop was The Trick Eye Museum, another attraction where art meets illusion. Inside, I was surprised by the visuals, taking fun 3D photos and posing in the suggested poses according to the themes. Although tiring, I had a lot of fun and the results were worth seeing. If you trust your imagination, you can learn how to make artistic works by creating unique poses. I’m telling you!

The next stop is the SEA Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in the world. According to what I learned; it is home to more than 100,000 marine animals. They are grouped in ten different habitat zones according to their geographical locations and brought here from all over the world. It is home to endangered marine animals such as giant moray eels, reef rays, and giant crabs. When I walked in, I was amazed because I saw a huge aquarium where everything was very well organized and beautifully maintained.

In the section with shops and restaurants, I came across Planet Hollywood. I bought myself a nice sweatshirt and took a coffee break.

For lunch break, I had a fast food snack of seafood and walked to the long beach. When I arrived at the beach, I saw a large group of high school kids playing volleyball on the beach. Walking along the long beach in the humid and hot weather, I managed to cross the suspended wooden bridge to the other side of the island.

Now it’s time for the finale on the island. “Wings of Time” is an incredibly beautiful light and water show with the sea as a backdrop!  It is a visual feast created with 3D projections, lasers, water jets, and different techniques. It lasts about 20 minutes and presents an unforgettable story to the audience. The story is about a giant bird traveling back in time and two children who help it find its origins. All the effects are so beautifully coordinated with the music and the story that I couldn’t get over it for a long time. Everywhere I go, there is always something that inspires me. And here, I get the biggest inspiration from this special show.

My trip is coming to a perfect end. It’s time to return from dreams to reality…

“In Pursuit of a Dream

A man of extremes as

He conquers his unbridled desires

O’er his troubled soul

With the timeless anchor

Climbing the serious mast

Strongly enchanted by her magical realm

Although he prefers to stay away

From her for a while,

Thro’ all the storms in his heart

He clears away all the crowds in his sailboat

After setting his sails to the unbroken peace…”

May the sunshine be in your heart forever,

See you in the blues,

Banu Demir

Editor & Poet

Instagram: bluevoyage_blueroute

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