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Week of September 11-17 and New Moon in Virgo



This week, there will be a New Moon in Virgo. It will take place on September 15, 2023 at 04.40 on the map based on Ankara, the capital of the Republic of Turkey, and on September 14, 2023 at 21.40 on the map based on Washington, the capital of the United States of America. Since the ruler Mercury is in the Retro position at the time of the new moon, we must be very, very careful and stay away from all kinds of risks. It is possible that Neptune is at the opposite angle to the new moon, and we may encounter situations that will be difficult to see ahead and have difficulty making decisions. In this respect, we may be disappointed when we see that the people we overestimate and over-realize are not like that at all. If we want to benefit from the new moon in a positive way, we should look at events from a broad perspective and not pursue petty calculations. Yes, details are important, but the most important thing is to act without getting stuck in those details. If we get through this period without any problems, we can get good results from our initiatives with the support of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. As of September 18-19, we can start our important work. Additionally, Mercury leaves retrograde on September 16, 2023. This means that communication speeds up and things progress more easily. Again, the Sun-Uranus triangle on September 15-16 will bring us unexpected opportunities and news from unexpected places. With the Venus-Jupiter square on September 17, we should avoid risky investments, excessive spending and wastefulness. We should not be satisfied either by ourselves or by others.

Let’s come to the reflections of our rising signs,

ARIES: The new moon will affect your business life. You can make new beginnings in your career and business life. You may change your job or get a promotion. Maybe you can be transferred with a large amount of money. If you have already decided to start a business and all the necessary steps have been taken, this process is very suitable for completion. If you run your own business, your employees may change. If you work in the public or corporate sector, you may be assigned to different areas. It would be beneficial for you to be very careful about calculation errors during this period. We are in a time that is prone to mistakes and errors. With the Sun-Uranus triangle, you may gain financial income from unexpected places. With the Venus-Jupiter square, you may make unexpected expenses for your spouse and children. You may also incur losses in games of chance.

TAURUS: The new moon will affect your love, children, hobbies, games of chance and the areas you are on stage. Those with empty hearts may fall in love with someone they meet and start a new relationship. Those in a relationship may want to make their relationship official. Married Taurus people may want to have children. Those who do not plan to have children should also be careful about possible surprises. The hobbies, trainings and handicrafts you start can return to you as financial resources in the future. You are also in a period where you are supported artistically. The muses are with you J There are unexpected expenses related to your family and yourself. Watch your budget. Don’t spend excessively. Don’t overestimate the people in your social environment.

GEMINI: The new moon will affect your family life. There are changes in family, home and living conditions. You can move, buy a house, sell a house. There is acceleration in your work on these issues. Your house, which has been pending or unsold for a long time, may suddenly be sold. Or you can suddenly buy the house you want. It is possible that your work that has been dragging on and about which you have not been able to make progress will be resolved and clarified. Be careful about the people you meet online. Be careful of deception and deception. Resist the temptation to be drawn into these types of relationships. In your career life, do not overestimate the people you have just met and make hasty decisions. This may come back as harm to you. This period, luck is on your side in business related to abroad.

CANCER: The new moon will affect the way you communicate. You can make new breakthroughs in commercial matters and decide to move into different fields. You can expand your business on the subject. You may want to start over from scratch with some things about your ideas, thoughts and behaviors. You can attend some trainings or courses to improve yourself. This new moon will support you in investing in yourself and your development. Short trips may be on the agenda. You may want to buy a car or the electronic devices you need. With the Sun-Uranus triangle, there may be sudden unexpected changes in your social circle. Or, with the support of your close circle, you can take initiative on things that you have wanted to do but have not been able to do until now. It will be to your benefit in the long run not to buy unnecessary things when it comes to money.

LEO: The new moon will affect you financially. You can take steps (financially) on any issue you are sure of. While taking these steps, it is useful not to engage in risky business without forgetting that Mercury is in a Retro position. When taking steps in financial matters, for example, if you are going to send money online, pay attention to account information and account transactions. Do not exchange money in any area where you are not sure of its security. Be careful of situations such as being deceived in financial matters. The known New Moon opposition to Neptune may bring such situations to you. It would be in your best interest not to reflect the problems related to your love life into your business life. You may face minor problems in your career life.

VIRGO: Luck will be on your side with the New Moon in your sign. There will be material and moral gains. It is possible for you to make progress in every aspect you have neglected about yourself until now. Your work, private life, health, thoughts and perspective on life will be greatly affected. How can I take better care of myself ? How can I look better? You are in the period when you are looking for answers to questions like these and realize that you have the answer. You can decide to lose weight with regular nutrition. You will determine the direction of action-reaction. You Virgos are hard-working, logical and meticulous people. A sudden event related to academic education, a foreign language or abroad may relieve you. You can see the results of the steps you take in these matters.

LIBRA: The new moon will take place in your background work, in an area that is not under your control. You may be drawn to secret affairs. There are also situations such as forbidden love or platonic love. Or some situations may arise that go behind your back. It is possible that there will be a period when you retreat into your inner world and question yourself. It is also possible that you will have messenger dreams. Focusing on meditation will relax you during this period. Confronting your fears and overcoming them will bring positive returns to your life. It will be in your best interest to stay away from all kinds of financial obligations and not to sign in order to avoid financial harm from your social circle and friends. You may receive money from an unexpected source or from your loan application.

SCORPIO: The new moon will be effective in your social circle. You will enter a new social environment as a result of the work you have done and the steps you have taken so far. It is possible that you will enter an environment with foreign connections and environments with foreign people. You can take some initiatives to improve your foreign language. Make good use of the opportunities you have, you can achieve positive results in the future. An old relationship may start again. You can enter into new businesses with your bilateral partnerships. Some Scorpios may look favorably on marriage during this period. Those working in the corporate field may experience some difficulties in their careers. It is better to stay away from secret affairs. You may possibly find yourself in a difficult situation.

SAGITTARIUS: The new moon will be effective in your career field. The problems and uncertainties you have experienced so far will end with this new moon. You may receive a promotion, a raise, and your job responsibilities may increase. Getting rewarded for your efforts will motivate you even more. Sagittarians who are self-employed can make new breakthroughs in their business lives and increase the number of their staff. The smooth flow of your daily work will allow you to save time. Experiencing the same problems with an employee you have had problems with before may cause you to lose customers for your business. It is possible that you will make new decisions on this issue. It will be beneficial for you to pay attention to your health and have the necessary checks.

CAPRICORN: The new moon will be effective in areas such as academic education, foreign affairs, foreign languages, religious issues, and lawsuits. You can receive new training and turn the training you receive into financial gain. You may receive offers from abroad and receive feedback regarding your thesis. Don’t overestimate the new people you meet, everyone has different abilities. It is possible that you will receive positive feedback on your passport and visa transactions. You can go on long journeys. If you have ongoing cases, you are likely to get positive results. You may start a relationship with a foreign national. Unexpected expenses related to your love life and children may bother you a bit.

AQUARIUS: The new moon will take place in the area that concerns your finances. It is possible for your problems in areas such as checks, promissory notes, loans and receivables to be resolved. There will also be positive developments in your inheritance and alimony matters. You will be happy with the unexpected financial support you will receive from your family in your ventures. You will be happy not only financially but also because it means breaking the ice. It would be better for you not to get involved in the problems between your spouse and your family. Once your health problems have a positive impact and operations come to the fore, you can draw a road map to see your future.

PISCES: The new moon will take place in your bilateral relations area. Such as spouses, partnerships, lawsuits, consultancies… You are in a period when you need to shape all kinds of bilateral relations in your life. You may encounter many new things in terms of relationships. There will be new beginnings in these areas. Those in a relationship may suddenly decide to get married. You can enter into a business partnership and expand the existing partnership. You are in the period where you receive support in internet sales, advertising, organization, commercial affairs, and press publication. You may want to start courses to improve yourself. During the period when the Venus-Jupiter square is active, pay attention to communication and daily affairs in your business life.

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