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Everyone Wants Ajda On The Stage



At the Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Stage — After a long stay in Southern France; Before returning to my home in Florida, I stopped by Istanbul for a short time and, as a former Istanbulite, I packed a lot into a short time, as usual… For example; on August 9; I was at the Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Stage, Ajda Pekkan concert. It was incredibly beautiful; environment, ambiance, and super Star Ajda! I recommend everyone traveling to Istanbul to watch a concert here because the spirit of real Istanbul beats here. I think Ajda Pekkan and her short name Ajda have a completely different value when compared to all the valuable artists in the world with her stage… Why? I seem to hear you ask, and while I was watching the concert, I thought that this should be the position in my new article in ArtTmodernMiami Newspaper. The title is clear “Everyone wants Ajda on stage!” There is also an article written on this subject that was previously published elsewhere. Explaining the effect of Ajda on me and my art! I will add that article with my concert impressions, “Conceptual Art” and it will be very enjoyable to share the inspiration of Ajda psychology with you. Waiting for your comments. ?

Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Stage, located in the heart of Istanbul, was jam-packed that day. We were all very excited, we knew the songs to be sung by heart. We bought the tickets a month ago while they were still in Cannes. While starting and starting the Ajda concert, I examined the environment with neutral eyes. Believe me, I watched different artists in many different parts of the world and I would put Ajda’s performance in Cemil Topuzlu in the top three. History in itself, Ajda is a living example of Benjamin Button, first of all… She is an icon that endears her songs to children of all ages. An artist who has a great influence on my art, a source of inspiration…

How Does? Let me explain:


Today I will tell you a little about “Conceptual Art”. And I will say that inspiration can come from anywhere, from any area of ​​life.

When I was a kid, we had at least five newspapers in our house. According to the newspapers of that time; Hurriyet, Milliyet, Tercuman, Gunes, Posta, Bulvar, Sportoto, or a football newspaper I am not interested in sports come to my mind.

I was a kid who read whatever he could get his hands on. Fascicule, the medical encyclopedia was given. I would curiously confiscate anything that came out of the newspaper. There was no problem in giving the fascicles to me.

My late father was very sensitive about his newspapers. He liked to read himself first, with the pages intact. Of course, since we were children, we couldn’t turn those pages correctly. Anyway, I won’t get off topic! From the first day, I saw the human body naked, those medical fascicles were very valuable to me. This caught my mother’s attention one day while I was hiding it and sending it to my brothers and sisters, probably giggling like chimpanzees, and of course, my mother took care of the situation in her way. Those fascicles were never given to me again. My relationship with the medical world continued experimentally for a while, but my valuable medical books were taken from me, fascicles. And my dreams of becoming a doctor slowly faded away. By the way, I’m serious, when I was a kid I thought I was a doctor. ?

When the medical fascicles were taken from me, I was left with weekend supplements and magazine pages. I read them all like crazy. Have I told you before? I don’t think so, I was a very curious child. Anyway, those newspapers, magazine supplements, and the things I read with my mind in those days have always stayed in my mind and took their place as sketches that feed my imagination from time to time. As conceptual art, I’ve also been inspired by many of them. I also used some of them as slogans. ?

What do I remember from those days? From the statements of Ajda in my childhood! Here is an example for you:

“Everybody wants Ajda on stage”

Our superstar Ajda was either having a great love or getting married in a few years at that time. Then she had an interview every time she broke up. She promised that she would now return to the stage. That you repent of love! I remember two marriages at that time. I think someone was the owner of a detergent brand and it was on the screens so much at that time that the brand; I think she hypnotized me with her round, circular logos with my child mind. Otherwise, who remembers such absurd details? Nobody even remembers the special day of their closest ones. If you only knew how absurd details I remember, your lips would be cold!

Anyway, the interviewer was asking Ajda:

Interviewer: Why did you leave, Ms. Ajda? Did you have a great love?

Ajda: “Because everyone wants Ajda on stage, my dear Bülent, she would reply” (Bülent name is a symbol) and she would go on: Actually, I am a normal woman who prepares her breakfast at home, likes to spend time at home, but who I am with, loves me as I am on stage. For he always wanted me to be like that, the interview would go on.

I mean, with my child’s mind, sentences like these… The only thing I clearly remember was the sentence “Everybody wants Ajda on stage”.

These words stayed in the back of my mind over the years.

I’ve evolved over the years. After a popular early teenage phase, I experienced a period of maturity where I was productive. And I saw over the years that “Everyone wants Ajda on the stage” became true both in my environment and in society.

This was true for everyone at all times. It was a universal phrase. What a great artist you are, Ajda! I say and I add the youtube link to Ajda’s song “Cool Woman” below… I also have my design collection, of course, my inspiration was Ajda’s works called “cool woman” and I am adding them as well.

Goodbye, Istanbul! Even though we had a short time, you were very welcome.

Stay with love and happiness, until the next post…

Tugba Yazici


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Cover Photo: @boragokhan

What is Conceptual Art?

In the 1960s, a new view of art emerged that gave up on describing the object in art and brought thought to the fore. According to this, the material existence and form of the work of art have been replaced by conceptual thinking.

Conceptual art is closely related to mental processes such as philosophy and logic, which aim to analyze art on a theoretical level and redefine it by questioning it in terms of meaning and purpose.

Some of the works I produced with the inspiration of Conceptual Art and Ajda:

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